In the War on Cash, New Zealand and Canada Are Next on the Hit List

In the war on cash, as we warned more than 4½ years ago in this article here, the criminal banking cartel’s end game involves restricting freedom of speech and curbing any criticism of their criminal banking industry by banning cash and imposing an end game of 100% digital money upon all of us. Now with the benefit of 4½ more years, there can be little doubt that indeed, that the banking industry has advanced their war against all of us by accelerating their war on cash, and attempting to disguise their war on cash as a war on corruption.

Any logical person would understand the vast irony in such a statement, especially since bankers are leading these false charges of a war on cash as a war on corruption, not only given the fact that the banking industry is the most corrupt industry on the planet, but also given the fact that bankers provide much of the dirty money that feeds global stock markets by laundering tons of dirty money for the world’s most violent drug cartels. Recall that in 2012, HSBC bankers had to pay a $1.9B fine for willingly laundering hundreds of millions, and more likely billions of dollars, of dirty money for the largest and most murderous Mexican drug cartels. Though HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver unconvincingly denied approving of these transactions, any logical person would conclude that it is next to impossible for the CEO of a bank not to know that origin of the source of hundreds of millions of dollars of cash flowing into his bank.

In addition to profiting handsomely by conducting business with the largest, most violent drug cartels in the world, such as the Sinaloa drug cartel, HSBC bankers were also convicted of openly conducting business with terrorists linked to Al-Queda, Hezbollah, and Russian mobsters, and for openly moving money for rogue states like North Korea and the Sudan. In fact, Jack Blum, a former US Senate investigative attorney, stated, “[HSBC bankers] violated every goddamn law in the book. They took every imaginable form of illegal and illicit business.” Of course HSBC bankers were not the only bankers convicted of laundering huge sums of illicit money and profiting from this illegal act. Wachovia bankers, Standard Chartered bankers, Citibank bankers, Wells Fargo bankers, and dozens of other bankers were also found guilty of these criminal activities as well, exposing the systemic criminal nature of the banking industry.

Consequently, when bankers now claim that their war on cash is a war on corruption, this statement is not only laughably pathetic, it is obscenely hypocritical. If the banking industry were truly sincere in fighting a real war on corruption and had any integrity in this effort, they would have to first turn the spotlight on themselves and dissolve most of the largest global banks within their own network.

In any event, if you’ve been following our blog, most of you already know that banker puppet and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi already unexpectedly banned the two largest rupee notes on 8 November 2016, immediately throwing the Indian economy into chaos. Again, though Modi falsely positioned his war on cash as a “war on corruption”, we explained in this vlog why Modi’s position is patently a lie, and not even a well-disguised lie at that.

Even former Indian PM Manmohan Singh saw easily through Modi’s collaboration with global bankers and Modi’s transparent ruse for what it really was – a declared war on basic human rights and the freedom of Indian citizens. Mr. Singh delivered a scathing condemnation of Modi’s actions: “The vast majority of Indians earn in cash, transact in cash and save in cash, all legitimately. Their daily subsistence depends on their cash being accepted as a medium of valid currency…They save their money in cash which, as it grows, is stored in denominations of 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes. To tarnish these [notes] as ‘black money’ and throw the lives of these hundreds of millions of poor people in disarray is a mammoth tragedy…It is the fundamental duty of a democratically elected government in any sovereign nation to protect the rights and livelihood of its citizens. The recent decision by the Prime Minister is a travesty of this fundamental duty.”   The searing tone of Mr. Sing’s condemnation of Modi’s actions is not only all too evident but it is also well justified.

In addition, as we have written for years, most global banks have been committing acts of massive accounting fraud, and have refused to reveal their true, weak financial conditions in their quarterly and annual reports through various Enron-worthy accounting deceptions ranging from constantly changing their reporting parameters and using fake internal valuation models, instead of a real mark-to-market model, to value their assets. If mass media were really interested in ridding news of “fake news” then they would cease reporting these banker plays all over the world as a “war on corruption” and reveal it as an illegal forced re-capitalization of banks that lack cash. As a quick aside, it is truly ironic that one of the sources for popularizing the term “fake news”, Washington Post journalists, now want this term banned after the use of the term has clearly backfired on the mass media, similar to the time when bankers changed their message about the use of cash being responsible for enduring global poverty, once this sophomoric, fake message backfired on them.

It would be easy to prove this above accusation that many global banks have very little liquidity simply by asking everyone to pick a day and to withdraw 50% of the cash in your deposit/checking accounts on the same day from that bank. If this were to occur, most global banks would likely run out of money before even 5% to 10% of cash was withdrawn. Luckily, for the bankers, this can never be tested, as bankers, well aware of their accounting fraud committed for years and their liquidity problems, have severely restricted daily cash withdrawal limits from the bank, making the above experiment impossible to execute. Bankers around the world have crushed daily cash withdrawal limitations to such low levels, that in many countries, millionaires would literally have to spend years withdrawing their own money, even were they to withdraw the daily cash limit every single day of every single year. In fact, one of the primary reason bankers are so keen on banning cash worldwide is to prevent the discovery that many global banks are indeed bankrupt. When bankers conduct pre-emptive strikes by restricting daily limits of cash withdrawals, and then eventually banning cash outright, this solves the threat of bank runs from ever occurring. The efforts of bankers worldwide to ban cash is just another pre-emptive strike against us.

Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, stated that in the latter half of 2008, that cash proceeds of organized crime were “the only liquid investment capital” available to some banks struggling with liquidity problems and that consequently, bankers eagerly welcomed criminal money into their institutions and laundered the vast majority of the $352B of drugs profits that year. Costa explained, “In many instances, the money from drugs was the only liquid investment capital. In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system’s main problem and hence, liquid capital became an important factor.” My questions to the bankers are the following: “Where was your war against corruption in 2008 if stymieing corruption is so important to you? And, Do you only fight wars on corruption, when you can hide the true motives of your war and when it benefits you?”

In Venezuala, President Maduro eliminated the 100 bolivar note, again citing a war on “corruption” as his motivation for doing so. Maduro further ordered State police in Venezeula to treat every single person in possession of large amounts of 100 bolivar notes as criminals and to assume guilt before innocence in his mandate that every such person should be stopped and investigated. In Venezuela, the pre-crime division of Stephen Spielberg’s Minority Report has already arrived. In reviewing Maduro’s draconian measures, enforced after Venezuelan bankers crushed people’s freedom and their hard-earned life savings by devilishly hyperinflating the bolivar, Spanish economist Willian Ruiz declared, “Any Venezuelan who keeps those notes for any reason, will lose his money, his work, and will be stuck holding worthless paper.” So we must ask ourselves, Are we suffering a war on cash, or a war of bankers against the freedoms of people?

Clearly, bankers are leading a charge across the world not only to institute a 100% digital money world as I predicted 4 ½ years ago, but also to absurdly criminalize the possession of large monetary notes as well. If you believe this type of banker-imposed tyranny is limited to developing nations like India and Venezeula, the call for banning large notes in larger, more-developed countries with much larger economies, as is the case in Australia, may shock you. Leading the charge to “ban corruption” and the A$100 note in Australia is, drumroll, please…unsurprisingly a financial industry executive, former KPMG global chairman Michael Andrew. As “proof” of the massive black money market in Australia, Financial Services Minister Kelly O’ Dwyer stated that three times as many $100 notes exist in circulation as $5 notes, dismissing the simple explanation that perhaps the majority of $100 notes in circulation are legitimate, as people may simply find it more convenient to carry three $100 notes in their wallet as opposed to sixty $5 notes.

And though Australia has not yet banned its large notes, as has India and Venezuela, now that the proposition has been tabled for serious discussion, expect bankers to start issuing more and more frequent press releases in the following countries to condition citizens all over the world into that possession of large cash notes equates to criminality. However, with the resistance of good people all around the world such as yourself, who actively spread articles like this to friends and neighbors, we can fight back by keeping one another informed, well-read, and educated about these brewing very serious issues. Ironically, by informing each other, we may actually be able to provide blowback to the bankers in their war against us. They wish to ban the use of cash worldwide, and to this I say, good riddance because bankers always inflated fiat currencies to steal our savings as we slept. No one should want to use fiat currencies as “money” today anyway. So perhaps we can help bankers to usher in a ban on THEIR currency by converting THEIR currency into OUR currency – physical gold and physical silver!

Next in line after India, Venezuela and Australia for policy discussions of banning large currency notes are Canada, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and France, Japan and the United States, not necessarily in that order, but this banker movement will be pushed more aggressively in small economies first before spreading to larger economies. If you live in any of these countries and have seen media releases regarding the potential ban of large cash notes in your country, please email us links to this information at info-at-maalamalama-dot-com so that we may keep every subscriber of this blog/newsletter informed of such developments in future articles.

It is only a matter of time before the bankers’ war on all of us takes a leap into its next stage of execution. The time to stand up against such tyranny, as elegantly expressed by former Indian PM Manmohan Singh, has never been any more urgent at any other time in history as right now.

Coming Next: Will the Banker War on Cash Spread to a War on Bitcoin?

J. Kim

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