Improve Your Wealth During the Global Pandemic Lockdown

At skwealthacademy, my definition of wealth has never been just about financial wealth, but an all encompassing one that includes a balance of financial, mental and spiritual wealth to improve your wealth. During the government imposed worldwide lock down due to the viral pandemic, it is difficult for many of us to continue to earn money and for many of us, our financial wealth has been suffering. However, compounding the situation is the fact that many of us may be allowing the stress of our financial suffering to also negatively affect our mental and spiritual wealth during this time as well, for a triple whammy to our well-being.

In order to combat this, I’ve posted two podcasts about what we can do while in lock down mode to improve your wealth, primarily your mental and spiritual wealth  during these times, and to ensure that we improve at least these two facets of our holistic wealth platform. As well, I’ve asked my small but growing number of skwealthacademy podcast subscribers to please be more vocal in commenting to the question I pose at the end of all my podcasts. My wish is for the comment sections of my podcasts to serve as an additional valuable library of information for all my YouTube subscribers so please comment if you have anything to say regarding the question I pose at the end of each of my podcasts.

To view the two podcasts below, merely click on the image.

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I hope that everyone reading this message is staying safe and healthy under these trying circumstances. I’ve been thinking a lot about why governments worldwide have reacted so harshly by shutting down people’s means to make a living worldwide recently, as there is little evidence that the harshness of their response is justified by the level of the pandemic threat. Remember, I was one of the first Americans to warn that the pandemic needed to be taken more seriously, at a time when no deaths had resulted and less than twenty people had reported infection in America. So, I am not reversing my position about the seriousness and gravity of the threat. However, I have been questioning whether the severity of the response is merited by the severity of the threat, which is a completely different subject, and in researching this topic for many hours, I’ve arrived at some very interesting conclusions. If you are interested in hearing my take, please ensure that you subscribe AND hit the notification bell on my YouTube channel.

Finally, to all skwealthacademy patrons that are waiting for Part 2 of The Greatest Threat to the Global Financial System No One is Discussing, I should be uploading that over this coming weekend, so make sure that you check patron only content over the weekend

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