A Month Ago, I Told You These Fourteen Stocks Were Going to Crash

On 6 February last month, I wrote two articles about how the entire Western financial world was underestimating the negative impact that the coronavirus would unleash upon Western and global stock markets, not because it would be responsible for the devastation that was coming, as Central Banker encouraged misappropriation of funds for more than a decade was the real culprit, but because the coronavirus would likely pop the Bubble of Everything. In these two articles here and here I discussed eight specific stocks (Starbucks, Tesla, Apple, Hyatt Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Remy Cointreau, Pernod Ricard, ANA Holdings, EVA Air, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific) would take a significant hit in share price, with every single one now down significantly since that time except for Hainan Airline (+16.7%). The price behavior of the eight stocks with the largest losses, most in the 20% to 37% loss range since I issued my prediction, are illustrated in the charts below.

apple stock crash
Apple crashes after my prediction
tesla stock crash
Tesla crashes after my prediction
Starbucks stock crash
Starbucks crashes after I said it would
Hyatt Hotels stock crash
Hyatt Hotels crashes after I said it would
Thai Airways stock crash
Thai Airways crashes after I said it would continue plunging
Intercontinental Hotels Group stock crash
Intercontinental Holdings Group crashes after I said it would
Shangri-La Hotels stock crash
Shangri-la Asia Ltd crashes after I said it would
ANA holdings stock crash
ANA Holdings crashes after my prediction that it would

However, in my opinion, this is just the start of the carnage, as I have to disclose the real monster in the closet that will eventually accelerate the carnage in future months. Within the next week, I expect some relief when US Central Bankers slash interest rates even further. However, I do not expect any consequent bounce to be sustainable. Almost no one believed me more than a month ago, when I stated that the above stocks were set to tank, and likely nearly no one will believe me again when I disclose the monster that lurks in the closet in future weeks.

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J. Kim

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