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I can’t wait for this year to be over. I’m sure that you have heard at least one of your friends say some iteration of that phrase at some point this year. In this podcast I’m going to tell you why this is the wrong attitude to take and why believing that everything will be better once we usher in the New Year is a dangerous fallacy to adopt. Now is the time to hunker down and really make sure all your ducks are in a row instead of hoping that crossing the rubicon in some arbitrary demarcation in time that moves us into the year 2021 will make everything that is horrifically wrong with 2020 magically disappear. Now is the time to completely restructure your life in preparation for what is coming in 2021, especially if you are someone that has not been adversely affected to a significant capacity by these economic lockdowns and has been falsely lulled into a belief that “everything will return to normal” soon. If you are going through a difficult time right now, this podcast is for you.

Though it may seem ironic to everyone that has not undergone a period or multiple periods of great suffering in their lives,  all people to whom I’ve ever spoken that have undergone difficult, even terrible experiences, when I asked if they would choose to delete those periods from their lives if given the ability to do so, unilaterally stated, “No.” The reason they answered, “No” was because they understood that the highly disciplined lifestyle, replete with life transformative habits that they had built was built from the crucibles of pain and suffering and could not be built from a life of comfort. There is a reason the tenet exists that the strongest steel is forged from fire. So, this podcast is not about running away from the fire to prevent being burned, but rather about embracing the fire head on, even if you’ve never done so before, to finally receive the tools to understand, for perhaps the first time in your life, the unrealized potential of which you are capable. The only way we can ever learn that the limitations we hold of ourselves are wrong is by running into the fire. And by forging our strength in the fire, we forge the tools to help us get through difficult times in life.

However, in order to understand why the New Year will not bring an end to the totalitarian imposed lockdowns that have been imposed upon us like a Biblical plague, and why such impositions are instead, likely not only to continue, but to intensify and proliferate in 2021, I must begin by exposing the complete sham of the non-scientific and non-factual basis used by politicians worldwide to justify their unconstitutional mandated economic lockdowns. For example, the most widely used test in America and in many other nations, the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is widely touted by members of the media and medical industry as the most accurate test to test for the virus. This is patently false, as antigen-based tests have been proven to have far greater accuracy and PCR tests have been proven to yield a very significant rate of false positives, meaning that people that don’t have the virus are being marked as being infected. Furthermore, Dr. Fuellmich, founder of the German Corona Investigative Committee (GCIC) claims that the PCR tests should never be used to diagnose covid19 infections because he claims that the World Health Organization recommended PCR test developed by Professor Christian Heinrich Maria Drosten was developed using an old coronavirus SARS strain and not the strain of the Wuhan virus that has spread across the world. Therefore, Dr. Fuellmich has claimed that the false positive rate of the Drosten developed PCR test is a whopping 89% to 94% that essentially renders the test results completely useless.

Solutions to the ongoing obstacles the ruling class has imposed on us this year will only proliferate in 2021. For those that have bought into the binary model of thinking encouraged by the ruling class and believe that if “your candidate” for Prime Minster or President in your nation wins and will bring a sweeping return to the reinstatement of liberties and freedoms in your nation, this is wishful thinking that will not happen, though it is a narrative the ruling class wishes for us to believe. Those that have been entombed inside a binary world also only understand the “virus is real and the virus is virulent” or “the virus is fake and those that believe it is not virulent are crazy” binary argument and can’t fathom the third correct option that “the virus is real but non-virulent”.  For those intelligent enough to understand the third option, I am sure that you have been preparing for the past few months for a 2021 that will impose even more obstacles upon our lives.

To that end, I propose some counterattacks and solutions. Number one, if you work in a non-essential industry, meaning an industry that delivers goods and services that people do not need to survive, then you need to re-shape your career right now into one that involves an essential industry, regardless if you are a teenager and just graduating high school or middle-aged and in the middle of your career. Adapting is essential to survival and those that refuse to adapt will perish. I speak of career changes that will always provide jobs for the next few decades below. Number two, passion is far overhyped as a key ingredient to success. Discipline, not passion, is what will see you through difficult stages of your life. Ensure that you engage in an activity that builds discipline into a habit whereby it becomes an inseparable part of your nature. Again, below, I provide concrete examples by which this can be accomplished. Number three, in order to keep our heads above the waterline of constant negative mental states thrust upon us by the ruling class, it is necessary to seek out community with locals that live in your neighborhood and to find strength in unity and cooperation with your neighbors.  Actively combat the ruling class’s attempts to drag our mental health into a permanent state of anxiety and depression. Lead community tasks such as the development of community centers or foundation of community projects. I provide concrete realistic examples below.

For a complete discussion of this topic, please click on the image below. Please note that the first 2/3rds of the audio file is devoted to establishing scientific data that disproves the necessity for economic lockdowns as a response to the virus and the exposure of the continued use of faulty data to justify continued lockdowns that reveals the lockdowns as part of a much bigger agenda of the ruling class.  In order to hammer this point home of how the mass media has become a puppet of the ruling class’s narrative and has zero soul left, I review the mass media’s complete blackout of the FinCen leaks, which should have been the biggest financial story of the year. Every good exposition of problems also deserves a set of solutions and the set of solutions starts at the 54m35s mark. Consequently, for those already well versed in the facts that the scientific data surrounding the virus do not justify the type of draconian measures imposed upon populations all around the world, you may skip to the 54m35s mark to listen to the solutions if this is all you are interested in hearing. Just click on the link below the image and this will take you to a page with an embedded audio player in which you can listen to the full 85 minute podcast or skip to the portions that interest you most.


The above linked podcast is a full detailed exposition of why we shouldn’t say, “I can’t wait for this year to be over!” as if the turning of time into 2021 will magically make all the problems of 2020 go away. It won’t and I explain what we need to do to prepare for the rest of this year and next year.

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