How We Can Parlay Joe Rogan’s Courageous Decision into Much Greater Liberty

why joe rogan's courageous decision to leave YouTube is so important

In this article, I am going to explain how we can parlay Joe Rogan’s courageous decision into a much greater liberty movement. About six weeks ago, I wrote an article asking  if Joe Rogan’s podcast had gone from defiant to compliant based upon the evolution of his conversations with podcast guests that had become markedly different in recent years as opposed to the types of much more open conversations he was having with guests about ten years ago. Part of the reason I posed that question was due to YouTube’s very aggressive throttling of my own YouTube channel after my channel reached only 30k subscribers about seven years ago. After that throttling, I stopped posting content regularly until I finally stopped posting altogether on that channel after every single video I uploaded was demonetized within minutes of uploading and many subscribers told me that they had not received any notifications of my new uploaded content in years even though they had hit the notification bell. After one of the videos I posted on my old, now defunct YouTube channel went viral and passed the 10M mark, I logged on one day to find the message “Comments are turned off. Learn more.” Many of my subscribers sent me messages asking why I disabled comments on the video, and since YouTube/Google employees would not allow me to reinstate comments on that video, I was unable to even explain to my subscribers that YouTube, not I, had disabled them. In fact YouTube not only disabled the comments on that viral video, by they also deleted all 70k+ comments on that video, and made me look like the tyrant of censorship by adding the “learn more” link that explains why comments are turned off.  All explanations provided point to the creator turning off the comments except one, which states that the only reason YouTube would turn off comments is to “protect minors”. Since the video was not pornographic, but merely one that explained how the Central Banking Ponzi scheme works, subscribers that read the “learn more” explanation would naturally conclude that there is nothing in the video material that would be necessary to be censored to “protect minors” and then wrongly assume that I, not immoral YouTube executives, censored the comment section. Consequently, I speculated in the above article, that if YouTube went after my tiny channel so aggressively, surely they must be throttling a podcast as massive as Joe Rogan’s and be responsible for the marked change in many of his podcast conversations over the years. In fact, this turned out to be the case, as Joe has since claimed, using Alex Jones as his mouthpiece, that YouTube at times, has edited the real view count on podcasts they don’t wish people to view downward by an incredulous tens of millions of views.

Of course, I understand the cynicism that naturally arises around Joe Rogan’s reported $100M deal into expressed beliefs that Joe’s migration is solely about money, but let me counter that with two important points. Number one, I am never going to express hate against someone that works hard and gets paid, unless it is an individual/industry enriching themselves by exploiting the poor and mistreating others, like the well documented abuses of garment industry workers in the disposable fashion industry. Number two, even if Joe Rogan’s intentions are muddied, as some claim (and by the way, no one really knows Joe Rogan’s real motives except Joe Rogan), this is irrelevant, as his migration from YouTube still affords us an opportunity to parlay his migration into something much bigger, as I will explain below. So instead of expending our energies negatively towards Joe Rogan’s big payday, we should positively exploit the opportunity he has provided us.

In a follow up article I published soon thereafter, I discussed the necessity of disallowing Silicon Valley executives like YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki divide us with fear and the necessity of ceasing to engage in harmful behaviors like self-censorship driven by fear. Instead, I stated, we must combat and neutralize the fear spread by parasites by  speaking truth louder than ever, out of love for humanity. I declared that the Silicon Valley executives whose behavior is driven by hatred are terrified of people that express love, because love “emboldens us to speak out, to stand up for truth, to be courageous, honorable, to treat all equally with dignity with no concern for religious, political, national, or socioeconomic boundaries, and to exercise our morals and principles.” I also explained that the biggest trick the devil has played on us is to trick us into believing that the parasites are stronger than us, the hosts.

However, we the hosts unknowingly empower the parasites by acquiescing to their fear and their censorship mandates. I ended that article by concluding that we all would unite against the parasites instead of running around aimlessly through life like chickens with our heads cut off if only we understood that the parasites have become rich off of us by burrowing into our bodies and feeding off of our blood, and sometimes quite literally. Many Silicon Valley executives engage in the morally questionable practice of parabiosis in an attempt to extend their lives to beyond 150 years of age. Ironically, one of the companies that offers such treatments has chosen to name itself Ambrosia, a term that referred to the mythical food of the Greek gods reserved only for divine beings, which reveals how they view the blood of young children as much as how they view themselves. However, even parasitic gods can be slayed if we the hosts eject the infestation of the parasites from our systems before the parasites become too strong off of our blood. The only reason the parasitic class has ruled us for so long  is that far too few of us understand our collective power that can be extracted from unity and we have allowed our collective power to be destroyed through the divisive tactics of the parasites. We further fail to understand that the most massive transfer of wealth in human history since 2008 from the 99% of every nation’s citizens to just the top 1% of the wealthiest in every nation, along with the consequent destruction of the middle class, was only enabled because we failed to exercise our collective power as hosts to expel the parasites. In other words, the greatest transfer (robbery) of wealth in history could have never happened without our willingness for such actions to occur. For those of you that may believe it was impossible to stop this, and still don’t understand that we as hosts are more powerful than the parasites, I will explain actions we can take to expel the parasites below.

Why We the Hosts Have More Power than the Parasitic Class, Even if We Have Far Less Monetary Resources

In this skwealthacademy podcast, I discussed the practice of parabiosis and the ongoing transhumanist drive to achieve immortality  among the uber wealthy billionaire class. In this podcast, I explained that our power over the parasites is derived from the fact that we, as the host class, still have our souls intact, while the parasitic class fear death because they have sold their souls, and that we can use this strategic advantage to expel the parasites from our societies. Everyone that lives their life by love has their soul intact while everyone that lives their life by deception, deviance, and hate has destroyed their soul. And having one’s soul intact is great power. The greatest trick the parasites have accomplished upon us is to teach us that we are helpless. This is why I stated in that article that ultimately it is entirely our choice to “decide if we live or die in our parasitic/host relationship” with the parasites, and the fact that we have this choice, even if most among us do not realize this yet, terrifies the parasites. Again, stripping of us of all beliefs that we have this choice has always been the modus operandi of the parasites. This is also the reason why they chose to enforce a blanket lockdown strategy to deal with the viral pandemic, when a much more effective, and non-business and economy destroying strategy of a segmented vulnerable v. non-vulnerable strategy existed, as I discussed here, that was not only never deployed, but never even considered as a strategic option by the parasitic class. This is why we must all act now, and not allow Joe Rogan’s courageous decision to go to waste.

Furthermore, for those of us that are unhappy with the monopoly of fiat currencies enforced upon us by Central Bankers in every nation in the world, the fact that we do not insist upon the widespread use of money that provides liberty, instead of enslavement, to all of humanity, again is only driven by the false belief that we have no power. I have pointed this fact out multiple times in the past. Ultimately, only we the people, and not Central Bankers, wield the power to collapse the fiat currency system in use in all nations around the world, and this fact should be self-evident when we study the collapse of every fiat currency in global monetary history.

Consequently, if we understand how much power we actually wield, then we can easily reverse the current pathway that humanity is on, driven by the parasites, from a spiraling chaotic journey into darkness and a  “new normal” of despair into a journey of light instead. And the best part of this possibility is that this can be achieved through a peaceful revolution. Given that Joe Rogan revealed that he was tired of being told what he can say and what he cannot say by YouTube and Google executives as his primary reason for moving to Spotify and that he negotiated as part of his contract terms a no censorship clause for podcasts uploaded to Spotify, I believe that Joe Rogan’s courageous decision was not driven by fear, but that is was one drive by a love for humanity (and even if this is determined later not to be true, as I already stated above, it is irrelevant to our ability to transform his decision into a greater win against censorship). In essence, in the aforementioned explanation for his reasons for leaving YouTube, Mr. Rogan revealed that my observations about his speech becoming increasingly compliant over the past decade in his podcast had some validity at a minimum, whether that compliance was subconscious or conscious. I cannot emphasize the importance of Mr. Rogan’s decision for the liberty movement, even though already I have witnessed many comments posted under articles describing his decision to move away from YouTube seeped in sarcasm and stating a belief that nothing is going to change about the big tech censorship plan. In my opinion, sarcasm and belittling Joe Rogan’s courageous decision is completely the wrong reaction, as the time for the belittling of courageous decisions is detrimental to the liberty movement. We must stop bickering among ourselves, as this is exactly how the parasitic class controls us. Instead, we must band together now and strike while the iron is hot.

Calling Upon All YouTubers with Influence for a Mass Exodus from YouTube

This is a time we need to use our massive power as hosts to defeat the parasites. We need to flood the comment sections of YouTube channels with the most subscribers in the world asking the content creators to follow Joe Rogan’s lead and to also leave YouTube for the love of humanity. YouTube is the parasite and we are the hosts, so if the hosts that the parasite feeds off of the most leave, guess what happens? The parasite withers and dies. One may respond by stating that Spotify is not going to give other top YouTubers like PewdiePie, CocoMelon: Nursery Rhymes, 5-Minute Crafts, the WWE, Justin Beiber, Dude Perfect and Ed Sheeran all $100M deals to leave YouTube for exclusivity with Spotify as they did with Joe Rogan. This may be true, but Spotify is not the only other option. Kimdotcom is building his platform that is specifically designed to slay the parasites of the tech industry. is set for launch by the next quarter 2020 and  will allow all uploaded content to be monetized, absent of the type of censorship deployed by the other big media giants.  Just as we must parlay Joe Rogan’s decision into something much bigger, we must also reward kimdotcom’s courage by migrating to his platform, for kimdotcom has also suffered relentless lawsuits, harassment, intimidation and freezing of his monetary assets for daring to challenge the Silicon Valley media giants. For those YouTubers like Justin Beiber that are very open about their faith and their understanding of the spiritual war being waged right now, they should be very easy to convince that an exodus from YouTube will be massively beneficial in the fight for liberty and compassion for all of humanity. So to the young fan base of Justin Beiber, now is the time to flood all his videos with millions of comments to migrate off of YouTube to sites that promote liberty, like If we can convince just one other massive YouTuber like a Justin Beiber or a PewdiePie to stand up for liberty and follow the courageous lead of Joe Rogan, we can win this war right now and start building the world we, not THEY, desire. Remember, it is only if we falsely believe that we are helpless that we will not act right now and will allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear.

I am calling on anyone that believes in liberty and wants to reverse the dark path the parasites are leading us down into a path that seeks truth and light to flood the comment sections of the top YouTubers in the world with pleas to follow Joe Rogan’s lead. If we flood their comment sections, even if these YouTubers don’t yet understand why an exodus from YouTube is the first step in preserving our freedom, they will eventually be compelled to explore why they are receiving so many comments about leaving YouTube and discover the answer for themselves.

Concluding With a Message from the Late Great Reggae Legend Bob Marley

As the late great Bob Marley sang, “Men and people will fight ya down (Tell me why!)/ When ya see Jah light/ Let me tell you if you’re not wrong  (Then, why?)/ Everything is alright/ So we gonna walk – alright!/ Through the roads of creation/ We the generation (Tell me why!)/ Trod through great tribulation. Trod through great tribulation/ Exodus [from YouTube], alright! Movement of Jah people!” The time is now for us to embark on our exodus away from darkness and into light. If we can convince just one more massive YouTuber to leave, I believe that we can create a domino-effect exodus out of YouTube, whether that exodus is to Spotify or  Let us unite to accomplish this goal starting today. Go to the channel of your favorite massive YouTube star, leave the comment “#ExodusYouTube” with a link back to this article ( so they can read for themselves the reason they should leave YouTube if they support liberty and freedom for humanity.

The most important result of this exodus is that we will all finally realize that we have been deceived into thinking that we are helpless, when in reality, we are all as powerful as lions and kings. It is time for us to start exercising our power.

Thank you for reading this article and please send this article to as many other people as possible if you believe in its message. As someone that has also been subject to relentless demonetization, shadowbanning and denied thousands of dollars of rightfully earned ad money on my news site by Google in the past, please consider supporting me at in return for exclusive weekly financial analysis and two additional patron only podcasts every month of very high value for just a small $5 contribution per month. You may click here to discover the enormous yields of five investment opportunities provided exclusively to skwealthacademy patrons just three weeks ago that would have paid the monthly patron fees for literally decades into the future.

J. Kim

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