Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Analysts that You Should Immediately Unfollow

Here are some quick tips regarding gold, silver and bitcoin analysts you should unfollow that will help you navigate the treacherous seas of “advice” provided by gold, silver and bitcoin analysts in the mass media. For some reason, it seems as if the worst gold, silver and bitcoin analysts that provide the worst price forecasts for these three assets are the ones paraded prominently on national financial television shows with the greatest frequency.  To help you avoid the worst gold, silver and bitcoin analysts and to not be dragged down the financial abyss with them, I’ve formulated a quick checklist that will inform you of whom you should immediately unfollow in regard to their analysis.

For those analysts that said gold reached an all-time high, immediately unfollow them. For those that stated gold was a dead asset at any point in the last few years or has no business being a part of your wealth preservation plan, immediately unfollow them.  For those that said gold provides no protection against inflation or should not be owned because it doesn’t throw off interest income like bonds, immediately unfollow them.  For those that state, no one could have foreseen this rapid bounce in gold and silver spot price, immediately unfollow them. Generally speaking, if the analyst’s statements about gold have been erroneous, then one should not follow his or her analysis about silver either.

Regarding quick identification of terrible bitcoin analysts, for those that state they know Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is an anti-Central Banking agent unfollow them. For those that state bitcoin is the monetary solution we’ve all been seeking to continually inflating fiat currency, unfollow them. For those that state bitcoin is sound money, immediately unfollow them. Instead, seek out bitcoin analysts that don’t fall victim to these State forwarded soundbites that actually understand monetary principles.

A more detailed explanation exists of the above points, for those interested, exists below.

gold, silver and bitcoin analysts you should unfollow

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