How to Ensure You Receive YouTube Notifications From Subscribed Channels

Over the years, we have always encountered numerous subscribers to our  YouTube channel that tell us they never receive any notifications of uploaded new content even though they have clicked our “subscription” button and subscribed. The reason for this is that YouTube automatically flags any new content from any channel that discusses a narrative outside of the government, state, banker controlled narrative as having “inappropriate content” and as being “advertiser unfriendly”, even in numerous instances when this accusation is clearly is false and untrue. Rather, the censorship algorithms of YouTube, as run by the establishment, often flag content that disagrees with their one allowed establishment narrative. If this happens, once newly uploaded content is labeled as having “inappropriate content”, you will be blocked from receiving notification of this newly uploaded content simply because this content may encourage critical thought among the masses and promote horrifying concepts such as freedom, free living, disobedience to immoral ideas being promoted by those in power, etc. Of course,  the establishment doesn’t want people that actually think for themselves, so much of the content is blocked from being sent to subscribers.

If you wish to receive notification of our newly uploaded content, or for that manner, from any YouTube channel to which you are subscribed but never receive any notifications, simply follow the below steps. First, login to your YouTube channel and then click the “Subscriptions” button in the far left column. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen, click on the “restricted mode” button and if it is set to “on”, ensure that you set it to “off”.  Finally click the “save” button.

This ensures that every time YouTube censors flag newly uploaded content for “inappropriate content”, as they have done with nearly every single one of our most recently uploaded videos, then you will still receive notification of newly uploaded content. To confirm that you will not be receiving what YouTube deems to be “offensive” material, merely visit our YouTube channel and just peruse some of our most recent  videos that have been flagged for “inappropriate content”. Among these videos are videos with such “offensive” titles and material like “How the Matrix Has Destroyed Men and Women of Principle” and “TPTB’s Artificially Manufactured Anger is a Ploy to Divide and Conquer Us.” In addition, we have noted that the view count on our videos have plummeted as the number of subscribing members has doubled from 15,000 to 30,000  (we have since launched a new YouTube channel: maalamalama).  We are not sure if the plummeting views is because new subscribers are never informed of our newly uploaded content, or due to claims others that have noticed similar patterns have made, which are false view numbers being reported by YouTube on channels that contain “dangerous” content that promotes critical thought. Since we receive nearly zero revenue on our videos now, that still require many hours to make, we would appreciate the support of anyone that enjoys our videos at our account!

Follow the steps above, and hopefully you will start receiving notifications again from all the YouTube channels to which you are subscribed but continuously fail to receive any notifications of new uploaded content. Live free or die hard!

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