How the skwealthacademy news site could have made you millions over the past year

Yes, the skwealthacademy news site could have made you millions over the past year. Or if not made you millions, at least saved you millions, especially if you are a large hedge fund manager. From August of 2019 to March of 2020, I have been relentlessly laying out nearly every step of this global crisis along the way, many weeks and sometimes even a few months before any real damage precipitated in the global financial markets. From relentlessly pointing out red flag after red flag after red flag of disaster that was coming, well before the coronavirus pandemic reared its ugly head, to even point out as far back as August of last year that two US Central Bankers’ calls for the Fed Funds rate to migrate over 3.0% was pure folly and that instead, the hands of US Central Bankers were already bound by August and that they would either have to leave rates the same or start slashing them.

And each month thereafter, I provided the next warning sign of the devastation that has happened this month, from even warning that the coronavirus pandemic in Asia would trigger market crashes in the West a full two weeks before it happened, and then warning that although the US Central Bank would slash rates to zero very quickly, that their belief in zero interest rates as a panacea to every crisis would, unlike in response to the 2008 global financial crisis, fail this time in 2020. So if you merely followed every article I published on my news site, as I provided the names of fourteen stocks that would crash before any of them began to crash, and all but one since has, you would have learned how the skwealthacademy news site could have made you millions over the past year (if you were a hedge fund or portfolio manager). Or better yet, if you were just a wealthy individual investor, my site could have saved you millions. Just click here or click the image below to watch a video of a concise timeline of every step of the crisis predicted right here on this news site.

skwealthacademy news site predictions that have come true about the US stock market crash and the collapse of the bubble of everything

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