How the Ruling Class Uses the Science Fallacy of No Faith and Absolutes to Create Compliance

Today I discuss how oligarchs use the science fallacy to create absolute compliance and obedience to their tyranny. Many of the most notable scientists in the world have repeatedly emphasized that science is a field of non-absolutes, including Isaac Asimov. Asimov explicitly stated, “Science does not promise absolute truth”. Yet without ensuring that science is taught as a field of absolutes in classrooms around the world, the ruling class would not have been able to successfully condition humanity into compliance, as is clearly evident in their use of “absolute” science that amounts to nonsense to instill compliance to global lockdown mandates as “scientifically supported”, and more frighteningly, compliance across all aspects of societal constructs, including social media, academic classrooms and political parties. Today I dive deep into this scientific fallacy, including many fallacies of historical scientific theories presented as absolutes at the time these theories were presented that would be viewed with laughter today.

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Ex-US President Ronald Reagan States Distrust the Government When they Execute Orders they Say are Mandated to “Help You”

Historical Scientific Absolutes Now Viewed as Complete Jokes

How the Absolute Science Fallacy Creates Compliance in Other Facets of Society

J. Kim

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