Learn How Silver Margin Hikes Create Silver Price Smashes

In this article, I will provide the link to the podcast that explains how silver margin hikes create silver price smashes. This podcast has been requested the most times by my newsletter subscribers, ever since I mentioned that I was thinking of releasing it publicly. This podcast explains how margin hikes on silver and gold futures contracts are used by the oligarchs to periodically smash gold and silver prices, but have diminishing lasting effects on upward trends (especially as more and more people become aware of the shenanigans used to affect such price volatility and do NOT react to them by continuing to take advantage of these “sale prices” to STACK MORE PHYSICAL). Don’t forget to hit the “follow” button in the top right corner of my podcast page so you won’t miss future exclusive free skwealthacademy content in the future.

If you don’t want to make a podbean account to follow me there, then you can follow my podcast on iTunes here (and if you do, as my podcast only has two ratings now, in exchange for the accessibility to this patreon only content that will teach you how silver margin hikes create silver price smashes, a topic no MBA program in the entire world will ever teach you, please return the favor and rate my podcast on iTunes podcasts).

how silver margin hikes create silver price smashes
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I’m already sending my gratitude in advance to all those that are gracious enough to fulfill this small request of mine, as ratings are crucial to help build up my podcast audience and a growing audience will encourage me to keep posting valuable content like this in the future. Please click the above image to learn how to download this special, limited-time podcast for free. Please ensure you read all my free newsletters next week as I will have another awesome freebie next week as well.

As well, after listening to the above podcast, if you really understand my message about why our moral battles need to be waged in the physical realm, not the paper realm, please pass on my message to convince everyone you know to buy at least one ounce of physical silver. Prices may head a little lower in coming weeks, but then just convince them to buy at the start of next month. If everyone we know buys and possesses at least one ounce of physical silver, and for those that can afford to stash this for at least 12 months, at least ten ounces of physical silver, and not shares of the paper SLV ETF, we will slowly release the iron grip of control that the oligarchs currently possess over our financial lives. I truly believe that if everyone understands how silver margin hikes create silver price smashes after listening to the above podcast, that everyone will want to buy, at a minimum, an ounce of physical silver (I suggest1-oz Canadian silver maple leaf coins as an asset with lots of liquidity and easy resale in the future).

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