How Science Ignorance Translates into Investment Ignorance

delusional beliefs in science fiction as science translates into investment ignorance

When it comes to science and investment ignorance, only one side matters. Not Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Labors, Tories or Nationals. Not mandatory jabbers or freedom preservers. Not maskers or anti-maskers. There is only one side that matters when it comes to matters of ignorance – the truth. And there is no doubt that in the past 18 months, the oligarchs, with the full and willing complicity of the mainstream media, has done everything in their power to expand ignorance among the minions while suppressing and hiding truth. I have observed in the past 18 months, people argue for mandatory immunizations that can’t tell me the difference between RNA and DNA, between live attenuated, inactivated, toxoid, and messenger RNA shots, the differences between the messenger RNA naturally produced in human cells and the messenger RNA contained in the shots, the differences between a virus and bacteria, or even the normal robust scientific clinical trial process that must ethically be completed before widespread release of a drug to the human population. How does the type of ignorance on proud wide display in debates about lockdown mandates translate to the investment world?  In the investment world,  it is likewise impossible to convince those married to lies of the truth, and for the same reasons. When someone has been convinced through constant exposure to one line of thinking for months or years on end with zero exposure to any dissenting opinion then the lack of having to activate critical thinking skills to discern between fiction and truth leaves one incapable of any discernment at all.

Consequently, when discussing investing truths, I have infuriated those whose aptitude of discernment has been destroyed by a constant appeal to authority, in gold, silver, stock investing and cryptocurrency buying communities, when confronting them with a truth that appears to be the antithesis of everything they have been ordered to believe about the asset they hold for months and years. This is not to say that the consensus opinion is never correct. Of course, in some instances, the consensus opinion will be correct. However, during the occasions that the consensus opinion is correct, if the consensus opinion has never been seriously challenged by dissenting opinions that originate from within the community, then pure luck, not a robust critical and intellectual process, led to the correctness of the consensus opinion. By this process, the community will inevitably expose itself to future consensus opinions, by conclusion of the knowns of scientific rigor, that will be wrong with far more frequency than be correct.


In this article, I’m going to discuss how science ignorance translates into investment ignorance. All throughout the last 18-months, authoritarian politicians and public health officials have been mandating the behavior of global citizens based upon more science fiction than science. Though I have repeatedly pointed out information that politicians and national public health officials around the world  presented us as fact but later was exposed as fiction on my rokfin platform, I will summarize some of the science fiction talking points presented to us as fact here. In this six-month old video, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb revealed that the social distancing “six feet” mandate applied in the United States had no scientific merit and was completely based upon unknown guesses, rather than  known science, about how the virus spread. We all know that when immunizations were pushed upon the public, that safety and efficacy were emphasized in the narrative even though zero long-term scientifically robust clinical trials had been completed about safety and efficacy.

And again, because politicians and health officials promoted science fiction as fact, the first promoted 96% efficacy of some of the mRNA drugs has now been exposed as a lie with further studies exposing at least one of the doses with  a measly efficacy rate that doesn’t even grant immunity at a 50% rate. Of course, the non-thinkers have been easily duped by the mainstream media, beholden to the oligarchs’ narrative, that the novel drugs have only plummeted in immunity robustness due to the mutation of the virus into different strains. However, given that zero long-term clinical trials for robustness had been completed at the time the 96% rate was dispersed by mainstream media, there can be zero dispute that this statistic was dispensed with zero scientific evidence that this rate were true as a long-term clinical rate.

Furthermore, even more disturbing than the lies promoted above by doctors, politicians and media are the very credible concerns raised by a scientist that was instrumental in the development of the novel mRNA drug, Dr. Robert Malone. Just watch this video for one of the most rational, intellectual discussions of the risk of taking a drug that has zero long-term clinical safety trials completed before widespread administration around the world. In addition, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the regulatory agency appointed with protecting the safety of drugs its board approves, has a horrible track record for deeming drugs as “safe” that include the following list: Accutane, Baycol, Bextra, Cylert, Darvon, Darvocet, DBI, DES, Duract, Ergamisol, Hismanol, Lariam, Lotromex, and Micturin. These dangerous, formerly “FDA approved” drugs are only the tip of the iceberg regarding FDA incompetence, as there are literally hundreds of more once “FDA approved” drugs that were later banned by the FDA because of many severe risks later discovered from ingesting these drugs. Among the multitude of suffered symptoms of once approved, now banned FDA drugs are cardiotoxicity, long-term psychosis and delusions, cardiovascular risks and strokes, irregular heartbeats, torsade de pointes (a  dangerous heart condition marked by a rotation of the heart’s electrical axis), retiform purpura (a purple discoloration of the skin), suppression of the immune system, birth defects, and increased risk of miscarriage and breast cancer.

Normally, when a new drug is brought to market, the job of regulatory agency commissioner is to place the burden of proof of safety upon the drug manufacturer before approving the drug for widespread sale to the public. In other words, the burden of proof for safety and efficacy lies with the drug manufacturers, not with the regulatory agency. Obviously, FDA employees  have failed miserably in fulfilling their ethical duties to humanity, and given their miserable track record, it appears that they’ve executed their duties more as a lobbying group for the pharmaceutical industry to insure enormous profits for drug manufacturers rather than to protect the health and safety of consumers. I even had a doctor many years ago prescribe one of the above banned drugs to me. However, because I have never blindly accepted the “authority” of a medical doctor (at least within the past two decades), and even though my drug was prescribed by a doctor practicing in Beverly Hills, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America, I still researched the drug myself and discovered that a widespread symptom the drug was long-term psychosis. Naturally, I threw away the drug prescribed by an idiot doctor and approved by a more idiotic agency. Thus, it is ethically and morally reprehensible that any drug could be “approved” and rolled out on a widespread basis and marketed as “safe” in the complete absence of any confirming long-term clinical trials, a fact that applies to all of the novel drugs developed in an attempt to induce immunity against the virus.

Furthermore, even when a national regulatory agency does its job, as the FDA did in America by not approving thalidomide, a drug marketed to doctors in America as solving morning sickness for pregnant women, this drug was still allowed, with prescription to be dispensed by doctors. In other words, even when the first line of defense works as it should, often the second line of defense, in this case, one comprised of medical doctors and healthcare institutions, completely and utterly fails. In the process, more than 10,000 pregnant women eventually gave birth to children with shortened limbs and birth defects as a direct result of taking their doctor-prescribed thalidomide drug, a topic I spoke about at length in the podcasts I uploaded to my rokfin platform within the past couple of months. Again, this is proof that those that just follow the authority of others will always put themselves in situations of potentially massive risk and harm.

So how does the mindset of widespread ignorance among civilians of science and drugs and embrace of delusional, fictional narratives become adopted among the investment community? Actually the process is exactly the same – blind reliance on a few authority figures for all information and all formulated opinions. Just as hundreds of millions around the world relied on the narratives provided by a few authoritative figures with nary an independent thought of their own, and certainly with not any formulated critical thought greater than that of a parrot, millions in the investment world embrace this exact same approach. I have been outspoken in the past ten years to completely avoid analysts that were calling for $20,000 or $50,000 an ounce gold prices by the end of every year, due to the complete guesswork of making such predictions with zero grounding in valid metrics. In fact, I even wrote a scathing article about these gold visionaries in which I blamed delusional, vacuous year-end sensational price predictions for inflicting more harm than good upon the credibility of the gold community. I specifically stated, “Bad news does not sell in the gold community, so some precious metal websites constantly publish sensationalistic gold propaganda of predictions of gold prices ‘going to the moon’ that have close to zero chance of ever coming true within the predicted time frames.” I consequently followed up this article with an exposé of how many gold executives irresponsibly tout absurd gold price predictions simply because they are trying to pump up the share prices of their gold mining companies.

Now, here comes the interesting part. When I deliver the same very well-deserved scathing criticisms about delusional, unrealistic bitcoin price predictions issued by billionaires like Michael Saylor and other cryptocurrency whales that are quite transparent in their motivation in that such predictions are offered for the primary purpose of “selling their books”, the pushback for such honest criticisms has been multiple-times higher and exponentially stronger in the crypto community than in the gold community for equivalent criticisms. This tells me, at least from an anecdotal level if nothing more, that the level of delusion among delusional crypto hodlers is much higher than the delusion that exists among the delusional members of the precious metals community. I observed some crypto hodlers that were the most vocally dismissive (and deservedly so) of year-end $30,000 to $50,000 gold price predictions that were quite prolific from 2010 to 2020,  ironically fiercely embrace year-end 2021-2022 $300k to $500k year-end bitcoin price predictions issued at the start of this year.  It always astounds me how one can see through the delusions of certain members of an outside community but yet can never identify the fierce adoption of the exact same delusions inside their own community.

A handful of disingenuous billionaires in the cryptocurrency communities only promoted year-end $300,000 to $500,000 BTC prices at the start of this year not because they actually believed this was a realistic prediction, but very likely only because they knew that selling the minions an unrealistic narrative that they wanted to hear would help elicit the type of buying behavior that would drive prices higher and benefit them, a process known in the investment community as “selling one’s book”. In fact, this constant 24/7 narrative that opened this year of BTC prices “going to the moon” was likely a primary driver for BTC prices skyrocketing to its bubbly $65,000 price this past mid-April. Two months ago, I informed my skwealthacademy patrons that a certain cryptocurrency that was selling in the mid to high $80s would crash to $1 by the end of three-months. Since my prediction, the price of this crypto has crashed 84% already. If indeed, the price of this crypto sinks to just $1 by the end of this October, the accuracy of the timing of my prediction will be based upon pure luck versus any skill or expertise. However, the accuracy of the price of my prediction, with my prediction that this cryptocurrency would collapse by 98.9% in price was based upon my willingness to diverge from the consensus and look underneath the surface to determine if there was any merit in the consensus claim of the noobs that this cryptocurrency had staying power. I determined that there was no merit in this claim, and thus issued my collapse to $1 a coin prediction. Even were the very slim chances of bitcoin prices rising to $300,000 by year end  to manifest, as predicted by many outspoken, vocal cryptocurrency advocates, such a development would be the manifestation not of any expertise retained by any of these advocates, but as I explained earlier in this article, a manifestation of pure, circumstantial luck.

By the way, the reason it is far easier to predict collapses in price of assets than price shots to the moon is that prediction of price collapses are frequently based upon discovered fraud and structural problems built into an asset’s current price that has not yet been accepted by the majority of its owners. Thus when such structural flaws are discovered, predicting a price collapse is relatively easy, even if the prediction remains unaccepted by the majority of the asset’s holders. However, when predicting price shots to the moon, often the predictors rely on the materialization of a number of different factors for their price shot to the moon to have even a 20% chance of being correct. Consequently, the reason that everyone that gives a specific price shot to the moon prediction by a specific date has never been correct is because of the fact that if just one of the many factors they assume will happen does not, then their entire model for the price shot to the moon falls part.

If you’re already endangering your health by following science-fiction mandates that have no robust scientific basis because you’ve been told these mandates will improve your health, though there is zero evidence of this, please don’t commit a second crime by endangering your financial health in addition to your physical health by applying the blind belief in authority fallacy to your investment strategies. The only dangerous “variants” of the past 18-months are the barely human oligarchs that want to destroy humanity and their army of beta males and beta females that scream at everyone that doesn’t agree with their delusional, mal-informed, poorly educated, non-fact based beliefs.

J. Kim

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