How Bankers Intervened and Stopped a US Stock Market Crash on July 8

Here are the larger versions of the charts from our video of the same subject to be posted later today on our maalamalama Video channel. We’re having some technical difficulties with the upload today but hopefully we can resolve these problems and get the video posted about how bankers stopped a US stock markets crash on 8 July 2015 later today. In any event, the short message of our video is that only the most naive of the naive would believe the “official” banker explanation that a system upgrade caused the NYSE to be shut down for more than 4 hours on 8 July 2015  and that bankers intervened specifically to prevent a US stock markets crash and rout that was developing that day even before markets opened in NY that day, and certainly was well on its way, by 11:30 AM NY time. Just search for our video on YouTube under the maalamalama channel for the accompanying commentary and more detailed explanation of the below graphs. In the end, all of the bankers’ meddling, interference, and manipulation of US stock markets will come home to roost and the emperor will be revealed to have no clothes in the near future, so buyer beware.







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