Horsefeed Masks for CA Restaurant Diners, Raspberry Pi, Gold & More | skwealthacademy podcast #147

Welcome to Volume 10 of skwealthacademy’s Financial News of the Horrific & Parasitic. In this week’s edition, I discuss CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s absurd mandate that commands everyone to put on their facemasks in between bites when dining out. Why not just mandate restaurants serve meals inside horsefeed masks instead? Voila. Problem solved! I also discuss the German Corona Investigative Committee’s backing of thousands of doctors and scientists in the filing of a lawsuit that argues that the absurd political response and “cure” of economic and travel lockdowns that have literally killed thousands of people and will kill thousands more are crimes against humanity.The GCIC reveals that one of the most widely adopted tests for corona infection, the PCR test, has an 89% to 94% positive result rate that exposes it as extremely faulty and error prone. In addition, for those that homeschool or have been forced to homeschool through the use of virtual classrooms due to corona lockdowns and are dealing with rambunctious, energy full children, I discuss an awesome raspberry pi project that every single child, bored out of their mind from lack of necessary social interaction, can learn that is fun, inexpensive, and 1000 times more valuable than anything they will learn in virtual classrooms at the 21:00 mark.

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Shownotes for the above podcast:

Best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

Intro to Ubuntu OS

Intro to Linux OS

List of Great Raspberry Pi Projects

Best Open Source OS Alternatives to MS Windows and MacOS that are Absolutely Free

German Corona Investigative Committee Files Lawsuits Against Politicians, Possibly WHO, for Economic Lockdowns Being the Equivalent of Crimes Against Humanity

RussiaGate Started by Hilary Clinton to Cover Up Her Illegal Server

Head of Organization that Provided “Evidence” of Syrian Chemical Gas Attacks Say His Employees Fabricated Evidence, UN Silences Him

2001 Anthrax Terrorist Attacks Traced Back to US Army Doctor

Former CIA Director, Current US Secretary of State Says He “|Lies, Cheats, and Steals” to forward US Political Agenda

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