The Narrative, “History Always Repeats Itself”, is a Patently Deceptive One

history never repeats itself

All of us have always heard the narrative that humanity never learns from past mistakes in history and is therefore destined to repeat them over and over again. As “proof” of this false narrative, historians point to repeated occurrences of events detrimental to humanity over time. However, this is the desired interpretation of history by the ruling class of the “proles”, the class of citizens that the ruling class views with disdain and as animals whose only purpose on planet Earth is to serve their needs. To begin, the “mistakes” referenced by historians are not mistakes made by the majority of people, but by a very small ruling class of a few hundred to a few thousand that make all policy decisions – whether economic, monetary, political, regulatory, or of a foreign/military nature. Consequently, if indeed, these mistakes are even “mistakes’, of which I profess that they are not, it is only a very small fraction, not the majority, of humanity that execute such mistakes. For example, the exact same Central Banker policies that created the Great Depression of the late 1920s/ early 1930s were executed in creating the 2008 global financial crisis and were executed once again between 2008 and 2020 in the creation of a super bubble of price distortions that dwarf the ones they created in 2008.

However, to classify these decisions as “mistakes” and an “inability to learn” from the dire consequences of similar past historical decisions is much too simplistic and naïve an interpretation by historians. I vociferously argue instead that such “mistakes” are deliberate decisions executed with careful and precise calculation, and not mistakes at all. Rather such executed behaviors, because the ruling class has specifically designed them to further consolidate their power, are only disguised as “mistakes” in narratives they forward through the mass media and on social media platforms. Such behaviors display not an inability, but rather an inordinate ability, to learn from the past. It is no surprise that Eric Blair’s 1984 is the top selling book on Amazon this week, as this book has already been banned in some Asian nations in which uprisings against the State have been ongoing for many months now.

In addition to a growing interest fostered by a ban by State leaders, interest in 1984 has originated out of a curiosity of others to simply understand truths about the systems that control our lives, whether that system is the monetary system, the capital asset pricing system, the political system, the legal system or any other of the multitude of systems that serve as established societal pillars for nations around the world. And perhaps there is a growing number of people interested in reading any book that helps them understand how the system has been rigged against them, and why we have perhaps so willingly embraced and lauded a system in past years that is so obviously rigged against us. Frankly, if I could influence a resurgence of popularity in any book today, I would have chosen F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom over 1984, but 1984 will suffice for now.

Unsurprisingly, I still have discussions every year with people that believe any discussion that involves Central Banker policies being deliberately rigged against the best interests of the people and for the benefit of only the ruling class is a grand conspiracy that only people that only “crazies” believe. I believe that my observations of a widespread inability to understand a truth so obvious is a byproduct of a broken academic system that actively strips us of our inquisitive nature and not only hammers us into conformity and submission to the hive mentality, but concurrently assures this result by praising and rewarding conformity to unthinking behavior and primal emotions over expression of intellect and compassion. Such thinking results in hordes of people hopping on the cancel culture bandwagon today and praising censorship against the people whose views they hate (and whether or not the views they hate are moral or not is irrelevant), while preventing these people from realizing that by advocating for censorship of divergent and dissenting views, they enable the creation of a suppressive environment that will eventually blowback to the censorship of their views as well.

Yet, the vast majority of people that you and I will speak to about the subject of the iniquity of Central Banking will still fiercely cling to  Central Banker spread lies that they provide price stability to fiat currencies and that without them, monetary chaos would result, when indeed, the exact opposite is true. In fact,  even after I point them to the 5:15 mark of this video, in which I produce a chart that compares prices of goods and services in America from 1975 to 2019 that clearly delineates the massive Central Banker created price instability and massive US dollar purchasing power destruction wrought by Central Bankers, most people that have been taught of the gentle and kind-hearted guidance of Central Bankers in school still cannot understand the simple truth of this chart that an unpolluted mind can clearly see. This is because today, facts and truth are insufficient to convince the majority of people to dismiss lies previously believed for the entirety of a lifetime. To anyone that has been frustrated in the failure to convince others of the truth (about any topic) through the direct approach of presenting the truth, may I suggest the following approach.

Most people that cannot understand that Central Bankers work only for the interests of the ruling class and against the interests of everyone else, including themselves, fail to do so simply because they cannot understand the “why” of the equation.

Why would Central Bankers work deliberately to seed economic chaos and purchasing power destruction of currencies? they ask.

And if they cannot answer this question satisfactorily on their own, then they dismiss the truth and remain married to the false narratives they have been taught about Central Bankers and the banking system inside academic classrooms.

Why would anyone deliberately execute policies that harm the collective welfare of an entire nation except for a few hundred to a few thousand of the wealthiest people in that nation? many have asked me in the past.

Upon hearing such a line of inquiry, I often answer a question with a question, not to be cheeky or annoying, but because I understand that the only possible way to lead such a person to truth is not by telling them directly of the truth, but to compel such a person to engage in a journey of critical thought.

I often ask people that pose the above question the following question:

Do you know that many serial killers kill for fun and are willing to take a life simply due to the adrenaline rush the act of murder provides them?

Most people are aware that such demented people exist, as rare as they may be, and answer affirmatively. I then ask, Would you ever murder people for the excitement and fun that such an act provides to you?

Every person to whom I’ve posed this question has answered, Of course not. That’s reprehensible, a response that opens the door to a line of questioning that can lead them to the watering hole of truth.

I then respond, Okay. Just because you cannot understand the motivations behind people that kill others for fun, do you think that they do not exist?, to which I usually receive a response of, Of course not.

To this, I inquire, Then why do you think that people cannot exist in the banking world that deliberately act against the best interests of most people in society, if by doing so, they gain enormous quantities of unwarranted and undeserved power and capture the ability to control the economic fates of billions around the world?

Normally, instead of the usual response of, That is just a conspiracy theory that only stupid people believe, I am met with complete silence as the person with whom I am conversing considers the reality of my statement for perhaps the first time in their life. Consequently, by convincing people that they do not have to understand the “why” element of a puzzle for that conundrum to be true, people finally begin to understand that people in this world exist that commit heinous acts that routinely harm the majority of people, and are intended to do so, without automatically dismissing such possibilities just because they would never consider committing such heinous acts.

And this is the first step to successfully convince people that members of the ruling class do not repeatedly make the same mistakes throughout history because they are fools, as is often implied, but to the contrary, deliberately execute the same behaviors throughout history, primarily because they have learned how to use repeat behavior to benefit to consolidate their power over us. Thus, every time an analyst calls Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen a complete fool for executing monetary policies that create massively distorted prices in capital markets and continues to kill US dollar purchasing power, they fall victim to the false narrative created by the ruling class that bankers are bumbling idiots that know not what they do, so consequently should be forgiven when their actions create crises. To the contrary, Central Bankers are supremely aware of exactly the consequences their calculated policy actions create, as history informs us of the inevitable outcomes, and are eminently pleased with the results that follow.

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