Here’s What We Said to Expect from US Payroll Numbers, Silver and Gold Markets Yesterday, and Here’s What Happened

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What can we expect from the release of the US non-farm payrolls that will occur today in about 3.5 hours? Before I discuss this number, let’s review the past couple weeks in gold and silver prices to set up this discussion. In mid-May, many silver analysts were pushing a 4-year technical breakout as a “hugely significant” event that, in their words, was likely to fuel short-covering and momentum buyers that could lead to an extremely significant move to the upside in silver that would quickly challenge the $20 to $25 an ounce levels. However, at maalamalama, we took a contrarian view at that time, because our proprietary analysis informed us of a picture beneath the surface that was significantly different than the one the 4-year technical breakout was painting. In fact, we’ve discussed this many times here over the past 8 years as a banker deception practice of “painting the charts.”

On 20 May 2015, I sent our clients a bulletin that, unlike the popular narrative about precious metals at the current time, stated “I still think that there is significant danger of further downside in gold and silver in the short-term so we’re going to assume some hedges at this time.”  I reinforced this private notice to our clients with a small tidbit on our public SmartknowledgeU blog forum in an entry titled Evidence of Runaway Inflation: Would You Pay $82MM for This?  on May 25th. There, I stated, “The continuing fracture of the fraudulent global banking system will manifest itself in imminent severe attacks on spot gold and spot silver prices, and when these attacks occur, this will again be a huge omen to the awake of the massive fragility of the entire global banking system.”

The timing of our hedges and our public blog statement turned out to be fortuitous as silver fell -1.8%, and gold dropped more than $20 an ounce, the very next trading day on 26 May 2015. And what about the hedges that we opened on 20 May 2015? Even when gold and silver spiked higher on 1 June, 2015 on heavy volume, I analyzed this move as a “false” positive, and consequently informed our clients that this spike “was likely to be a temporary price surge higher, artificially designed by the Western banking cartel, to ‘sucker’ in more long positions into gold and silver markets just so they [can] immediately slam the freshly opened long positions later in the week.” Consequently, we did not close out our hedges on this one-day gold and silver price spike, but maintained these positions for our clients, and theses two hedges that we opened up on May 20th to hedge against falling gold and silver prices are now up +12.4% and +5.7%.

That said, do I still think gold and silver prices will experience a significant surge in the future? Yes, I do. However, to deal with the downward volatility in the meantime, the key is to exit before bankers execute the significant raids that push gold and silver prices significantly lower, and to additionally assume hedges against falling gold and silver prices to provide counterbalance. Throw in a massive dose of patience into this mix, and when gold and silver prices eventually turn up, and they will do so with a surprising vengeance that will catch most everyone off guard when this event eventually transpires, and one will be ready to execute a solid strategy to survive the coming fractures of the coming global banking and financial system.

Given the information I’ve just conveyed above, it’s absurd that there are a number of banking cheerleaders out there still selling a fragile US stock market as “the place to be”, while at the same time, they take every opportunity to denigrate anyone that is an advocate of gold and silver with a wide paintbrush that falsely paints us all as conspiracy theorists. Given the small sampling of private client communications I’ve provided above, it is obvious that not all gold and silver advocates believe that gold and silver will go up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that we frequently hedge against rapid and severe downturns in price.

Though we may be among the few out there that take reasonable approaches to assessing future price movements in gold and silver in response to the emergence of “significant technical chart patterns”, such as the silver price breaking above a 4-year trendline last month that sparked quite a bit of excitement about imminent huge silver price surges higher that never materialized, taking a cautionary approach, in my humble opinion, is always the best approach in PM markets. Furthermore, given that all the assessments I made above were accurate only because I pay much more attention to banker manipulation of gold and silver prices than I do to technical charts and patterns, it is patently absurd for the banker apologists to still insist that there is no banker manipulation of gold and silver prices occurring. If there were no banker manipulation of gold and silver prices occurring, then all my analysis based upon this manipulation should have failed miserably.

If these banker cheerleaders were real analysts instead of just cheerleaders, they would just need to investigate the fact that bankers have already admitted, in the form of billions of dollars worth of paid fines, to massively manipulating utility rates (in the US), LIBOR rates, and Forex rates to illegally skim profits from clients. After discovering these indisputable facts, no logical person could then extrapolate that, for some inexplicable reason, bankers would be honorable enough to never to intervene in and manipulate gold and silver prices, even though precious metal prices are the most important market prices to control in order to keep their whole global Ponzi banking scheme from crumbling. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that bankers are undoubtedly 100% manipulating gold and silver prices, and that this manipulation must be taken into account 100% of the time in assessing short-term price behavior of gold and silver.

And this nicely leads into my discussion of the US non-farm payrolls number that is due to be released in about 4 hours. Like gold and silver prices, the US non-farm payroll numbers are always manipulated as well to serve the banking agenda, so the indisputable conclusion we already know is that these numbers will be nowhere close to the truth. The question is what do the bankers want to accomplish with the release of this fake number at 8:30 AM NY time? To be clear, this is much more a guessing game than the framework from which I analyze gold and silver price manipulation, but if I had to guess, I would say that the numbers are going to be reported fairly close to the forecast of 210,000 jobs or even surprise to the upside.

Again, I believe that the real numbers will be far more subdued than what the reported numbers will be, but I think the Feds are still interested in propping up the US stock market, so they will not allow a non-farms payroll number to be reported that surprises significantly to the downside. So my guess (and I’m making it clear that this is a guess) is that we will receive an on-target number or surprise to the upside. Bingo. Stock markets higher, and gold and silver prices lower! And Central Banker manipulation mission is accomplished. In few hours, we’ll find out if I’m right.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: So what happened yesterday. The US non-farm payrolls surprised to the upside just as we predicted, clocking in at 280,000, well above the consensus forecast of 210,000, and of course this caused gold to tank, silver to tank and US stock markets to surge higher, just as we predicted. Please see the below charts.)



In the end, is there a silver lining (no pun intended) to all this banker manipulation of gold and silver prices and non-farm payroll numbers, unemployment numbers, and GDP numbers? Indeed there is. The Central Bankers’ eternal kicking of the can down the road (EKOCDR) has given all of us an opportunity to still adequately prepare for the great turmoil in financial markets that is coming, when realistically, this opportunity should have long passed us by, by now. For assistance in this matter, please feel free to stop by and peruse our website at

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