Gold and Silver Prices Have Not Bottomed Yet

gold and silver price decline not yet over

Despite numerous articles stating that the gold and silver price descent was over distributed across the internet last week, I disagree. Gold and silver prices, currently respectively at $1,783 and $22.84 (futures prices , not physical) still appear to me to have some further weakness ahead before a true bottom forms. And if I’m correct about this, as well as my bitcoin price prediction for the end of the week, provided to my patrons when BTC was trading at $18,470 but not yet reached as of 12 November), then I fully expect the mass media narrative that gold and silver are dead assets to kick in as they normally do anytime bitcoin is soaring, and concurrently, gold and silver prices are struggling. This was the mass media/banking narrative we experienced at the end of 2017 and this will be the mass media/banking narrative we receive again at the end of this year. And such narratives, easily predictable before they happen, will be wrong again.

This is the constant narrative of the ruling class that favors the implementation of a 100% digital money platform for control purposes, which by the way,  is the unspoken reason behind the continuing global lockdowns, as increased immersion of the world’s population in greater debt equals control. Bankers have always used debt to increase their control over the world’s population, whether these methodologies include 1. Sending debt cards (that they call credit cards) to twelve year old children, 2. Emphasizing prestigious academic diplomas that place young adults into massive burdensome levels of debt upon graduation at age twenty, 3. Freely handing out subprime housing loans that encourage people to live a lifestyle they cannot afford, as routinely happened prior to the 2008 global financial crisis, 4. Encouraging businesses to assume massive loads of debt and then calling that debt in to deliberately destroy businesses (as happened to this entrepreneur in this highly recommended investigation and other dirty tricks exposed here), and 5. Locking down the world and prohibiting citizens from working to ensure their levels of personal debt explode much higher into unmanageable territory (please watch this video for further explanation). Furthermore, with legislators now voting to legalize in-school vaccinations of underage children with zero parental approval, it would not be surprising at all, if in the future, banking industry lobbyists change laws whereby banks can issue underage children credit cards with zero parental approval.

Because such evil is fairly unexciting, banal and routine, many fail to identify the enslavement by debt paradigm that is routinely enforced through a variety of different approaches, even though such paradigms are exposed from time to time, even through entertainment media, such as in this film clip of the movie, The International, starring Naomi Watts and Clive Owens.

By the way, not all gold/silver analysts are permabulls and not all btc analysts are permabulls. There are a handful of analysts, without their own book to sell to the masses, that provide more realistic outlooks. When gold futures prices were approaching its nominal (but of course, not inflation-adjusted) high prices of $2,000 on 9 November with silver futures prices at $26, I repeatedly warned my patrons of large drops in gold and silver prices that were coming this month. To receive my weekly updates on these prices and to keep abreast of these price changes before they happen, consider becoming an skwealthacademy patron here.

J. Kim

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