Gold and Silver Prices are Ready to Move Higher

Gold and silver prices are ready to move higher, after a brief consolidation period, even though recent price behavior is not supporting this notion. Today, gold dipped back below $1,500 an ounce and silver dipped below $17 an ounce. However, do not let the white noise of gold and silver price volatility distract you. The world’s political and banking leaders are trying to distract everyone today by putting lipstick on the ugly situation of an economic pig that has no legs to stand on at the current time. We constantly hear leaders telling us to stay calm and that everything will be okay, the same pacifying message passed on to British citizens by the State during World War II. Though I don’t recommend you panic, I do recommend that you don’t fall victim to this endless deceitful propaganda and that you dig deeper to understand the truth of a global economy on its last legs of support from a decade of non-stop quantitative easing and free money.

The truth points to the fact that gold and silver prices are ready to move higher, and much higher, given the insanity of Central Banker enforced monetary policy all around the world. Here are three charts below that display the likely future movements of gold, silver and the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF. You should look for the floors of the bullish flag formations to provide support for any continued downturn in prices of the below assets, and if they are hit, a reversal of prices should form from this point. However, I don’t even expect the bottoms of these flag formations to be hit with all three below assets before prices reverse and continue higher.

Central Bankers have been toying with insanity for the past 10 years in the currency wars they have been waging with their quantitative easing monetary policies, but they are about to go full-blown insane soon. There is no doubt that this decision will lead to much higher gold and silver prices in the long run.

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gold prices set to move higher
silver prices ready to move higher
gold mining stocks set to move higher

J. Kim

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