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mass media distracts us from reality to our own detriment
Don’t Be So Distracted You Ignore Getting You Financial Life in Order

This likely has been one of the most chaotic, strangest years that any of us has experienced during our lifetimes, yet through all this chaos and suffering, it is still paramount for everyone to get your financial life in order. While issues of fighting against tyrannical lockdowns imposed upon us unnecessarily due to the pandemic that has ruined millions of businesses worldwide and fighting to end systemic police brutality all over the world are extremely important, it is even more important for everyone to get your financial life in order. If you ignore what is happening around the world, unreported in the mainstream media, in global financial markets, when the second phase of this global financial market implosion commences, you will surely be depleted of your life savings, and without money, you will no longer be able to protest against any injustice of any nature imposed upon you. Thus it is imperative that first and foremost, you get your financial life in order.

As I stated many times before, I started predicting that great economic turmoil was coming this year as early as August of 2019 on my news site, and I will include a review of the news articles in which I predicted the great economic turmoil we have been experiencing this year well before the State implemented lockdowns that resulted in the destruction of millions of businesses worldwide and the global protests that have precipitated as a reaction to the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis cop.  As an example of just one of these articles, here is an article I published on 5 August 2019, in which I explained why Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George’s statement that the fed funds rate could go above 3.0% in 2019 was simply absurd and why it was near impossible for US Central Bankers to raise interest rates at mid-year 2019 with the Fed Funds rate at only 2.00% to 2.25%, well below Esther George’s claim that it could have ended up at 3.00% to 3.25% by year end. Needless to say, after I published my article at the start of August 2019 and stated that the Feds Fund interest rate was already too high to raise any higher, despite Central Banker George’s claim that it could continue to rise by another 100 basis points, the Central Bankers stopped raising the Fed Funds interest rate any higher after my article, and began cutting it back to 0.00%.

Currently, the viral pandemic and the George Floyd protests have provided the perfect cover for the continued looting of the banking class from everyone else as all the measures that were implemented by Central Bankers to transfer near limitless amounts of money from the working class to the top bankers in the world during the 2008 financial crisis and for many years after are being implemented right now, but virtually no one in the media has discussed them due to the deliberate 24/7 coverage given to the pandemic and to the George Floyd protests.

However, if we looked at the events of this year, massive protests in Lebanon against the Central Bankers, in Chile against an oppressive government, and in Algeria against more than half of century of tyranny from an oppressive government with demands for an entirely new governing body, among large protests in Peru, Ghana, France, Argentina, Mexico and many other nations were already ongoing before more protests sprung up this past week in response to George Floyd. This is significant because though many of you may not even have known about the aforementioned protests that were ongoing all throughout this year, some of these protests were massive, with the protests in Algeria constantly attracting millions of people that likely were much larger than the protests in Hong Kong, but remained unreported to a large degree by Western media, because the West has no interest in regime change against a government in Algeria that is multiple times more oppressive than the government in Hong Kong.  Thus, the world economy was already under siege, experiencing massive instability, and people’s anger all over the world was already boiling over before the pandemic lockdowns and the tragic murder of George Floyd.

So while I always promote activism at the local level to form stronger community with your neighbors and to build a greater sense of purpose and connection to others, also be sure to get your finances in order, as unfortunately, the second half of this year is likely to be even worse economically than the first half of this year. I wish I could say that I honestly believed that economic recovery was coming in H2 2020 to provide hope to all of you, but I honestly can only report on what I believe to be the most likely scenario. As that stands right now, due to the constant red flags I continue to witness in the global financial system, many of which I’ve discussed not just with my skwealthacademy patrons, but also publicly on my news site, I feel obligated to let all of you know that you should be preparing right now for a global financial implosion. Even if it does not happen in H2 2020 as I expect, then it will happen not too much further down the road and preparation now will still serve you well. Click the image below to listen to the accompanying podcast. Click here to learn more about exclusive benefits you will receive by becoming an skwealthacademy patron, as well as the enormous yields of recent skwealthacademy patron only investment tips.

proof positive central bankers caused the 2020 financial crisis and are trying to avoid any accountability through methods of distraction

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