First They Paralyze Our Minds With Fear, Then They Paralyze Our Bodies With Drugs

This is Part I of a two part series. Though I graduated from an Ivy League university and earned two Master degrees, I found very little of this “education” remotely valuable in improving the quality of my life. And though I am in the process of launching my second entrepreneurial pursuit, my MBA degree ultimately was of very low utility in contributing to the success of my first business and has been of almost zero utility in the preparations to launch my second entrepreneurial endeavor. In fact, since my second entrepreneurial pursuit is an online Academy (of which you can download the curriculum description and  factsheet here), one may even say that this endeavor is an anti-MBA, anti-academia, pro-education based company as it contains a compilation of applied business and financial knowledge missing from all scholastic and university programs today that is essential in improving one’s quality of life.

The billionaires that control the academic system around the world have been working diligently to instill an inordinately high level of fear among us to make us afraid to live life and to turn us into the same sniveling cowards as them. Consequently, they have constantly miseducated us in classrooms for centuries by weaving a web of monetary lies and deceit to the point that the vast majority of us can’t understand the advantages they’ve engineered into the global banking and monetary system that enable them to transfer (steal) great wealth with nominal to no labor required to do so. Unfortunately, within the global academic system, they haven’t relegated their misinformation campaigns to just financial and monetary truths. To prove this point, merely ask a hundred people today a basic question about information taught in all academic classrooms around the world,  “What is gravity?”  It is highly unlikely that even one person will answer this question correctly.

And through this process, the billionaire oligarchs that influence academic, health, and political policies have been stealing and paralyzing our minds with ignorance-induced fear.  In addition to fear, global billionaire oligarchs have always employed greed as a mechanism to divide and conquer us. The application of greed in many (but not all) cryptocurrency narratives they create is the mechanism by which they wrongly convinced millions of people to buy cryptocurrencies like BTC when it was trading at $55,000 to $60,000 last year with promises of riches by year end, as the forwarded dominant narrative was that it would reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. And through this greed, they’ve been able to easily divert money away not from, fiat currencies, as is the false but widely believed narrative among the BTC community, but away from sound money. The successful diversion of money away from sound money is a fine illustration of the methodology by which oligarchs control our behavior through ignorance and greed.

And they’ve continued the use of this paradigm in the false Covid narrative they’ve propagated for two continuous years through their ownership of mass media distribution channels, including the largest social media platforms.  And though millions of people are now using knowledge of  science and facts to massively pushback against recurring lockdowns in the Netherlands, Australia, France, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Austria, Israel, and Singapore among dozens of other nations, doing so has become exponentially more difficult to the massive lies and propaganda that they’ve already spread about the danger of the virus as well as the safety of their experimental drug solutions. The oligarch’s deployment of their global economic destruction campaign has followed the classic blueprint of creating an artificial crisis and then deploying a controlling submissive solution among the masses to the very crisis they created. If you are unfamiliar of this blueprint, you may read Naomi Klein’s fantastic book on this topic called The Shock Doctrine (and if you are to purchase this highly recommended exposition of oligarch control mechanisms, please purchase it through her website at the aforementioned link versus purchasing it on Amazon). As a final exercise to illustrate the rampant societal ignorance that facilitates the successful continued  stripping of our essential fundamental human rights and liberties, ask someone, whether stranger or friend, how many viruses and bacteria live in our body (in what is known as the microbiome). I guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a single person that provides numbers within several trillion of the correct answer for viruses and within a hundred billion of the correct answer for bacteria (you may find the correct answer here).

Furthermore, because we’ve been repeatedly incorrectly taught to fear viruses, it is quite difficult to find, in a group of a hundred random people, even one person that truly understands the biology of viruses and that we all need good viruses in our microbiome that kill deadly bacteria just to survive. In fact, how many reading this article have ever heard one scientist or one doctor speak about the necessity of building a healthy gut biome to strengthen our natural immunity to combat the virus versus being mandated to take an experimental drug as the best solution? Most of us are so completely ignorant of basic human biology and the fact that not only do viruses play extremely important beneficial roles in our microbiome by infecting and killing bacteria through the production of bacteriophages, but that viruses inhabit almost every millimeter of our body, including naturally occurring in our lungs, in our blood, in our urine, and even on the surface of our skin (so yes, using antibacterial gel when entering every single store is not only completely unnecessary but detrimental to our natural immunity).

Not only are most medical doctors not trained in understanding this vital relationship between trillions of viruses and bacteria in our body in medical school,  but they are specifically instructed in many medical schools to treat almost every condition with drugs and antibiotics that unnecessarily create more virulent bacteria when they overprescribe antibiotics in the general population of patients that destroy the health of our micro and gut biomes. Why are these anti-health policies so widely embraced in many medical schools? The answer is not difficult to ascertain when you follow the money of who is founding and funding many of the “top” medical schools in the world. In fact, the only reason some diseases exist now, like incurable strains of tuberculosis and bacterial pneumonia is because MDs have overprescribed penicillin and other antibiotics in the treatment of these infections, an anti-health behavior that is directly responsible for the mutation of these dangerous but very curable bacteria into incurable, much more virulent bacteria.

How Did a Corporate Thieving Computer Nerd Become the Health Czar of Planet Earth?

Bill Gates, the self-appointed global health czar, whose policies illustrate that he understands little to nothing about real science, stated that the world’s economies will never be as open as they were pre-Covid and be free again until all 7.8 billion people on planet Earth have been injected with multiple experimental Covid immunizations (Israel, for example, was pondering, the requirement of a fourth dose for its citizens to be considered fully dosed, even though the failure of multiple doses to fully immunize its recipients against the virus has already been indisputably scientifically proven). Such forced injections of potentially dangerous medications unproven to be safe in the long-term, clear violations of basic human rights laws, have been enriching billionaires like Bill Gates among others due to their investments in multiple pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these experimental drugs. Furthermore, not only are these mandates based on zero legitimate science, but they are truly immoral and wicked since no one yet knows the long-term potentially damaging health effects. And even had all of experimental drugs quickly fabricated under abnormally short development timelines without proper Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials been approved by regulatory agencies like the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which they have not been, the FDA has literally approved dozens of drugs and designated them as safe for multiple years in the past that have literally killed millions of people that have taken them. It is of great irony to me that many of our peers that are so adamant everyone should blindly fall in line, as they have, to be jabbed, all fail to provide a proper definition of Phase I, II and III clinical trials and are in fact completely ignorant that all three should be completed before the mass administration of any drug is ever taken. In fact, it would be no surprise to me if the following future hypothetical news article manifests due to the known debilitating public health outcomes of other improperly administered mass vaccination campaigns in India and Africa:

Years later, the mass administration of experimental mRNA drugs to billions of compliant people before proper Phase III clinical safety trials had been conducted has now been discovered five years later to be responsible for severe damage to the microbiome of humanity, as these experimental drugs have now been discovered to have eradicated an inordinate number of many of the helpful viruses that exist in our bodies that actively target and kill harmful bacteria. The unfortunate result of the campaigns to force billions to receive experimental drugs before their consequences were ever studied and known is a humanity whose natural immune systems have been severely compromised, now leaving large percentages of every population in every nation vulnerable to severe illnesses from common diseases that were never before dangerous. The exact mechanism by which this happened is just now being determined, with much of the current incomplete data indicating that the proliferation of nanolipids (that were an integral part of the mRNA delivery mechanism) in our human tissue as the most probable culprit for this most unfortunate outcome.  

For all those that don’t understand why this outcome is completely plausible, and perhaps even probable, then you simply lack scientific knowledge of how drugs that typically produce good outcomes, like penicillin based eradication of bacteria that causes tuberculosis and pneumonia, have subsequently produced death sentences for large numbers of people due to misapplication and overprescription. To the contrary, if you are aware of the process by which overprescription of antibiotics that attack and kill harmful bacteria can often create more virulent, impossible to kill mutant strains of the same bacteria when drugs have been overprescribed and misapplied, then you will understand the plausibility of my above hypothetical scenario in the future, a plausibility that would be disastrous to humanity if it manifests. Even an eight-year old can understand the above indisputable fact-based science when it is broken down to this simplistic level.

In conclusion of Part I of this article, I will seek to prove my point of how institutional academia detracts from the collective intellect of humanity more than it contributes to it. I recently posted a simple four question survey here that I often ask of children and young adults, with the caveat that if they answer all four questions correctly, I will give them $100. Though I’ve only administered this simple survey perhaps a couple dozen times in my life, I’ve yet to part ways with a Benjamin Franklin Federal Reserve note. The point of the aforementioned survey, as it includes questions to which we all learn the answers in grade school, is that, irrelevant of the city and nation in which we attended academic institutions, we have all been deliberately taught misinformation and almost never been engaged in any educational processes that  actively develop our critical thinking skills. In fact, the historic dumbing down of academic curricula in the United States is quite easy to prove. If one just searches for a teaching tool called McGuffey Readers online that were widely used in schools in America in the early and mid-nineteenth centuries, by reviewing the coursework typical for middle-school-aged children  back then and comparing it to the coursework provided to the same-aged children today, one would undoubtedly conclude that academic coursework has been dumbed-down in America today, especially in literature. This doesn’t mean that the McGuffey Readers do not contain any flaws in the manner in which they teach certain concepts. I’m simply using them to illustrate that the difficulty of schoolwork has definitely been eroded over the centuries, and that today’s academic curricula does not properly teach or challenge children to exercise, and thus develop, their intellectual capabilities.

The first step of exerting total control over a nation’s population is to constantly misinform, miseducate, and spread fear to create millions of unthinking pods. This causes collective paralysis of our minds that then allow us to be consequently physically paralyzed as well. And when this happens, then hope for the future of humanity will be completely eradicated, so we must all band together now to educate one another as real education is nearly completely absent in the global academic system today, thanks to the control of this system by the global billionaire oligarchs.  

Coming tomorrow (Part II: The Paralysis of Our Bodies)

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