Weekly Wrap-Up. Financial News of the Horrific and Parasitic, 20-24 July, 2020

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I have decided to make my Weekly Wrap-Up: Financial News of the Horrific and Parasitic a weekly feature. Hopefully this feature will keep people aware of important financial news happening around the world that is by and large censored by the mass media news distribution channels. Here are the topics addressed in this week’s roundup: The ongoing environmental disaster of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown; Ignored annual 12-15 million hectare rainforest destruction that contribute to an increase of global warming AND flooding probably in far greater capacity than any other human activity; Unreported revolutions happening in Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel and Algeria; Fabricated covid19 deaths assigned to murders, fatal motorcycle accidents and suicides in New York and Washington to spread false information to justify extended economic lockdowns and to spreadfear;  Ignored single digit adult obesity rates and healthy immune systems in adult population in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam as contributors to low covid 1984 deaths; Ignored near 50% adult obesity rate in America as reason behind high covid 1984 mortality; Success of billionaire peddled transhumanist concepts in the loss of compassion in society, and the stupidity of some government obedient doctors.

Quick Summary of a few discussed stories:

By 2022 there will be no room for more tanks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site.  Tepco, the site owner, has proposed dumping millions of litres of radioactive water, the long term affects upon marine life which will be devastating, into the Pacific Ocean as the “solution” to this problem. Since at least 2014 if not before, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has released large quantities of water contaminated with tritium, cesium, and strontium into the ocean every day.

Rainforests around the world are being destroyed at the rate of 12 to 15 million hectaers per year, often to plant single crops like palm oil trees that destroy critical diversity of these ecosystems and consequently cause global warming and flooding. In SE Asia, Malaysian rainforests that are over 130 million years old are being destroyed with no concern for the consequences.

Unreported revolutions happening around the world in protest of corrupt governments and devastating economic shutdowns in Belgrade, Serbia; Sofia, Bulgaria; Algiers, Algeria and Jerusalem, Israel among many other hotspots. In Algeria, citizen uprisings led to the arrest and imprisonment of many government officials for long sentences of up to 20 years. Stories of the people rising up against corrupt States and winning are being suppressed and largely ignored by the mass media.

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