Everything Horribly Wrong With Institutional Education, Part 1: The 9 Non-Negotiable Pillars of skwealthacademy

everything horribly wrong with institutional education
Nine Non-Negotiable Pillars of Education are All Entirely Absent from all Schools Today

This is a multi-part series that describes everything horribly wrong with institutional education and how skwealthacademy, which I will launch by year-end 2021/start-of-the-year 2022, is different from all other schools in the world. Not only will this series discuss the aspects of education that skwealthacademy addresses that is sorely lacking in the curricula of all universities today, like critical thinking and socially responsible and accountable business endeavors, but it will also address the major gap in education today – applied knowledge that everyone can utilize to improve the quality of their lives. We’ve all heard the mantra that knowledge is power, but this saying is not entirely accurate. The Hagakure, an ancient text written in the early 1700s in Japan about the way of the warrior, states, “Having wisdom and talent is the lowest tier of usefulness.” Though many people may be confused by this statement, it merely means that wisdom and talent without direction and purpose is useless, much like knowledge without application is useless.

At skwealthacademy (smartknowledgewealthacademy), my goal is to change how you think, no matter if you are 10 years-old or 90-years young! If you have ever spent considerable time in academic classrooms and on social media platforms, then in all likelihood, your brain is in need of serious rewiring to (1) reconnect essential neuronal pathways that have been destroyed; and to (2) disconnect other established pathways that create uncritical acceptance of information and blind obedience to authority that narrows our possibilities in life and causes us to live our lives inside a neat little box that leaves our enormous potential untapped. Today’s “modern” educational institutions, even the most prestigious universities in the world, remain deeply rooted in behavioral conditioning and boring, repetitive rote memorization tasks that kill individual creativity and critical thought. Consequently, we are conditioned in classrooms to think robotically and convergently, instead of intellectually, creatively and divergently.  In life, being able to think critically and divergently is paramount to success, regardless of our goals. It may even be critical in making the right decisions during emergencies that will determine whether you live or die as well. By the time we graduate from high-school, the academic system has stripped most of us of our creativity and our critical thinking skills, a process that is expedited with social media use and furthered with the length of time we spend inside the traditional academic system.

Unfortunately, we apply this close-minded way of thinking to our careers, and more tragically, to all aspects of our lives. In fact, this process occurs in such an insidious manner that most of us are oblivious to this end result. Because of my desire to reverse this insidious process of the institutional academic system, I created a completely different platform of learning and education called skwealthacademy.  I rooted each of the 20 courses in my Academy in nine essential educational pillars that will disrupt academics from its highly diluted and low utility platform and return it to a true educational platform that will improve our life purpose, sense of well-being, levels of happiness, and critical thinking skills. I re-named the website at which I have blogged for more than fifteen years, maalamalama, a Hawaiian word for brilliance, enlightenment and clarity of perception. Due to the lack of true education and critical thinking development in most academic classrooms around the world today, we have unfortunately entered an intellectual dark age that I intend to reverse with the launch of my Academy. 

The roots of true education have been  completely stripped from most academic institutions today, a facet of academia that has led to the production of young, behaviorally-conditioned adults that share more in common with obedient Pavlovian dogs than free-thinking human beings. Sadly, even among the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 that have not ended as of the last edit of this article, the majority of adults all around the world have subjugated themselves with little resistance to non-scientific mandates of sinister oligarchs that have falsely fed us nonsense that they call “science” under the non-intellectual notion that their interpretation of science can never be challenged and is the only right one, despite global scientists and politicians having been proven wrong time and time again in their declarations, and despite one of the fundamental foundations of all scientific disciplines being the relentless questioning of authority.  All of us have a creative genius residing inside of us, and at skwealthacademy, I intend to help everyone find this expression of genius.

The Nine Pillars of skwealthacademy

  • Return Education to Learning, Not Rote Memorization
  • Stress Real-Life Application of Knowledge, Not Useless Exam Scores
  • Acknowledge the Need to Pursue Education Outside of Traditional Academic Classrooms
  • Redefine Success and Wealth to Include Life Purpose and a Balance of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wealth
  • Expose Lies About Money and Wealth Taught in Schools Today
  • Reprogram Our Brains to Think Critically, Not to Blindly Obey “Authority” Figures
  • Provide an Educational Curriculum Applicable for All Ages
  • Stress Personal Responsibility in the Pursuit of Our Life Goals; De-emphasize the Blame Game
  • Utilize Peer to Peer Learning to Foster Cooperation and Critical Thinking Skill Development

Far too many among us accept, without challenge, articles, ideas and information presented to us by a very rigidly controlled and mainstream media narrowly-funded by a few extremely wealthy people. For this precise reason, most of us need to deconstruct our present belief system before we can start the process of arriving at the truth and we need to empty our mental trash bins that currently command our minds to comply and obey, before we even can find the space to welcome new information and truth into our brains. Unfortunately, many of us fiercely cling to a very rigid belief system, whose origins are deeply rooted in politics, religion, finance, education, nationalism and culture, and in a diametrically opposed manner to a sound intellectual and introspective foundation. The most intellectually honest among us, after deep introspection and critical reflection, would acknowledge that our most deeply held beliefs about life have not resulted from any analytical or empirical research, reflection and critical thought, but were simply adopted and blindly embraced as a result of cultural norms, traditions, and endorsements by people in positions of authority. In fact, during the course of my lifetime, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been engaged in debate with someone whose entire argument of an opposition viewpoint consists not of fact-based, intellectual refutations of my viewpoint, but simple vomited refutations of “that’s been debunked by a fact-checker”, despite “fact-checking” websites continually being exposed as billionaire-funded websites that declare anything that opposes their narrative as a “fact-checked” lie. Such arguments are the antithesis of intellect, and I intend to change such delusional beliefs with my Academy coursework.

More importantly, for many of us, our deeply held beliefs were blindly adopted from pre-engineered societal frameworks that include academic and career frameworks deeply-rooted in our psyches from birth. As a consequence, we unfortunately perceive those pathways that deviate from these pre-ordained pathways as odd or strange, when in fact, these pathways may possess the right answers to life. For example, consider how homeschooling, in 2021, is still considered by most as a fringe choice and not accepted as a viable and competitive alternative to institutional academics.  A consequence of this narrow belief system is a crippling inability to formulate realistic expectations of the effort required to make our dreams come true and a sense of entitlement that spawns unrealistic expectations of receiving large rewards without the expenditure of equivalent effort.  How many of us blindly accept the societal norm of pursuing good grades and high test scores to gain entrance at top-tier schools to secure a good job at a prestigious corporation without ever questioning if this process can even make us happy or provide us with a meaningful life?

Many of us engage in this process simply because it is what everyone else is doing and because it fits our belief of what we are expected to do.

Consequently, if we take this pathway and find ourselves unsatisfied with life, we feel cheated of not attaining a result promised to us.  How many of us have accepted our religion or no religion as the best choice for no other reason than our parents had no religion or commanded us to adopt the same religion as theirs? How many of us actually studied several religions before rejecting or adopting a religion as any intellectual would do? How many of us have passed judgment on another culture, race or community, without ever spending even one hour talking with not one, but with many different members of that culture, race or community? In my lifetime, I’ve met many adults that called the very type of gang members I mentored as a young adult in Los Angeles “animals that should be locked away in jail forever” even though every single person that offered such a cursory, non-experiential critique had never set foot in a poor community ridden with crime, never spent a single minute speaking with the kids they wanted locked up “forever”, and possessed no real understanding of the struggles faced by the teenagers that lived in these communities. Yet they chose to completely discount my opinions, derived from many years of empirical experiences, in favor of their own strongly contrarian opinions that were based on zero experience.

Again, such indictments are not indictments against anyone’s intellect. Rather, they are indictments of a broken academic system that fails to develop critical thinking skills and the pursuit of a meaningful life. They are indictments of a transhumanism agenda that encourages our increasing immersion in virtual worlds with virtual friends over engagement in the real world while it aggressively promotes an amoral world in which choices are relegated to better or worse versus right and wrong. Many leaders believe morality is a thing of the past and that amorality is superior to morality. Such thinking caused tyranny in the form of global lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 that is likely to continue until 2023 and beyond. Each subsequent year spent inside the “educational” system has killed our abundant levels of creativity, individualism, curiosity and critical thinking skills and replaced these essential characteristics of a happy life, necessary for learning, with a collective, obedient hive-like mentality in which its inhabitants grow to love their servitude. This process is even more insidious than it appears to be on a surface-level because it is a process that has not even been recognized or acknowledged by the vast majority of us.

In fact, the dumbing down, transhumanism, social media-based schooling agenda has muddled and distorted our understanding of the real world to such a degree that large percentages of people all over the world have resorted to self-medication as the antidote to anxiety, loneliness and depression, without understanding that the real antidotes to loneliness are intimate connections with other human beings. Even a single intimate connection to one other human being can easily conquer loneliness of the highest order, yet millions among us seem to be unable to recognize this and instead, we numb our loneliness with opiates and alcohol. Of course, the unethical tyrants that have been locking down the entire world in 2021, including shuttling Australians into isolated camps in the Northern Territory that resemble WWII Japanese internment camps for merely having had  contact with an “infected” person also realize this truism. This is precisely why they have been enforcing, non-scientific, non-factual, fear and propaganda based lockdowns around the world. Instead of solving a health crisis, they have artificially created one that is exponentially worse than could have ever been created by a dangerous virus. And the consequences of such immorality have been devastating. During 2021, according to the UK Office of National Statistics, alcohol-related deaths soared by 19%. Furthermore, according to Dr. Tony Rao of King’s College London, surveys conducted after the first year of lockdown in the UK revealed that lockdowns created 1 million additional alcoholics (those that consume at least 50 units of alcohol per week). Child developmental tests conducted by UK child psychologists revealed that lockdowns and mandatory unscientific mask mandates severely impaired child cognitive development (Source: https://summit.news/2021/08/13/lockdown-created-1-million-new-alcoholics-in-england/).  

One can be deeply lonely in a crowd of fifty people if one has nothing but superficial connections to all fifty, yet be completely at peace and feel extremely loved in a crowd of two, if one is deeply connected and rooted to that other single person.

 It truly matters not that facts suggest the lockdowns have been used by the oligarchs as a guise to execute one of the largest wealth transfers in history to the richest 1% of the world at everyone else’s expense (which you can learn about here in this podcast). Due to the lack of critical thinking development in schools worldwide, many among us unfortunately falsely believe everything that we have been ordered to believe about the necessity of lockdowns, despite mountains of facts that expose that lockdowns, not the virus, will kill millions more people than the virus ever could.

Therefore, for all of us that attended a traditional brick-and-mortar school and university for the duration of our academic life, we are not completely at fault for our current uneducated state today, as rarely was our true intellect ever challenged and developed during the academic process. We are only at fault if we do not do anything to correct our academically-trained, lowly-educated egos. We all need to stop conflating academics with education as one can be highly-degreed but still highly ignorant and uneducated.  Having graduated from an Ivy League university and having been exposed to Ivy League graduates my entire life as a consequence, I can confirm that some of the lowest common-sense, non-critical thinking people I have ever met have been Ivy League graduates. In addition, having condemned the institutional schooling system for well over a decade now, I have discovered that many people to this day still conflate my message, and falsely believe that I am promoting a dangerous message that “education is not necessary in life”, when in fact, I am promoting the exact opposite message – through education unavailable inside traditional institutional classrooms, we will become the best versions of ourselves and reach our highest potential.

If I wholeheartedly believed that real learning (in any business-related degree) occurred within the hallowed halls of prestigious universities, then I would aggressively advocate pursuing and gaining entry to the business and graduate programs at Harvard, Oxford, Yale, the University of Tokyo, the University of British Columbia, the University of Munich, Australian National University, Stanford, and my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. I do not perceive these institutions as my “competition” because there is zero overlap with the curriculum I provide in the 22 courses that constitute my Academy and the curricula of these academic institutions. Rather, my competition is any other organization that promotes critical thinking skill development, holistic wealth and success, applied business skills that will improve one’s quality of life, sound monetary principles, and corporate business ethics. I firmly believe that everyone should pursue education throughout one’s entire life, and not only during the years of traditional academic learning, from ages 6 to 21. I hope to keep learning until the day I die, whether my learning consists of a new language or the mastery of a new skill. Today, and especially today, extracurricular learning is mandatory just to counterbalance the negative effects of traditional academic classrooms upon our learning abilities. Real learning must embrace the 9 pillars I listed above. I have yet to encounter a single traditional university in the entire world that incorporates more than 3 of the 9 pillars, let alone all nine.

Consequently, a course about astronomy could be useless if it is taught in a manner in which memorization about planetary and universe facts are emphasized over understanding of how this knowledge can impact our ability to understand the purpose of our existence. Later in this fact sheet, you will learn that the vast majority of my skwealthacademy curriculum is appropriate for children as young as 10 to 12-years of age, though some courses may perhaps require parental guidance due to the complexity of the addressed subject. Furthermore, since education is a never ending process, even those as old as 90-years of age can benefit tremendously from my Academy, as it contains loads of information that will help the elderly maximize the wealth they leave to their children, if this is one of their desires. 

The earlier a student completes the coursework in my Academy, the more beneficial it will be to his or her future life. The development of critical thinking skills will grant a young adult the insight to discern the very things about the institutional education system that I reveal in this fact sheet. With this understanding, a young man or woman can then make the critical decision about how best to pursue the education necessary to fulfill his or her life’s goals. Iron sharpens iron, so the earlier a young child’s mind is sharpened by being tested against iron, the faster he or she will make strides in building critical thinking skills that will serve him or her throughout his or her life. However, disuse and disinformation create and reinforce dullness. Thus, the longer a young child’s mind remains untested within the confines of the institutional academic system, the dumber he or she will unfortunately become, and the more likely it will be for his or her dull mind to inflict deep wounds upon his or her psyche and cognitive development.

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