Eleven Rules for Surviving Economic Lockdown

eleven rules for surviving economic lockdown

Here are eleven rules for surviving economic lockdown. As I stated in my last article, the mainstream media has been extremely accommodating to the parasites that own and feed them into portraying the massive economic suffering in the world today as attributable to the corona virus instead of the truthful explanation that the economic suffering has been a direct consequence of the ruling class’s economic lockdowns and has nearly zero to do with the virus itself.

So here are eleven lessons I’ve applied in surviving the economic lockdown enforced by the parasitic ruling class while being stuck in an international travel lockdown that has now turned a few day travel interlude into a 150-day stay and counting. Hopefully the lessons I’ve applied to help me survive will help anyone stuck in my same situation, as lockdowns become continually extended despite more and more scientific evidence contradicting any need to do so.

1. Learn self reliance

In the end, though having a foundation of friends to rely on for auxiliary support is essential, there is no one you can rely on to cope with daily, weekly and monthly obstacles but yourself. If you are not self-reliant, you are very likely to emerge from an unplanned 150-day layover that could easily turn into a 200+ day layover a very damaged person.

2. Prepare for times that will be lean when times are good.

If you try to prepare for lean times when times have become lean, it is already too late to have learned the lessons you need to survive during lean times. Learn how to cut out all but essential daily living expenses for long periods of time even when times are abundant. Therefore, when the lean times strike, you will already be mentally prepared to make sacrifices.  The fact that I have repeatedly done this for months at a time over the past several years is the only way I am surviving my 150-day lockdown at the current time. I have even completed 3-4 day water only fasts multiple times and currently fast one day a week, and intermittent fast for 17 hours every day. However, knowing that if I needed to go without food for 3-4 days is no problem and a sacrifice I can make if necessary are all tools that will come in handy if the situation becomes more apocalyptic.

3. Make small sacrifices daily, and over years, these small sacrifices add up to a lot, akin to the power of compounding in investing.

I spoke to friends years ago, had they merely listened to my urging to give up their two Starbucks drinks per day consumption habit, along with getting rid of their Netflix subscription, and consequently put that small amount of saved money every month into stacking physical gold and silver every day, would now be sitting on a stack of precious metals worth more than $50k right now that would be helpful to likely everyone except multimillionaires at the current time.

4. Maintain a daily exercise routine but do not exercise just to be fit.

Exercise to learn skills that will have a high degree of applicability during worst case scenarios. Learn martial arts. Buy a firearm and practice dry firing daily if you can’t afford the fees to practice regularly on a range. When the SHTF, you will have to know how to fight as crime will go through the roof when desperate people resort to violence to survive. For those that don’t believe this will happen, see number (8). Most people have not connected the very connectable dots between the coronavirus inspired economic lockdowns and complete global financial system meltdown, but they are intimately connected and complete global financial system meltdown will lead to enormous spikes in random violence all around the world. Even if I’m wrong, a high skill level in martial arts is always beneficial as it will turn people with marshmallow mentalities into people with high levels of discipline and courage.

Or if you require a track record of predictions I’ve made that have come true to believe in this rule, you can visit here , here, here, here, here, and here to see an endless series of predictions I have made on my news site that came true just days, months and years later.

(In order of the aforementioned links, here are the predictions I offered in the linked articles. In August 2019, I stated, “one chart says much more than a thousand words and explains why Japanese should buy gold now.” One-oz gold maple leaf coins were trading at  ¥161,979 per troy ounce back then and as of August 2020, were trading at  ¥221,034, a 36.5% increase;  In June 2017, I stated, “I believe the prices for both physical gold ($1258) and physical silver ($17.28) are solid long-term buys right now”; On 5 August, 2019, due to US Central Bankers standing by claims given earlier in the year that the Fed Funds interest rate still may be raised above 3.25%, I stated, “US Central Bankers cannot raise interest rates”. By March 2020, the Fed Funds interest rate had been cut to zero; In April 2008, I predicted US stock markets were in a bubble and due for an imminent crash. Just 17 trading days later, the US stock markets began a crash that cut its market cap in half; In February 2020, “I discussed [fifteen] specific stocks (Starbucks, Tesla, Apple, Hyatt Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Remy Cointreau, Pernod Ricard, ANA Holdings, EVA Air, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific) would take a significant hit in share price [from the date of my article, February 2020], with every single stock falling significantly since 20 February (by -20% to -37%) except for Hainan Airline”). NOTE to the commenter below. I stated short them on 20 February. TSLA and AAPL both tanked after my note, and of course, if you had opened up put options on these stocks, you would have closed out triple-digit profits and not to still be holding on to short-term options SIX months later!

5. Find purpose in life.

A daily exercise routine is insufficient to maintain mental sanity. I realized this at about day 140 of my lockdown when heavy daily physical exertion was insufficient to retain my mental health as I felt that I was not my “normal” self. If the parasites that rule this world have prevented you from working to earn a living wage, as has been my case for over 147 days now, then find purpose in life to which to commit the bulk of your waking hours while locked down that will enable you to hit the ground running once you can secure the resources to do so. And make specific goals with timelines to achieve these goals. Doing nothing daily and wallowing in pity will serve no purpose but to allow the parasitic ruling class to engage in schaudenfraude regarding your misery.

Instead, proceed in the opposite direction and exercise as much initiative as possible to accomplish whatever is possible despite the restrictions you may have on your resources to accomplish your goal. Basically, on about day 15 of my current 150-day travel lockdown ordeal, I realized I was going to have to create an income stream entirely from scratch with almost no resources to do so. In brainstorming and coming up with an initial dozen ideas, I quickly narrowed my pursuit down to two ideas, and settled on building a patron base as my best solution to my problem. As I was getting set to return home and launch my online skwealthacademy school in April of this year, I had no need back then to build a patron community as I was going to focus 100% of my efforts on building my clientele basis for my online skwealthacademy school. Forced into an unexpected bad situation, I built up a decent patron base through offering investment tips and my knowledge about gold and silver price behavior to the point where it now provides enough pocket cash to cover my food expenses while I continue to languish in travel lockdown hell (click here if interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming an skwealthacademy patron).

While not a great accomplishment, it helps make my life bearable while on lockdown and I haven’t had to implement the 3-4 day fasts that I referenced in rule (2) of which I know I’m capable. Until I regain my freedom, I am also doing everything possible to prepare for the eventual launch of my full scale 20-course skwealthacademy online school, including re-editing the courses an extra time, formalizing a marketing plan, etc. Have real, tangible goals to achieve while on this lockdown if you are unable to earn any real income and this will not only provide your life with purpose during the lockdown, but it will likely prevent you from losing your mental sanity as well as enable you to form a global community of upstanding, real people.

6. No matter what, always strive to deliver the best, high quality product possible. Pay attention to the  details.

During one phase of my lockdown I was without internet access for a week as I’ve had numerous bumps and obstacles to overcome every couple of weeks. Even so, I did whatever it took to still deliver the 5-minute daily videos to my patrons even though it required well over an hour of my time just to take care of this 5-minute task as I didn’t want to fail to deliver on my promised services just because life was not “fair”. Overcome obstacles and do whatever is necessary to continue delivering the same quality of services to your customers, even if what you have to do requires an absurd level of effort to do something simple. If you are a restaurateur that has been shut down by your mayor and governor and have an email database of loyal customers, email all of them and ask for their support through online delivery services and start delivering online. Do what it takes to survive and don’t complain about it.

7. Lean on people that have always been among your close circle of friends.

Be wary of random people that offer their help to you as most times these people will be wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’ve had ex-CIA employees actually email me and write that they wanted to “help” me get my message out (the only thing I could vet was their name and that someone with that name was actually an ex-CIA employee but I couldn’t vet that the identity of the person contacting me was actually CIA. Even if I could, there would be no reason for me to believe a random person contacting me out of the blue that told me they wanted to help my cause, especially someone from an agency that has consistently worked to denigrate sound money advocates). Cultivate your higher consciousness to the point where your instinct will inform you of whether a person can be trusted or not. During my lifetime, I have encountered strangers that offered their help, that were sincere and without any sinister ulterior motives. Consequently, you also do not want to miss the assistance of genuine people that offer help in times of significant need. Cultivating your higher consciousness can be achieved simply by surrounding yourself with people with high integrity and moral compasses, like martial artists who live by the true warrior code.

8. Learn and practice the art of discipline.

In the beginning of this long journey, once I realized the parasitic ruling class repeatedly issued public statements through the media that their imposed martial law travel lockdowns would be lifted after 15 days or 30 more days, only to rescind these promises at the last minute multiple times, I realized that trusting the parasitic class’s promises will drive anyone insane. As it was easy to rely on self-motivation during my first 60 days of lockdown to create a source of income for myself as motivation was born out of sheer necessity, at some point, motivation will run dry. At this point, you must already have a routine of discipline in place to keep you going. Since discipline is about doing things that you don’t feel like doing, this is why I have often posted short videos on my IG account about running sprints in unbearable heat or exploring neighborhoods just to find places to exercise, even when I’m tired and exhausted and the last thing I feel like doing is exercising. Something a lot of people don’t understand about not breaking an exercise routine is that for many of us, it has nothing to do with a desire to look fit. It has everything to do with ensuring that we maintain discipline in our lives. If we can’t maintain discipline regarding a simple exercise routine, then it is a given we will fail to maintain discipline about bigger goals in our life. Discipline, not motivation, is what will see you through once your motivation runs out.

9. Plan for the worst and expect the worst.

I know the mantra people state is the following: “Plan for the worst and expect the best”. However, this narrative does not apply when dealing with the type of people that rule the State, politics, banking and the corporate world today at the upper echelons of these arenas. When dealing with this class of people, one must expect the worst, so expecting the best makes zero sense. If you plan for the worst and expect the worst, this is a mentality much easier on the psyche than being repeatedly fooled by the parasites that promise to give back the freedoms they have stolen during times of crisis when their plan was always to claim “temporary restrictions must be placed on our freedoms for the good of everyone” but to make those “temporary” restrictions permanent. This is why only fools that understand nothing about the M.O. of the parasites support economic lockdowns as they have zero understanding that these temporary removals of freedom will become permanent.

10. Do whatever is necessary to secure your freedoms if you don’t want to be a serf for the rest of your life and don’t want your children, if you have them, to also be serfs for all of their lives.

Explore and choose alternative education pathways such as online education and home schooling platforms that offer true education and life skills versus institutional schools that offer none of this (in shameless self-promotion, my online skweatlhacademy school will be a great place to start after I’m able to launch it. Download the curriculum here.) . Explore and choose alternative career pathways that are immune from the parasitic ruling class shutting it down. There is a wealth of career choices in the spectrum of possible careers that 99.9% of us never consider because either our parents (if Asian immigrants) have determined that our only “acceptable” career paths are doctor, engineer, or lawyer, or because we have let teachers brainwash into thinking that our career paths should be ruled by money and money alone, which shuttles many young adults into the pursuit of careers in which they have very low aptitude and/or very low enjoyment. Nobody will care about hiring financial advisors that typically have the integrity of used car salesmen in 2021 after the global financial meltdown manifests. However, certain services will always be needed, like hunting classes, martial arts classes, and the provision of food. If you want to be a successful “life coach”, I believe the days of just preaching inspiration, motivation and positive thinking and gaining status as a respected guru are over. In the past, it was possible to preach tomfoolery and to make a lot of money. In the future, it will not be possible. You will now have to provide high value skills like how to grow food, how to hunt food, how to track animals, hydroponics, and so on. People that learn and teach these skills will always have a solid customer base in the future that is becoming our reality. I have already come to terms that in order to secure freedoms important to me, I will likely have to uproot my entire life in certain ways and am already prepared to do so given its importance to me.

11. Maintain integrity and honor at all times, no matter the level of hardships you encounter.

During the lockdown, many people have resorted to illegal and/or dishonorable methods to make money, rationalizing that in such times, making money by any means, including ripping off people, is okay. For example, on YouTube there are literally dozens of people that are selling “master classes” on how to make loads of money with a drop shipping businesses whereby they purchase counterfeit, or extremely low quality and often dangerous products from China and other SE Asian markets for $1 and then sell them for $20 to unsuspecting customers as high quality products, or even resort to selling fraudulent, non-existent services as did the Fyre musical festival organizers. Real and huge monetary profits can be had through such endeavors through exorbitant payments made to social media influencers like Kourtney Kardashian or Bella Hadid to promote fake products and services, in which the marketer of the services will have their investment in these amoral social media influencers returned to them ten times over. Though many have made millions of dollars quickly by taking advantage of legal loopholes to essentially run legal scams on people to gain riches, don’t give in to such temptations no matter how hard up you may be for money. In urban neighborhoods, there is a saying that your word is bond. But even more important than your word is your soul. You only have one soul and once you sell it, you can never get it back.

As SpecOps guys I have trained with in martial arts always preached to me, the right way of doing things is almost never the easiest way. While this may be an easy way to make money (and especially for me, since I’m based in Asia, where such low-quality products can be easily sourced and repackaged as high-quality products for enormous profit margins to naïve buyers), one can make money through much more difficult means discussed above that provide high value to your customers. Take up endeavors that are far more difficult than just ripping people off and add value to, instead of subtracting value from your customers. Hold your head up high about the endeavors you choose to undertake. If you have children, and would never sell your services and products to your own children (which applies to the majority of people working in the financial services industry and in drop shipping businesses), then this is a sure sign you should not be engaged in such a career.

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