The Peak Investment Crisis

September 9, 2006 –

crash.gifWe are on the brink of a major global economic crisis that I have named the Peak Investment Crisis. The Peak Investment Crisis could dwarf the pullbacks that caused a 10% decline in the London FTSE, a 35% decline in the Indian markets, a 30% decline in the Brazilian markets, and 20% decline in the Japanese markets over a several week period in 2006. It is a potential disaster that 99% of people are unaware of. And a private bank has created this situation. Yes, not even a government financial institution but incredulously, a private bank.

Understanding the implications of this information can literally be the difference between financial disaster and financial security for you and your family. How can we be so sure that by the time major media reports on this, it will be too late for the majority of people to do anything to prevent financial disaster for themselves? Because this situation is already so serious and drastic, that if the major media understood it, they would have reported on it months ago.

The Peak Investment Crisis that has been brewing is likely to affect all major global economies over the next several years and it may start as soon as just several months from today. In fact it has been brewing for a while now, and only the actions of certain global financial institutions have prevented the levees from breaking already. But it’s a constant uphill battle that they won’t be able to win. Their solutions so far have been akin to sending a small kid to stick his finger in a hole in the levee to prevent flood waters from bursting. And when this crisis comes, it will affect everything from the stock markets to the real estate markets to commodities to precious metals to currency valuations. And when it happens, (and in our minds it’s not a matter of if but when), if you are on the wrong side of this equation, you could be financially devastated. That’s why I call it the Peak Investment Crisis

Already, what we’ve uncovered demonstrates that the wealthiest individuals and families in the world that are most privy to this information have already started preparing for this crisis by moving massive amounts of their assets into certain hedges that will protect them from this disaster. And we are not talking about millionaires, but we’re talking about billionaires. Upon uncovering this information, we dug even deeper to discover if major global financial institutions have been preparing. And we’ve discovered that the answer is definitively yes. Sweden, South Korea, Russia, Japan, China, Kuwait, Qatar, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, and India have all drastically altered their behavior in preparation of this pending disaster.

Although this was enough to convince us of a serious disaster in the making, we were not satisfied, so we kept digging. And what we discovered was startling. We looked at the economic crisis in Argentina in the late 70’s and early 80’s that eventually led to all bank assets in Argentina being frozen. I distinctly remember that crisis because living in Los Angeles at the time, I had two friends from Buenos Aires that could not withdraw any money from their banks in Argentina because their accounts, like those of all Argentinian citizens, had been frozen.

I looked at what caused the Japanese recession in the early 1990’s that took the Japanese economy half a decade to recover from. And what was disturbing about these two situations was that not only are global conditions today eerily similar to the conditions that caused both of those crises, but they are beyond a shadow of a doubt, far worse than they were back then. Depending on where you live, you may be okay, but others may possibly be devastated when the situation we’ve uncovered comes to light. And no matter where you live, you’ll be affected to some degree by the Peak Investment Crisis.

In fact, this situation is so serious that we’ve even discovered that in order to prevent the public from becoming aware of this crisis, a certain global institution, in the first quarter of 2006, stopped disclosing financial information that it has provided for over a decade. When this situation happens, the havoc it will wreak on stock markets will make the recent May, 2006 global stock market corrections look like a small speed bump.

But the world’s wealthiest individuals as well as wealthiest financial institutions already know. So do we. Will you be prepared?

Kaeho’s Corner

Your blog today reminds me of a story that my sensei once told. He likened one’s ki (or “chi” , in essence your body’s life source or energy) to that of the energy of water. If kept flowing, water is a powerful source of energy. However, if it remains sealed in a liter bottle, and sits on a shelf for a year, it stagnates and somehow, even if it has an unbroken seal, you know that the water just is not going to taste that great. You body’s spirit or energy source is the same. You can develop or it can stagnate and make you lethargic. He said that some people’s ki is so strong that it is somewhat calming to be in their presence but if you physically get too close to them, that the strength of their ki can be overbearing, like getting burned by the sun.

I’m guessing that this is the point you are making with the Peak Investment Crisis. Right now, though it’s strength has been growing for a while, everyone is still comfortable with it and not too concerned. Only when it is on the verge of causing great destruction and people can see that they will be burned will they try to prepare for it. But preparation must start well before that.

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