Don’t Be Faked Out By the Stock Market Head Fakes

In our last newsletter, I warned of the following: “The fact that the US stock markets gave up all of its gains and actually closed lower on the day by market close should clearly signal to all of us not only the massive banker interference that is occurring in US stock markets on a daily basis, but the fragility of US stock markets that this daily interference has created.” Since then, we had a “head fake” at the end of last week in US stock markets when TPTB went to work and pumped US stock markets significantly higher, but in the past two days, all of these gains have since been lost.


In the chart of the Greek stock market above, the Greek stock market surged a massive +8% , with 7% of the surge happening in one day after the MSM (mainstream media) did what it does best – lie and falsely report that the Greek government had agreed to impose more austerity measures upon Greek citizens to bailout the bankers. Of course, as soon as it was revealed that the MSM was lying, as usual, the Greek stock market immediately plummeted by -12%. And this is the nature of the head fakes we are going to see in stock markets, real estate markets, forex markets, and commodity markets as long as the MSM is intent on being a propaganda tool for banker lies. At the current time, the most pressing situation for the Greek government is a 1.6 billion euro debt payment due to IMF bankers at the end of this month, which they cannot make right now.


If Greece were the US, then the Bank of Greece would merely create the 1.6 billion out of thin air to make the debt payment and Greece would have no problem at all, as this is the modus operandus for US Central Banker month after month and year after year to make good on all their debt payments for which they lack funds. But of course, the MSM would have you believe that Greece’s economy is far more troubled fundamentally than any other nation that welcomes and houses rogue Central Bankers that have buried their nation in debt. From a fundamental perspective in regard to debt, the US, Japan, St. Kitts and Nevis ARE Greece. From a real world perspective, the US is not yet – yet being the key word – in as much trouble as Greece because Greek bankers do not possess the same unlimited powers as US Central Bankers in that can create as much currency out of thin air as they desire, at any time they desire.


There are rumblings again from the precious metals community that gold and silver will finally turnaround this week after another reported spike in gold and silver prices on heavy volume. I told you in a previous newsletter that I did not buy into this same narrative in mid-May when many in the precious metals community called for a huge spike higher in silver to materialize in May after silver prices cleared a 4-year downward trendline. I’m not buying into this narrative again this week. I do believe a strong turnaround in gold and silver prices is coming, but just not yet.


In other gold news, when a State institution doesn’t trust the largest private bank in the nation and opts to pull $1 billion in physical gold from the vaults of this bank to be housed in its own State funded vault, this is clearly a sign of massive distrust for the banking industry in general. This week, the University of Texas Investment Management Company announced that it will pull $1 billion of gold from the vaults of the US Federal Reserve to house its gold in a newly established State gold bullion depository. There is absolutely no reason to do this unless the UT investment management company does not trust US Central Bankers and believe that US Central Bankers would steal their gold, so do not underestimate the symbolic meaning of this action that is not being reported by the MSM at all. It’s good to see that the UT Investment Management Company’s top officials have not been unduly influenced into poor decisions by the MSM and have decided to take personal responsibility for the welfare of their investments by pulling them from bankers and storing their sound money themselves outside of the banking system.


There is no doubt in my mind that head fakes, the kind witnessed in Greek stock markets this past week, will continue to materialize in nearly all global capital markets, including Chinese stock markets, European stock markets and US stock markets, as the MSM’s false narratives will push asset prices counter to how they should be behaving. And as has happened in Greece, these false price swings will then be followed by huge price swings in the opposite direction. For more information on how to separate the wheat from the chaff, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and to come by as well.


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Finally, here are some relevant news items from this week:

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US Industrial Production Lowest in 5 Years


In the meantime, facts do not seem to matter to the MSM narrative…



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