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help launch skwealthacademy gofundme campaign

In order to help launch skwealthacademy, I have decided to launch a fundraiser on Go Fund Me that can be found by clicking the link that appears in the top right corner of this webpage. To all the early donors that have already contributed within the first 24 hours of the live campaign, you have my deepest gratitude and blessings! The following describes the reasons I decided to launch a fundraiser for the first time in my life.

Why I’m raising funds for the first time in my entrepreneurial career

In March 2020, I was planning to launch my skwealthacademy online school, an educational business in which I had devoted more than 10 years of my life, and had foregone any regular income stream for six months prior to the planned launch due to the 14 hour daily workdays I was putting in to prepare for the launch. Then, at the end of March, I was caught outside of my home base during the international coronavirus travel bans and a planned two week stay turned into a forced 151-day stay that is still ongoing. During this time, I’ve had minimal resources to draw open to survive due to  my belief that I would be able to return home and launch my business by April 2020.  I am determined not to let these unforeseeable massive obstacles prevent me from realizing my launch after working on it for more than ten straight years.

The skwealthacademy mission

The reason I created my school was to address my deep disappointment with the current critical deficiencies of the global schooling system that I have observed in every single nation I have ever visited – the lack of critical thinking development, the lack of any emphasis on social responsibility and accountability to society for the greater good in the pursuit of career choices, and the massive gap between the knowledge presented in schools and the applicability of this knowledge in the real world to build a better quality of life.  I feel that all curriculum taught in traditional colleges, universities and even graduate business programs does not realistically prepare young adults to thrive in the type of world we live in today and instead, leaves young adults with huge debts, bleak employment prospects, and a lot of knowledge of low utility.  You may find a detailed description of the entire skwealthacademy curriculum at this link .

How will raised funds be specifically deployed?

I do not need any funds to develop the materials for my academy as I have already completed all development of all materials for my academy, as explained in the above curriculum brochure. The money raised here will provide funding to build out my website (my website still needs to be developed before launch), to pay for encryption services to protect my intellectual property of my courses after my website goes live (through the use of blockchain technology) and to cover costs associated with the launch. If I raise more money than necessary for these three functions, then I will spend money raised above and beyond my target to provide scholarships to my school to deserving, at-risk students and to build out social media platforms that will connect all future skwealthacademy members  with one another in our journey to revolutionalize the education system. I truly believe that together, we can build something phenomenal and a school unlike any other in the entire world. Please consider donating to my cause if my vision aligns with yours, and together, we can return real education to schooling. My timeline to raise these funds is 60 days, and I would be forever grateful for even the smallest of donations that will help me forever redefine the meaning of education moving forward.

Thank you and blessings,

J. Kim
skwealthacademy founder

J. Kim

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