Deconstructing Banker Fraud, Global Poverty, & Gold and Silver Smashes

Today, I’m going to explore a more complex understanding of banker fraud through the lens of “end global poverty” directives and gold and silver smashes, including the most recent one executed this past Sunday evening.

Peering Through the Looking Glass of End Global Poverty Directives

I have often stated I hold more respect for Pablo Escobar, Ismael Gambada-Garcia, Damaso Lopez Nuñez, and other patrónes (bosses) of the world’s biggest drug cartels than I hold for global bankers. Many people, incapable of thinking for themselves, or desperate to smear me, have falsely reframed this statement to claim that I respect drug lords. I have never said this, because I could never hold respect for men that order the mass murders of innocent people and that that regularly engage in the worship of Santa Muerte, or Santisima Muerte, a concocted saint of the most holy death. I have only stated that I respect them more than global bankers. Why? Global bankers always pretend to work for the side of good, when in fact, they are as bad intentioned as any of the patrónes named above. The drug cartel bosses are almost always up front about the darkness they unleash upon the world and do not put on a show for the rest of the world, pretending to be someone they are not. I would rather know a person will try to stab me in the back the moment I turn my back to him than have someone smile in my face, shake my hand in an act of good faith, but then still stab me in the back the first chance he gets to do so.

I recall more than eight years ago, reading an article in which World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim pledged the execution and administration of programs to end extreme poverty by 2030 that included a universal effort to raise the incomes of the poorest forty percent of the population in each country. The moment I read this article, my disdain for Jim Yong Kim rose about three levels, not only because I immediately knew such a pledge to be disingenuous, but because I am also intelligent enough to not blindly support a person in an authoritative global position just because he shares the same race and skin color as myself. The reason I knew this directive was just another public relations move that held no gravity was because bankers always speak about improving the world’s wealth inequality levels and the plight of the poor by discussing directives to increase their incomes, a completely meaningless metric by which to measure progress in the “war against global poverty”.

If global bankers were truly sincere and honest about their public pronouncements, then they would have discussed the only metric that matters – real, not government-procured “official” inflation rates, and the real purchasing power of the poor, net of real inflation. Incomes of the poor can skyrocket by 80% over a number of years but yet the purchasing power of this increased income can decrease. This is why using income as the metric v. purchasing power is so disingenuous. Global bankers never speak about metrics that matter, because if they did, this would expose the fraud of the fractional-reserve, fiat currency based global monetary system to the entire world. It would expose seemingly impossible developments, like the fact that doubling the income of the poor between 2013 and 2030 would likely achieve nothing to help them escape the pull of poverty.

If we stick to cold hard facts and not banker propaganda as vomited by Mr. Yong Kim, even a doubling of income among the poor, in light of how the World Bank, IMF, BIS and the world’s Central Banks have relentlessly destroyed the purchasing power of the currencies of emerging markets where most of the world’s poor dwell, would still leave the poor worse off in 2030 than they were in 2013. Even  doubling of income for them, if we calculated real purchasing power, net of real inflation, would  likely leave them with an ability to buy LESS, not more food, energy, clothes and shelter, than was possible with half the income in 2013.

We can always uncover the sinister global banker agenda by following the trail of money, as this led me to conclude in Q4 2020 that everyone who was wishing for 2021 to bring an end to global lockdowns was wishing for impossible dreams to manifest. In continuing to follow the money trail to lockdown mandates issued this year, I have recently and very unfortunately concluded that the rolling global lockdowns will not end until Q1 2023 at the very earliest. Just click here and listen to the free podcast titled “Follow the Money Trail to Understand the Real Reasons Behind the Never Ending Lockdowns” to discover why the trail of money validates my conclusion that continued waves of global lockdowns will extend until 2023 and possibly even beyond.

Peering Through the Looking Glass of Synthetic Gold and Silver Prices

Likewise, among extremely green analysts, I’ve witnessed global bankers have their fill of fun with such analysts in executing their latest gold and silver price smash during quite, low volume trading hours this past Sunday evening. Global bankers have been extremely successful in encouraging green analysts to vomit up low quality analysis of the ongoing situation, with calls to only buy the GLD and SLV ETFs as a proxy for real physical gold and silver because of the ease with which one can exit paper derivative products when needed. However, all intelligent gold and silver investors have known for nearly fifteen years that the GLD and SLV ETF should never be considered as a proxy for physical gold and silver due to the fact that derivative products never maintain their prices during banker executed gold and silver smashes, while gold and silver coins do. Currently, premiums for older dated silver coins are in excess of 50% over spot right now. Even current year gold coins, on purchases less than $17,000, are still  $111 an ounce, or 6.4% over spot, as I type this sentence. Thus, there was no “collapse” in real markets, only in synthetic markets and products like the GLD ETF.

As far as the anecdotal stories floated online of mass panic selling of gold and silver coins at bullion dealers, it is difficult to believe that such amateur like smears against gold and silver as wealth preservation tools would be so readily embraced by so many analysts online. One merely needed to perform about five minutes of online research to debunk this myth. A look at the largest online bullion dealers in various nations around the world would reveal, through various messages posted at online dealer cites, along with still robust prices for physical gold and silver coins, that this banker smash in paper prices has resulted in stronger buying behavior, not selling.

CA gold maple leafs selling for massive premiums in North America

Below, I’ve posted prices for the cheaper 1-ounce Canadian gold maple leaf versus the more expensive 1-ounce American gold eagle in Japan at one of the most popular online bullion dealers with the Japanese. Even with the discount for buying more than $19,000 of gold in a single purchase, the cheapest price per coin in Japan is $1,929 per one troy ounce CA maple leaf.

1-oz gold coins selling at massive premiums in Japanese markets

Lastly, to address the numbers of “PANIC SELLING” articles that have been written, I’ve posted minute charts of the gold futures dump that happened this past Sunday night to thoroughly disprove this absurd narrative. To begin, there was volume selling of notional amounts of synthetic gold and silver derivatives, an event that is completely different from massive volume selling of real physical gold and physical silver ounces. For analysts to speak about such incidents as if they are the same shows zero understanding of increasingly different asset price mechanisms that operate in synthetic versus physical gold and silver markets that result in wildly divergent prices.

8 August 2021 gold price smash

No one, and I do mean no one, that is trying to secure a decent price when selling assets dumps hundreds of thousands of futures contracts representing notional amounts of tens of billions of gold and silver onto the market in just minutes to create another one of their artificially-manufactured, notorious gold and silver smashes. Such an act is a violation and complete inversion of the basic Investing 101 maxim of “buy low, sell high’ and would only be executed for one purpose only to drive gold (and silver) futures prices as low as possible (for a more detailed explanation of the Sunday price smash along with charts and specific data of the exact amounts of gold and silver sold in the smashes, please join my patron platform here). This event was the antithesis of “PANIC” selling and instead, was clearly a very calculated, pre-meditated event designed to produce a very specific outcome.  Anyone that would label this as a “PANIC” selling event understands nothing about price setting mechanisms in synthetic gold and silver markets, and I would say that to their face.

Lastly, for those that stated  panic selling of physical gold and silver  was responsible for this event, the inability to distinguish between the influence of massive synthetic v. physical gold and silver selling on price behavior is deeply problematic. For all this “panic selling”,  represented in the two large rapid-selling spikes above, the bulk occurring in the first dump of gold futures onto the market, this event represented a price smash in the futures markets, from high to low, in synthetic gold prices, of 7.13%. To all the cryptocurrency maximalists making snarky comments desiring to know how gold and silver investors are feeling now in light of this “massive” Sunday evening smash, please allow me to respond.

(1) Because all intelligent gold and silver investors understand the massive differences between investing in paper gold and silver derivative products and hard gold and silver assets, we don’t invest in paper derivative products, and our hard  gold assets suffered a fraction of the paper losses of 7.13%.  Thus, we are all feeling fine, thank you very much.

(2) We are almost never completely caught off guard by such smashes, as I had warned my skwealthacademy patrons to expect a smash to $1,750 if the jobs data released this past Friday was close to my expected 1M number. Both happened and so were expected, and even though admittedly, the low price set in the gold futures market was much lower than my expected price smash level, gold futures prices within hours rebounded to only $13 below my $1,750 predicted level. In addition, I already have deconstructed the latest of their gold and silver smashes, and I have already informed my patrons about the exact reason why the Sunday evening executed price smash exceeded the lows I expected, that included clear and very definable circumstances of an attack on gold prices at lower prices than $1,750 that only developed late Friday after I had already tuned out for the weekend.  if there will be future gold and silver smashes in price in the next week or so, I provide several updates every week about gold/silver price behavior to my patrons, and they almost assuredly will be informed of them as well. For those that will always be skeptical that understanding of synthetic asset price mechanisms can be used to provide warnings in advance of smashes, just check out a similar warning of a silver price smash I sent to my patrons during Q1 2021, when silver was trading at $30 an ounce in silver futures markets. The price smash in silver back then happened within 24-hours of my issued warning.

Finally, can a maximalist please explain to me how a 4% dip in the prices of gold coins, suffered during “PANIC” selling is a  “MASSIVE” price smash? Even the 7%+ price smash  that in reality occurred only in paper markets, is a mere hiccup, when it comes to daily volatility of BTC and ETH exhibited in excess of this percent many, many times in past year. And by the way, the least expensive, current year CA silver maple leafs, for orders less than $17k, are still selling above $29 a coin too. Doesn’t feel like what should be expected when it comes to gold and silver price smashes, as long as you’re analyzing the right markets, to me.

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