Still Not Completely Out of the Danger Zone for Gold and Silver Prices

Though we made substantial progress last week to exiting the danger zone for gold and silver prices, I will need to observe continuing improvement at the start of this week in gold/silver futures markets before I am willing to say that we have exited the danger zone. As an update to my last article, some of the banking cartel’s ploy to drag gold and silver prices lower one last time eased up at the start of last week. However, the danger of one final manipulated gold and silver price takedown still remains in play this week and we may not be out of the danger zone until this week passes. Of course for daily updates, as I provide all my patrons (at the $5 a month and higher level) three to five updates every week on this changing landscape, you may also receive my ongoing updates by becoming a patron as well, as I only post updates on my blog on occasion versus the several per week I send to patrons.

China’s gold reserves still stand at 1,948 tonnes, the same figure as declared in the fourth quarter of 2019, which everyone knows is a complete lie. We’ve always had to consider in the past how much Western ruling class forces that preach anti-China sentiment were playing the public as complete pawns and perhaps teaming up with China behind the scenes to forward their global agenda. China has a history of having Westerners infiltrating their banking system (from the Rockefellers to HSBC) and to even gaining top positions within their Communist party, with Polish-born Israel Epstein and American-born Sidney Shapiro (both members of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) gaining important Communist party member status under the brutal dictatorship of Chairman Mao Tse Tung and serving the CCP for many decades. To understand how astonishing it is that a Westerner gained a high-level appointment in the Chinese Communist government, think of the absurdity of a well-known Chinese communist party member gaining appointment as a high level MP (Member of Parliament) under the UK Prime Minister or a high-level cabinet appointment under the US President today. Of course, allegations have arisen that both were planted spies by the West, or even Russia, but since both were repeatedly honored by top Chinese politicians, including Presidents during their lives for their contributions to the CCP, these allegations, thus far, seem to hold little weight. Regardless of the truth, perhaps of which Shapiro and Epstein took to the grave with them, it is always wise to consider that when it comes to war and politics, what initially seems to be the case is rarely so.

Consequently, I have always considered the possibility of the heavy anti-Chinese sentiment propagated by the Western ruling class as a smokescreen for behind-the-scenes cooperation to forward a similar agenda that benefits the ruling classes of the nations involved. To me, this possibility has always been a much stronger possibility than top Russian government officials collaborating with top US government officials behind the scenes to further the same global agenda. President Putin’s nationalistic stance to return Russia to a great world power in a position of dominance at the expense of other nations seems more credible to me than China’s nationalistic stance to place China in a global position of dominance to the point whereby top Chinese government officials would create enemies out of Western nations. Recall that the ruling class has always historically created the perception of strong conflict where none exists to forward their agenda.

Thus, China President Xi Jinping’s public support for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a global initiative that would grant corporations enormous power to supersede nation’s sovereign legal systems should reveal Xi’s true nature in the coming months. It’s quite humorous that the ruling class has rebranded the initially failed TPP as the CPTPP, with the CP standing for Comprehensive and Progressive, as if simply calling the draconian initiative “progressive” would be adequate enough to fool the world’s citizens into believing that the TPP miraculously morphed from a draconian initiative that benefits no one but the ruling class into a progressive one. You may recall that under the Obama administration, the TPP was framed as “anti-China” and as a “free trade” agreement, and though little has changed about its key initiatives, the fact that the Chinese President has voiced public support for it is very curious to say the least. Either, the TPP’s positioned “anti-China” stance was engineered to create a false perception about the TPP’s original mission or President Xi has zero intention of joining the CPTPP in its current form.

The basic provisions of the TPP that would destroy much of China’s sovereignty (along with the national sovereignty of all other nation participants) have been kept intact in the CPTPP. The CPTPP grants corporations many rights to destroy the welfare of citizens and to act in contraindication to the good of humanity, in which corporations will be given the upper hand in anything that benefits their bottom line over the well-being of citizens. You may review the details of the entire CPTPP agreement here to easily confirm this statement if you wish.

Thus, the entire framing of the TPP by the ruling class as a “free trade” agreement that would benefit the economies of participating nations was entirely disingenuous and false. Just like NAFTA only benefited the ruling classes of Mexico and sent massive percentages of the middle class into poverty though it was sold under the false pretenses that it would benefit all Mexican citizens, the CPTPP is being sold under similar false pretenses. For example, even state owned enterprises (SOE) will be stripped of their ability to give preference to hiring national citizens and foreign entities will gain more accessibility and influence over SOEs under the provisions of the CPTPP. Furthermore, government linked companies known as GLCs will no longer be able to grant preferences to local SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) that always serve as the backbone of any healthy economy, and huge multinational corporations under the CPTPP are granted a much easier path to stamping out competition from SMEs and greater powers to put SMEs out of business. Again, these provisions are a huge win for massive global international corporations and a massive strike against locally run businesses. And these are just a few of dozens of potentially harmful consequences of the CPTPP to local businesses in every nation that has participated in this agreement.

Thus, if China President Xi Jinping joins the CPTPP in its present form, he will be outed as just another globalist in cahoots with all the rest of the ruling class putting on a show of conflict with Western powers that simply does not exist except for perception management purposes. On the contrary, if President Xi refuses to join the CPTPP unless serious concessions and revisions in the provisions of the CPTPP are made that protect local and national interests over the interests of huge global conglomerates that will annihilate local businesses under the CPTPP, then his loyalty to China over the New World Order will be made evident. However, if the former scenario materializes, then all gold and silver bulls should forget about any big announcement from China about their real gold reserve levels that will cause gold and silver prices to double overnight, because that will remain a pipe dream.

J. Kim

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