Covid Lockdowns Have Created a World of Fight, Flight, or Obey

covid lockdowns have created a world of fight, flight or obey

In Part I of this series, I described the ignorance-induced fear process by which billionaire oligarchs have paralyzed our minds, a process that Dr. Robert Malone termed “mass formation psychosis” in which  hundreds of millions of people blindly believe and obey delusional propaganda being forwarded by immoral billionaire oligarchs that force people into mass immunizations and lockdowns that have zero scientific or intellectual basis. To begin, if you want critical intellectual narratives to spread to combat the zero-intellect propaganda billionaire oligarch narrative forwarded by the mass media, then please subscribe to my substack newsletter right now if you are not yet subscribed, as a growing subscription base will provide me with a larger platform to provide thought-challenging analysis of various topics.

As an example of policies driven by zero scientific or intellectual basis, I was subjected to periodic Covid lockdowns for nearly two years, unable to leave the SE Asian nation in which I became involuntarily trapped or to return home, despite never having any symptoms or ever testing positive during the entirety of these two years.  At the very start of these lockdowns in early 2020, I released a podcast titled “Why a Segmented Pandemic Strategy is 1000 Times Smarter than a Blanket Lockdown”, even before I was subjected to the first of many immoral, unethical, non-science based blanket lockdowns in which I had to risk being fined hundreds to thousands of dollars for the “crime” of leaving my home for any reason. However,  even when very well respected physicians Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford University), Sunetra Gupta (University of Oxford) and Martin Kulldorff (Harvard University) published The Great Barrington Declaration  six months later in October, 2020, and in their policy guidance, validated everything I declared in my segmented solution above, hundreds of millions around the world still ignored the scientific foundation of the  Great Barrington Declaration and continued to inexplicably blindly follow and comply with tyrannical non-scientific lockdown and quarantine mandates while ignoring completely sound reason, intellect and scientific facts.

I have always maintained that the dumbing down process begins in academic classrooms, as we have always been told deliberate smaller lies in schools to condition our minds to accept the massive lies spread by the oligarchs for the past couple of years to mercilessly lockdown millions of people, an act that surely resulted in the deaths of millions of the poorest people that need to work everyday just to survive. (Take a four question test here that reveals misinformation you’ve likely been taught in school). And if you’re wondering why you never heard of these millions of people dying, the answer to that question is quite simple. The mass media will never report about it, and if the mass media doesn’t report about it, then the majority of people never will know about it. To prove my point, it is not difficult to name wars that killed thousands to hundreds of thousands that lasted for decades that many have never heard of, including civil wars in CAR (Central African Republic) and Sri Lanka. And it is not difficult to name corporate practices, such as big pharma testing drugs on poor, dying Africans in remote villages and dumping their bodies in mass graves, as exposed by former MI6 operative turned mystery writer John le Carré (a pseudonym) in his book The Constant Gardener, later turned into a film starring Rachel Weiss and Ralph Fiennes. Though le Carré’s book was fiction, in an interview he granted about the content of the novel, le Carré stated that what he discovered pharmaceutical companies were doing in Africa in their drug testing trials, in the course of his research for the novel was actually far worse than anything he wrote about. Le Carré stated, “And so that was what the novel was really about, the use of Africans as guinea pigs…being theoretically willing to test medicines which neither they nor their countries would ever be able to buy.”

In fact, I never encountered, during my two years of lockdowns, more than one other person that agreed with my science-based proposition that healthy people should never be locked down and that only the infected and sick (and those proven to by symptomatically infected and sick) should ever be quarantined, even after my position was validated by three of the most credible physicians in the entire world on the matter of epidemiology. Although I am not an epidemiologist, I majored in the sciences (neurobiology) as a university student and I never accept any statements issued as true without researching the information myself and studying the methodology used to reach issued conclusions. Of course, since it is impossible to research everything, for those subjects or topics I do not have time to research to the point where I am strongly certain my viewpoint is correct, when people ask me for my opinion about such topics, I merely answer, “I don’t know.” Consequently, it was easy for me to understand, as early as the start of 2020, that politicians were making a mockery of real science by forcing completely healthy people to quarantine in “public health policy” mandates at the risk of actually destroying people’s natural immune systems and health through the lockdown mandates due to lockdowns causing a lack of access to nutritious food and almost no ability to exercise daily.

Of course, when I say, “First they paralyze our minds, next they paralyze our bodies”, I’m only speaking metaphorically, and the paralysis of our bodies that results from the paralysis of our minds is unquestioning compliance to orders, which in many ways, is even worse than being paralyzed into inaction with fright. In early 2020, in manners others with far more knowledge in epidemiology, virology and molecular biology than myself had not connected and still have not connected, I started connecting dots that rationally explained the endless cycle of fear, lockdowns, and policies that targeted and killed the marginalized and poor. Furthermore, I connected the continuation of  global lockdown cycles to the maturation cycle of hundreds of billions of notional low-interest rate derivative products purchased by rich oligarchs around the world, in which the profitable payouts of these derivative products depended upon global economic destruction that was a direct consequence of never ending lockdowns. In fact, I used the rational I explained in the above 2020 podcast to correctly predict at the end of 2020 that the global lockdown cycle would continue throughout the entirety of 2021 while others were predicting that the New Year in 2021 would finally mark the end of these immoral lockdowns around the world. I firmly believe that this unspoken relationship between lockdown mandates and maturation of hundreds of trillions of low-interest rate derivative products will correctly  predict, amidst growing fears at the end of 2021 that US Central Bankers would raise Fed Funds interest rates up to four times this year (as predicted by Goldman Sachs), no  future raises in Fed Funds interest rates for the entirety of 2022, or perhaps one in the last quarter of this year.

When we have hundreds of millions around the world whose brains have been liquified to blindly follow the guidance of an unethical, transhumanism-agenda devotee, computer nerd (that built his Microsoft empire by stealing the Apple GUI and rebranding it a Microsoft) and appointed himself, with the blessings of the billionaire oligarchs as our global health czar, I retain little hope for the scientific-based stoppage of lockdown mandates in 2022. In fact, Bill Gates has indisputably proven his knowledge in epidemiology to be so insufficient and incredibly delusional that some nations have permanently banned Gates Foundation-run immunization programs from their nations. What was the driving factor behind nation’s leaders banning Gates Foundation immunization programs? A Gates polio immunization program was likely responsible for the crippling of hundreds of children that contracted vaccination-derived polio. Here is an explanation of how vaccination-derived polio happens, per the World Health Organization:

Oral polio vaccine (OPV) contains an attenuated (weakened) vaccine-virus, activating an immune response in the body. When a child is immunized with OPV, the weakened vaccine-virus replicates in the intestine for a limited period, thereby developing immunity by building up antibodies. During this time, the vaccine-virus is also excreted. In areas of inadequate sanitation, this excreted vaccine-virus can spread in the immediate community (and this can offer protection to other children through ‘passive’ immunization), before eventually dying out. On rare occasions, if a population is seriously under-immunized, an excreted vaccine-virus can continue to circulate for an extended period of time. The longer it is allowed to survive, the more genetic changes it undergoes. In very rare instances, the vaccine-virus can genetically change into a form that can paralyse – this is what is known as a circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV).

It takes a long time for a cVDPV to occur. Generally, the strain will have been allowed to circulate in an un- or under-immunized population for a period of at least 12 months. Circulating VDPVs occur when routine or supplementary immunization activities (SIAs) are poorly conducted and a population is left susceptible to poliovirus, whether from vaccine-derived or wild poliovirus.

Of course, the WHO, in forwarding the false narratives of the billionaire oligarchs, deceptively  concluded that hundreds to thousands of children contracted polio and became paralyzed by past-administered polio campaigns in India and Africa not from improper administration of immunization campaigns (a subtle defense of Bill Gates’s global immunization campaigns that produced such tragic consequences), but solely as a consequence of a failure to achieve 100% immunization rates in the communities being immunized. The easy dismissal of this illogical false conclusion is that the very methodology of how a community achieves full immunization has direct consequence over whether or not cVDPVs develop. Those with a basic understanding of viruses know that the sole purpose of a virus is to survive in its host and this is why mutations in viruses are so common, as a medicine that attacks the virus will actually cause the virus to mutate into perhaps a more robust and virulent strain in its fight and evolution to survive. Therefore, not just common sense, but scientific epidemiology, would dictate that mass immunizing people during infectious outbreaks will potentially, and even likely artificially create mutant wild strains of greater potency and virulency than the original strain and birth dangerous circulating vaccine-derived outbreaks of disease. Thus, as the Bill Gates Foundation has spearheaded some of these campaigns that resulted in many children contracting cVDPVs, who of sane mind would want a know-nothing, self-appointed science czar giving us mandates about the necessity of everyone to receive experimental mRNA covid drugs, even during infectious outbreaks? The answer to this question is no one.

Furthermore, when I was locked down for nearly two years on the Asian continent, knowing the above information to be scientific fact, I observed government officials administer mass immunization campaigns repeatedly into infectious outbreaks, the exact opposite of what would be dictated by science to ensure mass safe immunization of a community. And even so, mass immunization campaigns should only be administered after proper long-term safety clinical trials have been completed in human test groups to ensure their safety, a process which never happened with any of the covid drugs, whether traditional weakened live virus vaccines or experimental mRNA drugs (and thus my refusal to label experimental drugs that display none of the efficacy and safety of traditional vaccines as “vaccines”). Given the small field of scientific facts I have presented above, all of us should realize that forced mandates to receive experimental covid drugs at the risk of losing access to freely move about one’s city or losing one’s job are attacks on our freedoms that should never be accepted, whether or not one has already decided to receive experimental drugs that lack the completion of traditional safety trials.

And for these reasons, I released on my Rokfin channel (as I lay my YouTube channel to rest due to relentless demonetization and censorship that resulted in more than 13,500,000 views of my videos but less than $10 in advertising revenues in total) the following podcasts: “If You Have to Ask for Permission to Be Free, You Ain’t Free”, “Rand Paul Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Continued Lies About Gain of Function”, “Blindly Take FDA Approved Drugs, Because You Know, the FDA Has an Awesome Track Record!” (the predecessor to Dr. Robert Malone’s viral “mass formation psychosis” declaration), “The Majority of the World Thinks Like Scientologists About Covid Danger and mRNA Drug Safety”, and finally, “How Oligarchs Use Modern Day Gladiator Games to Spread Fear-Based Ignorance.”

Regarding the last referenced podcast, professional athletes that are ten times more well informed than their peers, like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Serbian top-ranked professional tennis player Novak Djokovic, and NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Jonathon Isaac, have refused injections of experimental covid drugs with no long-term safety clinical trials as mandated by the executives of their respective professional sports leagues. In response, ignorant brain-dead sports commentators at ESPN and other sports networks, as well as some of their professional peers, widely mocked these informed athletes for their refusal to bow down and blindly obey the oligarchs as they had already done. There is no greater symptom of ignorant foolishness than the admonishment of the well-informed and educated by the ignorant and blindly obedient. An unfortunate consequence of the successful paralysis of our minds by the oligarchs is our interest in winning an argument, even when we are wrong, versus actually learning the truth. My absolute repulsion to the praise of stupidity and ignorance being forwarded by sports commentators is what birthed the last podcast above.

It does not matter that the attacks against smart intelligent athletes that refuse to surrender sovereignty over their bodies are levied by people that resort to fact checking sites to formulate their opinions. It doesn’t even matter if they fail to understand that clear conflicts of interest exist in “conclusions” provided by fact checking site as often “fact checking” is nothing more than dismissal of any narrative that does not agree with the immoral ones forwarded and enforced by billionaire oligarchs. For example, mass media loves to dismiss truth with Reuters “fact checks” but conveniently fail to report that Reuters chairman James C. Smith is a Pfizer pharmaceutical company board member and thus is significantly enriched by any Reuter “fact checks” that create growing numbers of people around the world that believe the Pfizer experimental mRNA drug is safe. Having unethical organizations like this conduct “fact checks” is like agreeing to have an internal affairs division of a police department investigate a cold blooded murder by a cop of a family member that was shot dead by one of their own, after revelations you’re your family member possessed no weapon and had his hands in the air when murdered. One should not be surprised when the internal affairs division rules that the cop exercised proper protocol in executing “self-defense” maneuvers and is innocent of wrongful execution and murder. The fact that people that rely on “fact checking” sites to formulate their beliefs never research the funding sources of such fact checking sites  and the conflicts of interest that often exist proves that critical thinking is nearly dead.

Furthermore, many mass media narratives are completely delusional and full of lies, such as painting those that object to being injected with an experimental drug as “anti-vaxxers” when most of such objecters have been fully vaxxed with childhood vaccinations and simply object against being injected with drugs in which efficacy rates have been proven as extremely low in comparison with traditional vaccines and in which zero long-term human safety clinical trials have yet to be completed. Any person with a functional brain cell would be hesitant to receive such an experimental drug, and it is likely a safe bet that if people with high-blood pressure were being coerced into taking an experimental high-blood pressure drug that had marginal efficacy and in addition, had no long-term human safety clinical trials completed, that almost 100% would reject this experimental high-blood pressure medication. The fact that the majority of people cannot understand and process this simple argument validates my conclusion in Part 1 of this two part article, that the oligarchs have paralyzed our minds (and subsequent ability to think for ourselves). Another favorite and clever smear tactic of the oligarchs deployed against those courageous enough to stand for truth is a “debunking” tactic in which they smear the reputation of truth tellers by debunking something that person never stated.

In other words, the mass media puppets of the oligarchs will blare headlines that “(Insert name of truth teller here) Never Said (insert a false narrative attributed to the truth teller here)!”, but because the ignorant love to quote from “fact checking” sites as the basis of their “proof”, they are too weak-minded and dumb to even realize that person being smeared by fact-checking sites never even stated the position for which they are being “fact-checked” and debunked. For example, when still alive, Nobel prize winning PCR-test inventor Dr. Kary Mullis was often smeared by fact-checking sites as someone that didn’t even understand the very test for which he won a Nobel Prize for inventing. Fact-check sites would publish headlines that stated that Dr. Mullis “never” stated that PCR tests could not be deployed to detect the covid virus to imply, obviously, that PCR tests were highly robust in diagnosing infections, even though virus detection and infection diagnosis are two completely different data points that might have very small overlapping intersections in a Venn diagram. Such headlines were completely disingenuous because the headlines implied that Dr. Mullis stated that PCR tests could not detect the covid virus. In fact, Dr. Mullis never made such claims. He always claimed that the PCR test could never serve as a reliable diagnostic test for a state of covid infectiousness, but never claimed that it could not detect the virus. Consequently, in order to discredit the truth in the minds of the ignorant that solely rely on fact checking sites that perpetually lie and misrepresent facts to decide what is true, multiple fact-checking sites “debunked” statements Dr. Mullis never made. And this is how the mass media actively created nations full of idiots.

And through the paralysis of their minds, such ignorant enforcers of non-scientific mandates have become the Solzhenitsyn “prisoners of the oligarch-run gulag”, the Capos of the concentration camps that now imprison and rat on the behavior of the few remaining ethical intellectuals in their community. Thus, the oligarchs have successfully transitioned the prisoners of the gulag, not themselves, into serving as the gatekeepers of their oligarchy to smear and marginalize anyone still smart enough to think for themselves and ferret out truth. As such, we, as a society, have entered the phase in which the figurative paralysis of our bodies, and perhaps even the literal paralysis of our bodies for the unfortunate thousands of completely healthy, never infected people that should never have received any experimental covid drugs but have experienced tragic degenerative physical symptoms, is expanding.

Months ago, on my content platforms, I speculated in a completely unsubstantiated hypothesis that perhaps there was nanotechnology (outside of the nanolipid particles) being tested in the administration of these experimental drugs, as this topic has been a favorite field of study of Google/DARPA employee Regina Dugan, as I explained in the first five minutes of my podcast here. However, when I infrequently engage in unsubstantiated speculation, unlike mass media members, I am always clear to mention this to ensure that my listeners understand I am speculating. My heavy speculation in the aforementioned podcast was born out of my inability to understand why policy driven all around the world in regard to Covid had as a common denominator the forced immunization of citizens in nations on every continent regardless of age or the existence of a single co-morbidity factor, even when such citizens had nearly zero risk of dying even if infected. After conducting research for this article, however, my speculation has matured and changed. Rather than believing that a sinister nanotechnology is being tested in the mass forced administration of these experimental drugs, I believe that it is more likely that the answer to this puzzling conundrum can simply be found in pure science.

As I’ve already explained above, wrongful administration of mass immunization programs can produce extremely virulent strains of the virus known as cVDVs (Circulating Vaccine Derived Viruses) from which the immunization programs, if administered correctly, would prevent from developing. From my observations of the administration of mass immunization programs in Asian nations, it certainly seems that mass administration of these experimental mRNA drugs are being carried out in a non-scientific, deliberately reckless manner as possible in the  hopes of creating the covid  virus equivalent by 2023 of the circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) that crippled thousands of African and Indian children. Perhaps the cVDV of covid, as its development seems nearly inevitable now, will be called Covid Zeta cVDnCOV when it “magically” appears, even though a more accurate description of it would be cVDnCOV for circulating vaccine-derived nCOV virus.

I can only imagine the resultant glee of people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci from the development of a cVDnCOV that  would provide the excuse they have been seeking to carry out their perpetual global covid-based, economically devastating, murderous to the poor lockdown cycles beyond even 2023 if desired. Though I hate to conclude this article on such a pessimistic note, is there any reason observed even in the first month of 2022 for greater optimism for an alternate, more hopeful outcome?

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