The Last Two Years of Covid Lockdowns Have Been an Oligarch War Against Life Itself

the covid war against humanity and life

The last two years of Covid lockdowns have not been about protecting our health. I know that’s a controversial statement but for those that truly understand science, this statement is nearly self-evident, as almost every mandate regarding Covid lockdowns has been antithetical to robust, known science. Furthermore, had you lived in a nation in which politicians continuously fear mongered to quarantine people in their homes for weeks at a time on and off for the past two years, you would have personally observed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, reduced to shells of human beings – pathetic, soulless humans literally afraid to take a breath without a mask. Those that have lived in constant fear for two years now and have joined the Covidian cult likely do not realize that even prior to 2020, the oligarchs had groomed them for decades to never question authority and to behave in a blindly compliant manner at increasingly greater levels of compliance over the course of their entire lifetimes.

For example, first children are asked to give up their independent thought processes at the grade school level by teachers, then exposed to increasingly suffocating thought control at the university level, then next at the corporate level (perhaps through draconian mandates to get jabbed with an experimental unproven-to-be-safe drug at the risk of losing one’s job), and then at a community level by being requested to engage in some type of behavior for the benefit of the tyrants but convinced to do so through the Communist trope of “for the good of cause” that politicians altered to the present day “it’s for the good of the community”.  

Finally, by the time those of the slave class reach adulthood, the oligarchs have so thoroughly conditioned compliance in them to their every order that enforcement of compliance on a global level is a breeze, as demonstrated in many nations through the wide acceptance of a two-tiered Apartheid-like system of privileges for the blindly compliant and a lack of freedom for the intellectually defiant, enforced by uniformed officers of the New World Order asking for papers in order for the slave class to be granted their “privileges” of mobility within their nation. And for these hopeless slaves that have decided to “go along [with tyranny] to get along”, marked as slaves from birth, living a life of meaning and wisdom was never an option for any of them. However, for the rest of us, the oligarchs have done their best through their incessant fear mongering over the past two years to drag us down into the ranks of the wretched by attempting to use fear to destroy our collective wisdom.

Though many of you may not be ready to receive the information I am dispensing in this article, one of the major goals of the black-hearted oligarchs that have been trying to rule us by fear for the past two years is to break down our souls. Fear causes our energy to vibrate at a lower level, it leaves us anxious and depressed, it destroys our immune systems and health and leaves us less able to learn new things. Because the politicians and oligarchs realized that those of us with indomitable spirits could not be so easily cowered into compliance by intimidation and fear, they have sent those marked as slaves from birth to slander and smear us, to try to destroy our financial livelihoods, and to censor us into submission. However, the politicians and oligarchs – the Bezoses, the Dorseys, the Gates, the Ardens, the Andrewses, the Bidens, the Merkels, the Schallenbergs – do not understand the laws of the universe. They do not understand that we are not driven by money, power and greed and other elements that weaken the soul, but that instead, we are driven by truth, courage, love, brotherhood and honor, elements they can not understand, for they are universal elements born of Eastern Taoist and Buddhist philosophies that contain the wisdom not of hundreds, but of thousands of years. Eternal flames that have burned brightly for thousands of years cannot be extinguished in  just two years of tyranny and immorality.

When souls burn so brightly and defiantly, this means the owner of that soul already possesses knowledge of self, likely acquired already as a young teenager. And from that point, this person has transformed that knowledge of self into wisdom, by applying knowledge gained as a youngster in his or everyday life, as such a person understands that no power dwells in knowledge without action and application. Thus, by the time such a person blossoms into young adulthood, such a person has already been actively practicing universal laws of wisdom for more than a decade and cannot be misled, misguided, or deceived by the simpleton tactics of the political oligarchy for such a person has already nurtured his or her roots of wisdom for many years and cannot easily be led mentally astray as can be accomplished with the minds of those marked as slaves from birth, who have zero mental stability from being deceived by the oligarchs to pursue narcissistic goals of personal material wealth collection as the hallmark of “success”.

And understanding this, the politicians and oligarchs will not concede defeat so easily and instead, deploy the use of their slaves to heap anger upon us in delusional hopes that a constant barrage of anger will convince us to comply with their black hearted directives. However, once imbued with a true understanding of the universal laws of life, to convince us to turn our back upon such universal laws that provide purpose and meaning to our lives is a near unwinnable proposition for the oligarchs. This is why I have spoken numerous times of our need to fight for our brothers and sisters whenever they are repressed, oppressed and stripped of basic human rights and dignity, whether this is happening at the hands of politicians in our States or a the hands of politicians half a world away from us in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Vietnam, Cambodia, Colombia, Canada, Benin, Syria, Lebanon or any other nation in the world. We must never surrender the fight for the principle of equality, as every time we allow our brothers and sisters to be mercilessly subjugated at the hands of tyrants, we allow our collective humanity to be weakened and the universal fabric that binds us together as humans to be torn, splintered and fractured.  In my patron platform, I often speak of the danger of dismissing history in the allowances for foolishness to persist in investment choices and decisions. I have warned many times over the past couple of years that an ignorance of the numerous Central Banking deceptions and lies deployed throughout history will render it impossible for one to understand the truth about how bitcoin, gold, silver and oil prices are relentlessly manipulated.  And an inability to understand basic financial truths will make it impossible for one’s decisions in any of these asset classes to ever be infused with wisdom.

There are certain inviolable branches of the universal Tree of Life including spiritual nourishment  (aka wisdom), science, history and physical nourishment (food). We have witnessed politicians and oligarchs relentlessly attack and to attempt to destroy these essential branches of the Tree of Life continuously now for two years. They have spread non-science, propaganda-based illegitimate fear to destroy our wisdom, they have created “fact checking sites” that only exist to forward their propaganda that have destroyed science, they have removed knowledge of real history from our classrooms so that young adults today have no knowledge of the history of tyranny, and they have tried to destroy the physical nourishment available to the intellectually defiant by actively destroying their financial livelihoods.

The Givers v. The Takers

The reason so many of us have still been able to persist despite the wickedness being deployed against us is because we do not worship the same false gods as them at their altars of money, greed, and power. Instead we are ruled by dignity, honor and courage, and even should they steal all of our material possessions, they will never be able to destroy our regal mindset, for we are the kings and queens of the spiritual world despite our humble material possessions and their lavish, extravagant palaces. We live in a world of givers and takers. The richest in this world, the takers, are still immature on a spiritual level and have not yet realized, though they may be ninety-years of age, that richness of spirit comes from giving not taking. They do not understand this universal law because all they have done for the entirety of their lives is to take, exploit and enrich themselves on the broken bones of others, and the false gods whom they worship have rewarded their narcissism so they see no fault with it.  Those that are Takers live off the fear thrown off by those they convince to succumb to the artificial fear they perpetually generate. That’s why Takers love to create fear in this world. Those that are Givers are fueled by the opposite of fear, hatred, anger, and are guided by the universal truth of love. Givers understand that in offering wisdom to others, they constantly strengthen their souls and make it harder for Takers to snatch their souls.

On the contrary, the Takers, through the negative vibrations their selfish pursuits create, constantly create demons in their lives that afflict them through the course of their entire lives. This is why Takers rarely every find peace in their lives despite the energy they constantly extract and steal from others. However, Takers rarely ever realize that the spiritual elevation of Givers render them impervious to their tactics, as Givers typically avoid becoming embroiled in arguments with Takers and do not allow their energy to be stolen by Takers, despite the best efforts of Takers, as Givers have long realized that Takers have no desire to seek honor, serenity or truth.  Thus, Takers must steal energy from other Takers, which infuriates them even more and manifests itself in irrational bouts of anger over trivial items. Givers strive for Wu Wei, the way of non-contention, or what Westerners have rebranded and monetized in self-actualization seminars as “flow”. Wu Wei is accomplishment without action, the ability to create by using, not fighting universal laws, and the very opposite of the Covidian Cult’s mission to intimidate and build material empires through subjugation, domination and fear.

Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican born political activist that faught racial injustice in America, once stated, “Fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children. Men [and women] should not fear. The only thing men should fear is God. To fear anything other than God is to offend God.” For this very reason, oligarchs love ruling by fear because they want to create demons in others that do not exist. Fear is the domain of the weak and cowardly. Love is the domain of the strong and righteous. Those who are enlightened never pray for a big house, a nice ride or brand name clothes. When people say God doesn’t answer prayers after they pray for material things and don’t receive them, such prayers are not answered because they are not in harmony with the universe. If you prayers are rooted in increasing the harmony of the universe, your prayers will be answered.

When people such as myself advocate for liberty and freedom, we are not advocating for anarchy. Even freedom abides by universal laws and structure and such universal laws are not specific to any religion. They exist in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Taoism. In the Bible, Cain asks of God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Though many mistake the concept of being our brother’s keeper as a Christian principle, it is a universal principle. Many among us witness people we love caught up in wrongdoing but do nothing about it, allowing our loved ones to twist in the wind and to succumb to their demons and weaknesses, rationalizing that “such and such a person is an adult and can figure out things for himself or herself”. However, I claim that it is our duty not to be a silent bystander and to get involved.

While we cannot change anyone that does not want to be changed, and Buddhism will tell us to change ourselves first before we try to change anyone else, if we truly love our brothers and sisters, to silently watch someone destroy himself or herself is the very antithesis of love. Apathy is a worse emotion than hate. If we hate someone, that means that at one point, at least we cared about that person. Apathy means we care not at all for the person to whom our apathy is directed. Thus, the least we can do is to call out every single person whom we love when we observe him or her messing up his or her life. Should their response be to cuss us out for calling them out, then at least we can be at peace for knowing that we tried to impart wisdom to them but were refused. I recall calling out a brother of mine in Philadelphia for telling him that his increasing association with black-hearted thugs was going to end up with only one of two outcomes: with him dead or with him in prison. In response, he screamed at me that I was “not his Dad.” Two weeks after our “conversation”, I ran into him on the subway in Philly. He was sporting a new cast and crutches from being shot during a drug deal that went bad and during which he thought was going to die. Ultimately, in hindsight, he thanked me for trying to set him straight and apologized for yelling at me even though I was only trying to look out for him. Again, our warnings may go unheeded at the time, but it is up to us to issue them and to do our part to put those out of alignment with the Universe back into alignment with it.

Every single time we have witnessed people engaged in wrongdoing but have remained silent, whether in response to a draconian law or rule imposed by a politician or a corporate executive, we are violating universal laws in being the keeper of our  brothers and sisters. In violating these universal laws, established by thousands of years of interaction between humans to discover laws of equality,  we help create a world fueled by fear, anger and demons rather than one fueled by love. The harder we have to work to convince people to behave in a certain manner, the more apparent it should be that such behavior is not in harmony with universal energy and that we are out of balance with the universe. That is why millions of people around the world are protesting and rioting against unjust political and oligarchical mandates. Even if these millions are not familiar with the universal laws that rule humanity, they can sense that these political mandates are in strict violation of them.

In my previous article, respected top Israeli immunologist Dr. Qimron stated, despite a global belief in Covid delusions at the current time, that “in the end the truth will be revealed.” Likewise, despite politicians and oligarchs having used fear to destroy wisdom and the essential branches of The Tree of Life for the last two years, in the end, the harmony of the universe will be restored despite the best efforts of the oligarchs to destroy it.

J. Kim

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