Could This Be the Leak that Stops the NWO Digital Currency Plan?

Originally uploaded on 26 July, in this SKWealthAcademy Vlog_002, I discuss the NWO digital currency plan and how a massive leak of private citizen’s information in a country that has forced upon its citizens the adoption of a 100% digital currency platform may cause concern among other nations’ citizens about following suit and adopting the NWO digital currency platform.  In addition, please visit our website to learn more about the future launch of our online academy SKWealthAcademy, a completely revolutionary educational platform that focuses on application of knowledge v. rote memorization and critical thinking v. behavioral conditioning (and emphasis on exam scores).

Until then, learn why we should all oppose the NWO digital currency plan, and why this achievement would mark the end of the free world, likely for a very long time, without the development of a massive global black market economy out of the grasp of 100% digital currencies.

the nwo digitial currency plan
the 100% digital currency plan has been underway for the past three decades

J. Kim

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