How the Corporate Greed Pandemic Personified by Goldman Sachs Morphed into a Global Viral Pandemic

Today, I am going to discuss why the corporate greed pandemic has translated into the viral pandemic of the coronavirus. In April of 2018, in a report titled “The Genome Project”, Goldman Sachs analysts posed the question to biotech companies: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”  To support their contention that biotech companies should seek not to cure patients but only to treat them, Goldman Sachs analyst Salveen Richter referenced Gilead Science’s Hepatitis C cure that had a 90% cure rate as an example of the good biotechnology/ bad business model, citing plummeting annual sales of their cure in just three years of 64% from $12.5 billion to just $4 billion. The implication, of course, was that in the name of profits, biotech companies should not be seeking to develop cures for diseases, but only treatments as the much “better” sustainable business model. 

I have no doubt that banking analysts made similar suggestions to pharmaceutical companies as well to not find cures for diseases but only to develop treatments. The unknown answer is if pharmaceutical industry executives have taken such bankers’ suggestions to heart and deliberately avoided developing cures and vaccines for disease because the profit-model suggests it is far more profitable to keep people sick rather than to cure them. My guess would be that the answer to this question is affirmative. And if my guess is correct, if the pharmaceutical industry had focused on less profitable, better-for-humanity cures versus far more profitable, worse-for-humanity treatments, would they have already developed vaccines for less virulent strains of coronavirus that would have proved invaluable to expedite the development of a vaccine for the Covid-19 strain? In other words, have profits over integrity and compassion caused needless hundreds of people to die from the coronavirus pandemic? This is a serious question that we need to ask and consider for the ramifications it has on the future of all humanity. Click here or on the image below to explore this topic more.

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Finally, I recently have seen a number of tweets from financial industry executives claiming the exact same falsehoods that we witnessed after the 2008 global financial crisis – that no one in the world could have foreseen the violent global stock market plunges that have manifested over the past couple of weeks. Well, to debunk this claim, I’ve laid out a detailed timeline from August 2019 to March 2020, in which I wrote articles that explained nearly every coming step of the crisis weeks before they happened, including the names of more than a dozen stocks that would crash (they all did except for one), the response of Central Banks (cutting interest rates to zero, at a time when Central Bankers were claiming they were going to raise the Fed Funds interest rate to more than 3%), and even the response of markets to these actions (that markets would not react positively to slashing of interest rates as they did during the 2008 global financial crisis).

To review at least a dozen calls that I laid out on my news site well before they happened, as well as the strong wording of my opinions, including a statement that the Feds could not raise interest rates as far back as August of 2019 and that they could only cut the rates back to zero (which thoroughly debunks the quite ignorant corporate financial industry narrative that no one could have seen this crisis coming), click here or on the image below. Perhaps to corporate financial industry executives that live in an echo chamber, none amongst them could have foreseen this crisis, but for the rest of us living in reality and not in wonderland, the signs have been as clear as boulders falling from the sky for at least eight months now.

skwealthacademy documentation of predicting all the steps that led up to the US stock market crash and global financial crisis of 2020
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