The Continuing Decline of Western Civilization and Our Responsibility to Stop It

end of western civilization

Every now and then, it is critical to connect Central Banker monetary policy and the economic misery and suffering created by their deliberate destruction of fiat currency purchasing power to its negative spillover effects in greater society. Today, because the entire world is mired in global economic recession (despite the lies of mainstream media that uses banker manipulated economic statistics that state economic recession does not exist in many nations in which it does), many people, including parents, are preoccupied with just scraping together enough money to survive, and this has had a detrimental effect not only on happiness in society as a whole, but also in the rapid decline of morality in society. I have noticed that not only do parents seem to be less happy in general, but also that kids are not nearly as carefree as they should be in their teenage years as well. In fact, the statistics bear this out. In recent years, suicide has been the second leading cause of death among children to young adults aged 10 to 24 in America, according to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, and right behind suicide, murder was the third leading cause of death among young adults aged 15 to 24. And even the leading cause of death among young Americans aged 15 to 19, accidental deaths including car crashes, is not necessarily absent a mental health component, as heavy drinking, drugs and other impaired mental states often are a primary cause of accidental deaths, and possibly may have been a result of anxiety and depression.

Consequently, among young adults in America, the top three leading causes of death all involve, directly or indirectly, increased states of unhappiness, depression and anxiety. In other nations, it is even worse, as suicide is the leading cause of death among young South Koreans and Indians aged 10 to 24. But even worse than this mental health epidemic among youth around the world is the sharp rise in suicide rate per 100,000 citizens in dozens of nations around the world. Even on an anecdotal basis, I noticed that youth seem to be way more unhappy than when I was a child, with nowadays, youth completely lacking manners to the point where I am quite shocked any  time I hold a door open for a teenager and the teenager actually says thank you. Had I not shown manners when I was their age, I would have received a harsh verbal lashing from my parents, but today a complete lack of manners among most teenagers seems to be the norm.

I also attribute this development from the sharp rise in economic struggles among adults that are dealing with survival on a day to day basis and no longer have time for basic parenting of their children. Thus, this is why I address subjects like the ability to deal with significant obstacles and struggles in one’s life while maintaining a positive outlook. If more parents knew how to do this, then they wouldn’t abandon their parenting responsibilities when economic struggles entered their lives. Of course, if we were to ban all Central Bankers from all nations, this act alone would immediately improve the financial futures of all 7.7 billion people on planet Earth, as long as sound money principles were reinstated. However, in the absence of this positive development materializing, we all should learn how to deal with economic struggles in a manner in which we are able to still subscribe to a positive outlook.

The most important ingredient missing from the world today due to the economic suffering imposed upon billions of citizens by Central Bankers is love. Being poor does not mean that people do not have an inability to raise their children properly. Love, critical thinking skill development, morality, and discipline are the key ingredients to ensure a child grows into a humanity contributing adult, rich or poor. Many geniuses in this world, including artists like Bob Marley, lived childhoods of poverty, and whether or not they became great contributors to humanity was due to their inner resolve or the love of their parents, there is no doubt that the struggle is easier with love versus without love. Many fighting champions, whether boxing or MMA champions come from childhoods of poverty, as it is rare for a rich kid to undertake such a brutal sport that requires boatloads of discipline. Quite frequently, when interviewed, they reference their harsh childhoods as an integral part of why they rose to the top in a brutal sport, as being hungry and not having the material possessions of comfort as a child were key factors in the development of their drive to succeed. Some succeed despite have horrendous or absent parents and other succeed while having loving parents. The problem is that that too many people that have not learned how to deal with struggle properly are having kids and then passing on their anxiety and depression to their kids and should have never had children in the first place. This much is self-evident in the fact that poor parenting is the leading cause of death, or in some cases, the first, second and third leading cause of death among young adults in dozens of countries. When we talk about accidental death due to engaging in dangerous activities when intoxicated or mentally and physically impaired, suicide due to rampant depression, and murder being the leading causes of death among youth in many nations, these are all the consequences of extremely poor parenting in most instances. In a very small percentage of cases, the parent may be a great parent and due to a mental sickness, his or her child may still die due to one of these aforementioned causes. But in well over 95% of these cases, poor or negligent parenting factors into the equation that result in these incredible numbers of youth deaths.

Advancements in zoological studies have even proven that animals once believed to be straight-up killers that could never be trusted, like bears, lions and hyenas, if properly raised by a human being, will not kill that human being, demonstrating that even wild animals respond to attentive parenting to reign in their natural aggression towards human beings. Just view these videos of man’s interactions with a massive polar bear, and even with lions and hyenas, all of which could easily kill a human being with little effort, but will not, due to the man’s rearing of these animals since they were born. Consequently, given the epidemic of rising deaths among youth all around the world, I believe that it is necessary to try to spark a revival of good parenting skills and love, as these two facets alone could probably cut the rates of youth deaths around the world by 90%. In fact, I believe that the greatest contribution people like Tony Robbins could make to humanity would be to address the epidemic of zero to little good parenting in the world, as the epidemic of youth accidental deaths, murder, and suicide is clearly the result of an epidemic of horrible parenting. Though external factors like the parabolic rise of social media, and the merging of humans with their smartphones (if the smartphone is the first thing you look at when you wake up every day and the last thing you look at before you go to sleep, you have already merged with your smartphone) certainly has contributed to the rising incidence of depression and anxiety among young adults, one can really ultimately attribute even this behavior to poor parenting, as good parents would set limits to daily smartphone usage for their children to not allow usage to the point where it increases their sense of loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Finally, the global epidemic of economic suffering created by Central Bankers is unfortunately also destroying the moral fabric of society, as corporations are now firing people left and right, with impunity, for taking moral stands, opting to choose moral behavior over immoral behavior, and choosing to engage in behavior that is morally sound but harms the corporation’s bottom line. In fact, every week, it seems as if another corporate CEO is in the news for executing some morally repugnant behavior. In the past few years, I read several articles in which gaming industry executives were accused of exploiting their workers by paying them a low enough salary to deem them as “exempt” employees who are not eligible for overtime benefits, and then work them 60 to 70 hours a week without compensating them a single penny for their overtime work and firing any one that complained about this worker abuse. A minimum annual income threshold exists in the US to be considered as an exempt employee and anyone earning more than this annual threshold can then be exploited with forced overtime work with no pay or the loss of his or her job. Over the past few years this minimum annual income threshold has been as low as $23,660, meaning that as long as an employer paid a full-time employee an annual income one dollar more than this amount, he or she could deem that employee as “exempt” for any overtime pay and work that employee overtime every week without any additional pay. In 2020, this threshold will be raised to $35,568 per year. Additionally, whether a US employee is eligible to receive overtime pay is not strictly income based as there are job duty descriptions that need to be met in addition to income requirements to be eligible for overtime pay. I have addressed the increasing disappearance of morality from business ethics in one of two recent YouTube videos I released, in a podcast titled “Jeffrey Epstein, Global Warming, the Deep State and Facebook,” in which I discuss recent corporate decisions regarding these topics, and more, that verge on the highly immoral yet seem to be accepted as the norm of “doing business” these days. This is trend that I find deeply disturbing and I wonder if you do as well

Secondly, I discuss the death of critical thinking skill development in schools and universities today that has enabled those who reside at the top of the global political and financial pyramid to wreak chaos among the unthinkers (the class of people George Orwell would refer to as “the sheep”) by convincing them to repeatedly focus their attention upon the tree of discontent to prevent the majority of us from ever seeing the forest, or the entire picture to understand the reality of what is really happening in the world. This video is titled “Breaking Down the State Divide and Conquer Strategy to Make it Easily Understandable.” You may view both the podcast and video by simply clicking the embedded pictures below.

end of western civilization
divide and conquer strategy explained

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