Can Science Explain the Recent Pentagon Disclosure of UFO Videos?

Pentagon disclosure of UFOs

Can science explain the recent Pentagon disclosure of UFO videos? This is the question that has been buzzing around online forums and one that I am going to address, especially for the benefit of those so desperate to “believe.” Today, I’m venturing somewhat off topic regarding the normal topics I address, re: systemic risks to the global financial system, the massive increase in the overnight reverse repo markets as of late, assessment of future asset price behavior in oil, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies, etc. Today, I am going to take a critical look at a story that would have been a top news story around the world had it not been for the mass media’s obsession with the covid virus and their obsession in selling fear to the masses about the more contagious but less harmful delta variant.  Though I realize the term to describe UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) has been amended to UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), perhaps because UAPs sounds more scientific than UFOs, since I grew up with the term UFO, I am going to continue to use UFO rather than UAP in this article.

When I studied the release of the trove of recent Pentagon disclosure of UFO videos, I concluded that there was zero proof that such aircraft maneuvers, as shown on numerous videos, were “other worldly” and indicative of intelligent life outside of our planet. I did not draw this conclusion from reliance on a “bullshit” detector or from unwarranted skepticism about the possibility of alien visitors. I strictly drew my conclusion from a scientific process. The day we are presented with incontrovertible evidence of alien life, I will be happy to accept it. The Pentagon UFO disclosures do not qualify as this evidence. Hopefully, this article can serve as an exercise in critical thinking that will perhaps improve people’s understanding of science with additional benefits outside of just understanding scientific explanations of these videos. Perhaps if we all turn to filtering information through a rigorous scientific process before believing the shaky conclusions and narratives often forwarded by mass media, we won’t live the rest of their lives in fear of the next covid variant amidst falling mortality rates, we won’t be fooled by investment maximalists that are impervious to all intellect when it comes to proper asset risk assessment, and we will learn that when it comes to the mass media, one must often dig much deeper below the superficial surface-level of reporting offered to us to arrive at the best educated conclusion. Consequently, there just may be a connection between the ability to assess outlandish claims being forwarded about UFO videos and developing a more realistic understanding of the world of finance after all.

To begin, about a decade ago, I discovered that I was taught a completely wrong definition of gravity in school. In fact the definition of gravity was, and still is, the being routinely incorrectly taught to the vast majority of us even today, and especially by Google search algorithms about the topic. I was taught that gravity was a force of attraction exerted between two bodies of mass, with the larger mass exerting a greater pull on a smaller mass. What I was not taught in school was that Sir Isaac Newton, in his proposed law of gravitation, never attempted to explain how gravity actually operates because he did not understood how it operated. This begs the question, Why are we still taught Newtonian concepts about gravity versus Einstein’s proposed gravitational theory when Einstein proposed a theory that explains how gravity works and Newton did not? I don’t think there is a great conspiracy going on here in this insult to intellect and education, but I simply believe that this fact delineates the state of deterioration in our global education system as well as the laziness of educators to simply properly update their teachings for a discovery that occurred more than one hundred and six years ago. Regarding Google’s failure to promote the scientific understanding of gravity, however, I would hypothesize that their failure is part of their plan to dumb down the population of the planet that relies on their search algorithm to return fair and unbiased answers to their internet searches and inquiries.

But I digress. Just because a constant force of acceleration in a vacuum of 9.81 m/s2 has been proven, this scientific proof does not mean this force qualifies as the definition of gravity, though I’ve met university engineering graduates that have vehemently assisted that this force is the very definition of gravity. This force is a proven force but it certainly is not gravity. In fact, more than one hundred and six years ago, Albert Einstein gave us a radically different theory of what gravity may be and how gravity operates with his brilliant Theory of General Relativity,  a theory in which he proposed that gravity is not a force, but a curvature in a four dimensional realm of space-time. In other words, Einstein, in his theory, stated that no such thing as gravitational force exists but that any force generated by gravity was a byproduct of the curvature that exists in the fabric of space-time.

This was a huge distinction that greatly advanced our understanding of gravity, as Einstein postulated that forces such as acceleration of objects towards the earth near the earth’s surface is not a manifestation of gravity itself but merely one of the many consequences of gravity. Though this distinction may seem subtle at first, this distinction is actually enormous. For example, would you ever define an earthquake as an event of crumbling buildings and infrastructure? Of course not, because we know that an earthquake is a violent shift in the tectonic plates of the earth’s crust. Therefore, we would never define an earthquake as crumbling infrastructure, especially since not all violent earthquakes cause infrastructure to crumble if its epicenter is far enough away from areas of standing infrastructure.

The insanity of Einstein’s radically different theory of gravity versus that proposed by Newton, is that even though a further hundred years of study of gravitational theory has validated Einstein’s theory as the proper way to view gravity, this still is not happening on a wide scale today. For example, a 1919 solar eclipse that happened after Einstein introduced his gravity postulations helped validate major portions of his theory. Furthermore, Einstein’s postulations that gravitational waves should exist,  consistent with gravity being a curvature in the space-time fabric, were also validated recently in 2015, when LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) detectors deployed in the US states of Washington and Louisiana detected gravitational waves for the first time in scientific history. While it is true that certain aspects of quantum physics can still not be reconciled with Einstein’s 1915 Theory of General Relativity, and therefore, some questions still remain about how gravity operates, it has been generally accepted among all scientists studying gravitational theory for decades now that Einstein’s theory of gravity is the best working model to date, a consensus that has been strengthened with future scientific observations in the past one hundred years. Yet today, billions of people around the world still believe that gravity is best defined as the definition I provided to open this article, though it has been known among all scientists engaged in the field of gravitational study that this definition is patently wrong.

So, how does all the above factual scientific information tie into my conclusion that zero proof exists in any of the released US Pentagon video of UFOs of intelligent life in our universe outside of planet Earth? The reason any of us that have seen those videos may believe that the movements shown in the Pentagon videos reflect other worldly aerial movements is due to our misunderstanding of gravity and our belief that it is a force. If we understand what every theoretical gravity scientist understands today, that Einstein’s 1915 Theory of General Relativity provided the operational playbook for gravity that should be followed when exploring principles of gravity, then we would conclude that it is far more likely that those aircraft were the result of secret government projects, whether American, Russian or of other earthly origin, that figured out how to utilize gravitational principles to propel aircraft in manners once thought to be impossible.  In other words, understanding of gravitational principles is far more likely to explain recently disclosed movements of UFOs than a conclusion that the aircraft are from a different solar system than ours.

As someone trained in the sciences and mathematics during the entirety of my academic career, as someone enrolled in advanced calculus classes at the age of fourteen, and as someone that majored in neurobiology at an Ivy League university, the first thought that popped into my brain when I started observing the online excitement about upcoming US Defense Department Pentagon disclosure of UFO videos that possibly “confirmed the existence of alien life in our universe” was that the videos could be explained by science. The second thought that popped into my head was that the curious release of these videos was timed to distract us away from multiple red flags appearing every month now that predict an upcoming global financial implosion, but this thought will be the subject of another article. Truly, if one understands gravity properly, the conclusion of new aircraft developed to exploit gravitational principles would be the highest logical deduction after watching Pentagon UFO videos before a conclusion that little aliens were maneuvering the aircraft shown in these videos by using advanced technologies unknown to mankind.

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