Bill Gates: The New J.P. Morgan and David Rockefeller

Bill Gates is the new J.P. Morgan and David Rockefeller, both of whom were notoriously infamous for bribing media distribution channels that provided news coverage of their endeavors through massive “charitable” donations. No matter what side of the fence you may sit on regarding the above issue, there are important lessons to be learned from an exploration of this question that will affect whether or not we survive ongoing lock downs and the coming global financial crash. Using charitable endeavors and buying influence with media to manufacture consent and shape the public narrative into one that is often diametrically opposed to reality is one of the oldest strategies of oligarchs employed throughout history. Everyone from corporate CEOs to bankers to violent black market drug lords to pharmaceutical drug lords have deployed this strategy to prevent the public from truly gaining an intelligent grasp of their true motives and their true character.

Today, Bill Gates, like John Pierpont Morgan and David Rockefeller before him, has fooled millions of people around the world by using his “charity” to paint a benevolent public image of himself, even though his darker motives have been exposed by brave and courageous activists around the world, like Vandana Shiva, James Corbett and others. Since so many have already taken a deep dive into the ulterior motives of Bill Gates’s “charity”, and other famous public figures like oxycontin king Raymond Sackler and cocaine drug lord Pablo Escobar also donated millions to “charitable” community endeavors to mask the stench of their deeds that took place outside the view of the public eye, today I will not spend any time rehashing what is already known about Bill Gates.

Instead, I will take a deeper look into why Bill Gates has donated more than a quarter billion dollars to many of the world’s biggest media outlets around the world including some of the biggest media outlets in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Unsurprisingly, as the media outlets to whom Bill Gates has donated hundreds of millions of dollars does not contain many Asian media outlets, criticism of Bill Gates is much more common in Asian media outlets versus nearly entirely absent in Western media outlets. In any event, much as I always state the fallacy of people believing scientific studies are infallible just because they are published in a well-known, peer-reviewed medical journal without ever investigating the funding source of the study that quite often possesses a biased agenda, far too many of us blindly ingest and consume news that is shoved down our throats on a daily basis without even considering the source of the funding for that media outlet.

For those of you that may at first think, “the truth about Bill Gates’s character has nothing to do with my ability to build wealth”, you are severely mistaken. Nearly everything you read, listen to and consume about financial news online will have at its source, a very-biased funding sponsor, thereby invalidating the value or truthfulness of the ingested information. If you do not realize this, or take the time to understand this, you will become the proverbial hamster running on the wheel to nowhere – expending large amounts of your valuable time and energy to learn things on social media and online that do absolutely nothing to improve the quality of your life. Furthermore, although no one really can accurately ascertain the truth about many sinister assertions levied against Bill Gates regarding his intentions except Bill Gates himself, the negative consequences and outcomes, whether intended or not, of many of his foundation’s projects are well documented, as has been his push to influence global media outlets through “donations” in excess of a quarter billion dollars in addition to his aggressive accumulation of farmland that makes him one of the largest owners of fertile agricultural land in America. So without further ado, click the image below to listen to why Bill Gates is the new John Pierpont Morgan and David Rockefeller.

bill gates controls global media

J. Kim

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