Banker Manipulation of Gold, Silver, and Platinum in Plain Sight

Below I present to you a graphic of various maturity lease-rates for Platinum, Palladium, Gold & Silver during the recent banker-engineered silver and gold paper price slam. Please pay special attention to the 30-day lease rates. I’ve presented 60-day charts for platinum, palladium and gold so you can see that all maturity lease rates were fairly steady until the recent banker-executed raid on precious metals in their paper derivative markets. For silver, since the bankers have been messing with these lease rates for 60-days now, I’ve presented the 6-month chart so you can see that swings in the magnitude of 0.25% to more than 0.50% day to day that bankers have set in the PM lease markets in recent times is wildly ABNORMAL. First the $500 trillion Libor market, now likely the $379 interest-rate swap market, and finally the multi-trillion precious metals markets  (nominal value of paper derivatives contracts) will be revealed in due time all to be massively manipulated always by the same group of global bankers. The graphic below speaks for itself regarding the lack of free markets in all precious metals and the banker manipulation of PMs in plain sight.

gold silver platinum palladium lease rates

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