A Guide to Avoiding the Road to Serfdom: David Goggins v. FA Hayek

A guide to avoiding the road to serfdom, David Goggins v. FA Hayek

As far as the provision of a much better narrative to understand what is happening all around the world today, I always thought that FA Hayek’s book The Road to Serfdom provided much more insight into conditions of human behavior that have allowed the parasitic ruling class to instill their New World Order so easily versus Georg Orwell’s (Eric Blair) much more well-known novel, 1984. To that end I am going to review what I feel to be the most enlightening passages in The Road to Serfdom and how it applies so clearly to today’s economic lockdowns and advancements on the road to financial slavery deployed by the parasitic ruling class, even though Hayek published this book in 1944.

Though many people that have read The Road to Serfdom, may not at first, see the comparison, there are definite parallels in the way of thinking between FA Hayek and modern day warrior, David Goggins. For those of you that do not know who David Goggins is, he is an ex-Navy SEAL that once weighed more than 300 pounds and is now an extreme endurance athlete. Many are put off by Goggins’s incessant cussing in his messages, but one should not allow the raw blunt impact of his message to distract from the importance of the message itself, which is acceptance of accountability and personal responsibility for one’s life and the type of world we create.

“It seems to be almost a law of human nature that it is easier for people to agree on a negative programme, on the hatred of an enemy, on the envy of those better off, than on any positive task…It is consequently always employed by those who seek, not merely support of a policy, but the unreserved allegiance of huge masses.” – FA Hayek

“There’s great power in adversity. If you’re a victim of any kind, make sure you use that sh*t to become successful. Don’t look for revenge. Look for the f**king reckoning.” – David Goggins

This is such a transparent ploy that has been used for centuries by the ruling parasitic class, but given the dumbing down of generations through schooling designed to strip young adults of self-reliance, independent, original thought, and any modicum of critical thinking skills, it is unfortunately still necessary to review this favorite tactic of the parasitic class. It is by deployment of this tactic that they have been able to program human transformation into uncritical shells of human flesh and bone with nary any frontal lobe functioning and nearly pure amygdala functioning. In addition, thanks to the meteoric rise of the daily adoption and use of dumbing-down social media apps, the parasitic ruling class has been able to recruit the common citizen into vessels of the State, driven by hatred and fear, that police one another and have become nannies on behalf of the State, but nannies of the worst possible kind – the ones that serve as eyes and ears for the State to help it enforce draconian, liberty-stripping laws. These non-cerebrum exercising excuses for human beings that scream at everyone that does not comply with non-scientific State mandated martial law like orders mandated by politicians during covid19 lockdowns, for example, would be much more effective in increasing the collective health of their communities if they tunneled their screaming behaviors, David Goggin’s style, at every obese person to stop eating sugar-laden and non-nutritious food, immediately go on a high-nutrition diet instead, and to encourage lazy people to start a daily fitness regimen.

“Responsibility, not to a superior, but to one’s own conscience, the awareness of a duty not exacted by compulsion, the necessity to decide which of the things one values are to be sacrificed to others, and to bear the consequences of one’s own decision, are the very essence of any morals which deserve the name.”– FA Hayek

“My biggest fear was f**king dying that 300 pound man, never knowing that I could be who I am today. A lot of us are wasteful. We’re wasteful of who we are in life.” – David Goggins

I don’t believe this to be a new development, even over the course of the last seventy-seven years between the time Hayek wrote this statement and today. Hayek references the need of every individual to experience as many things as possible, to take accountability for self-reliance and for self-discovery to gain adequate empirical evidence before making life changing decisions. This conclusion has been true since the beginning of humanity. Unfortunately, the number of human beings engaging in such behavior in the modern world has greatly eroded over the last century as the ruling class has been very diligent to move everyone towards a hive-like mentality that was clearly evident to me, even many years ago at the alleged upper echelons of US academia at Ivy League universities during the time I was a student. Today, rare is the enlightened human being that displays an intellectual process of using independent criteria to arrive at independent conclusions not swayed by consensual public thought that came to such conclusions via a rigorous process of exposition.

Rare is the human being that holds a dissenting opinion that cannot be intimidated and swayed into adopting the pre-determined conclusions of the ruling class decision makers that they have injected into the hive mind of society regarding a multitude of issues including finance and money, education, nutrition, exercise, science and politics. Rare is the human being that has a belief system that has been formed through empirical experiences and not as a result of ruling class dictates and mandates (we simply need to only observe the beliefs of citizens in nations that have deployed methodologies of covid19 eradication that exist on opposite sides of the spectrum and observe the belief held by 99% of the citizens in these differing nations, regardless of who is right and who is wrong, that their beliefs are right and everyone else’s beliefs are wrong, to understand the lack of independent thought and State narratives that control most people’s minds).

“Few people ever have an abundance of choice of occupation. But what matters is that we have some choice, that we are not absolutely tied to a job which has been chosen for us, and that if one position becomes intolerable, or if we set our heart on another, there is always a way for the able, at some sacrifice, to achieve his goal.”- FA Hayek

“That internal voice been talking to me. Talking about, Oh man, you’re tired. Looking at my shoes about thirty minutes before I put the muthaf**kers on. Pushing back the time that I go out to go run. So I decided to tape record myself. That internal voice I put on tape sounded like a straight bitch when I listened to that muthaf**ker. So if you have a hard time out there, tape yourself. Listen to what kind of bitch you’re being.” – David Goggins

This is probably the passage from The Road to Serfdom that is the most dated since Hayek published this passage in 1944. The idea of high school kids in America and South Korea aspiring to become social media influencers as their top career choice, even if one explained social media to Hayek back then, would still likely have resulted in expressed incomprehension regarding why anyone would ever want to perform such a job as his or her major source of income. Because of technological advancement between 1944 and 2020, nearly everyone in society today that is of the middle class sector has unlimited occupational choices from engineer, architect, coder, internet security consultant, cryptocurrency developer and physicist if scientifically and mathematically inclined, to farmer, plumber, and online import/export entrepreneur if not, and to a multitude of occupations that fall somewhere between these two areas on the spectrum of choices. Today, young adults, due to a completely broken academic system, are rarely taught to consider the social impact of a career but almost exclusively trained to only consider the highest paying occupations, regardless if they have a net negative impact on society (i.e. many banking and finance jobs) and regardless of the person’s aptitude or even fondness for a job. Consequently, the unhappiness of society from confined career options is often completely largely self-imposed.

“Our freedom of choice in a competitive society rests on the fact that, if one person refuses to satisfy our wishes, we can turn to another. But if we face a monopolist we are at his absolute mercy. And an authority directing the whole economic system of the country would be the most powerful monopolist conceivable…it would have complete power to decide what we are to be given and on what terms. It would not only decide what commodities and services were to be available and in what quantities; it would be able to direct their distributions between persons to any degree it liked.”- FA Hayek

“As human beings, it is still our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable regardless of what is going on in the world around us. When times are hard and you are mentally or physically exhausted and feel like you have nothing left and all you want to do is quit, that’s when you find out who you are.” – David Goggins

In these musings, Hayek summed up the role of private corporations that have superseded the power of State governments in today’s world. The authorities whom Hayek references, that “direct the whole economic system of the country” that prevent anyone from living a life of freedom, of course, are Central Bankers. In fact, a study conducted by complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich to determine the top 50 global companies with the highest level of influence over the global economy identified every one of these top fifty companies as banking corporations or financial services companies with the exception of two, one a pharmaceutical company and the other, an oil company. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology systems theorists conclusions would suggest that our global economy is extremely concentrated, non-competitive, and very monopolistic with little freedom of choice.

“The great majority are rarely capable of thinking independently, that on most questions they accept views which they find ready-made, and that they will be equally content if born or coaxed into one set of beliefs or another. In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority. But this does not mean that anyone is competent, or ought to have power, to select those to whom this freedom is to be reserved. It certainly does not justify the presumption of any group of people to claim the right to determine what people ought to think or believe.”– FA Hayek

Never has this statement been more apropos. Though there is nearly an inverse relationship between covid virus mortality rates and populations all around the world in which wearing facemasks is mandated, even among different cities within the same nations that enforce different facemask wearing policies, citizens and police officers with a horrifyingly inadequate understanding of science have ignorantly screamed at and physically assaulted people that have exercised their right not to wear a mask because their understanding of science is far superior to their understanding. Of course, no scientific evidence yet exists that the reason mortality rates are much lower from covid19 in cities and nations in which the majority of citizens have not worn face masks is because mask wearing increases vulnerability to adverse reactions to the virus, even though common sense tells us that face masking increases anxiety and lessens physical exercise, both of which weaken immune systems. However, more easily provable explanations are that viruses cross mucus barriers like the eyes and that people that wear masks touch their face masks often, so consequently mask wearing is only fractionally as effective in stopping viral transmission as most people believe, and likely only slows transmission rates down which only delays infections but never prevents them. In other words, nature finds a way and mask wearing has been scientifically proven to have very low efficacy, if any at all, in stopping the spread of the virus, other than slowing the rate at which it spreads, and because of this, mandating mask wearing to stop viral spread has zero basis in scientific evidence that is readily acknowledgeable by comparing rates of viral infection and death in cities and nations that have mandated mask wearing and those that have not.

However, the ruling class wants everyone to bow down to them as if they are not kings and queens but as if they are gods, and due to the dumbing down of billions in classrooms of institutional academics, we no longer realize that 12M, 80M, or 330M citizens collectively (depending upon your city’s or nation’s population) can easily overpower the mandates of a few dozen people in every single nation in the world and can easily force such sinister people that never act in the best interests of their citizens, but only out of a bloodthirst for power, out of their positions of power.  However, I definitely disagree with Hayek’s statement that “In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority”.  Freedom of thought is of the utmost experience to every single person in every society and is a direct determinant of whether one lives a life worth living or a completely forgettable life.

We are all born into pre-constructed paradigms, including our monetary, educational and vocational platforms that because they are the constructs to which we are introduced from our very first day of life, the vast majority of us fail to ever question as to whether they are the constructs by which we should live our lives. Therefore, in the absence of freedom of thought, we automatically close off 99% of life’s options to ourselves, as I discussed in great detail here (if you enjoyed the show Mr. Robot, you will enjoy this podcast).

“To act on behalf of a group seems to free people of many of the moral restraints which control their behaviour as individuals within the group.”- FA Hayek

“Life is about improvise, adapt and overcoming every situation that is in front of you. A lot of people hate that message…Continue finding your best self. If you don’t like that message this is not the place to be. I’m about people trying to find the best they have. Not making excuses. Overcoming any and all obstacles.” – David Goggins

This is a particularly insightful statement regarding the endless politicizing of numerous issues today that keep our behaviors and thoughts aligned with a group instead of aligned with truth and our own personal ethics and morality. This is a particularly interesting observation, provided in 1944, given that the politicizing of information among different regions of the world became readily apparent to me after I left the United States and lived in multiple nations. For example, with the subject of sound money, if a person was born, raised and attended school in North America, most people from this subset of global citizens will likely dismiss the need to ever own a single ounce of physical gold and silver as a wealth preservation strategy against deliberate Central Banker destruction of the US dollar and all other global fiat currencies. In fact, not only is it near impossible to convince someone that attended school in America of the necessity to buy physical gold and silver, it is near impossible to even convince them of the self-evident truth of the latter part of my statement, as they will incessantly and quite wrongly argue that without Central Bankers possessing a monopoly on monetary creation in a nation, that there would be no stability in the economy and there would be pure chaos, an argument that is the exact opposite of reality.

Trust me, I’ve spoken to literally dozens of American expats that live in Asia that have laughed when I’ve told them that this single decision will save their financial lives.  Their response that the US dollar will remain king as long as they are alive is extremely revealing, as many of these expats have even been living in Asia for a long time, and even exposure to Asian culture in which gold has always been viewed as money for centuries of time is insufficient to convince these expats to reconsider any belief that was hard wired into their system from their time spent in America. In addition, to address a very relevant topic today, beliefs about the severity of the covid19 virus have been completely severed from reality, science and facts in America and completely bifurcated based upon political leanings.

Republicans that support US President Donald Trump will stated that massive destruction of the US economy is not a consequence of the virus itself, but the direct consequence of economic lockdowns enforced as a response to the virus that were completely unnecessary. All scientific evidence, from states in the US that never locked down like South Dakota, to nations overseas that either only imposed minimal restraints on freedom that were abolished quickly or never locked down at all, in comparison to the US, like Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland, heavily suggest that this is the truth. However, Democrats that hate President Trump will blame the entire economic mess, ushered in by economic lockdowns and enforced by State governors and city mayors in America not on the lockdown mandates that brought businesses in many cities and States to a complete halt, but on the inaction of US President Trump to act quickly enough in enforcing draconian nationwide lockdowns in all fifty states that mirrored China’s actions, even though the vast majority of all scientific and factual evidence points to economic lockdowns as an unnecessary and critical over-reaction to the virus that only made the economic plight and suffering of citizens unnecessarily tragic.

Again, on this point, living in Asia, since there is no politicizing of the issue, people only argue propaganda versus facts, and though the divisions and herd mentality are quite strong across these lines, there is no herd mentality of adopting and defending propaganda due to defense of a political party. Thus, hive minds still develop in Asian nations, but for different reasons. To drive this point home, let me provide a hypothetical scenario that very closely mirrors the comparable process by which well over 99% of people that defend State enforced lockdowns arrived at their heavily vocalized positions. Imagine a hypothetical nation in which State leaders made a citizen test mandatory and required all citizens to adequately explain the relationship between gas pressure and volume at constant temperature. All State leaders, from mayors to governors to heads of police then engaged in a campaign and informed all people that gas pressure rises as volume expands at constant temperature, using mass media and shouting such information over megaphones perched atop vans driven throughout cities 24 hours a day. Just to ensure that there would be constant uniformity in this incorrect belief among all citizens, the State heads hired prominent scientists to spread this lie, because after all, they knew their citizens would be too dumb to realize that some scientists will lie and that wearing a white lab coat shouldn’t make them infallible in the eyes of their citizens. Then, 99% of people in society, with zero knowledge of physics and no initiative to discover on their own that all scientific evidence disputes the widely distributed information, answered that gas pressure decreases at constant temperature as container volume expands, despite the fact that the exact opposite is true – gas pressure decreases as container volume increases at constant temperature, and vice versa. However, the truth has no consequence on citizen belief, as all citizens have been mandated to believe this lie in order to remain a citizen, and all citizens comply and yell at anyone that informs them that their belief is not true. This is basically the exact process that people all over the world have adopted in their beliefs about the necessity of economic lockdowns, the effectiveness of mask wearing in lowering mortality rates of the virus, and the danger of covid19. Congratulations humanity on being the dumbest, most uneducated generation in human history that consistently quarrel with others regarding topics about which you know absolutely nothing.

“It is true that the virtues which are less esteemed and practiced now – independence, self-reliance, and the willingness to bear risks, the readiness to back one’s own conviction against a majority, and the willingness to voluntary cooperate with one’s neighbors – are essentially those on which the ideals of an individualist society rests. Collectivism…has left a void filled by nothing but the demand for obedience and the compulsion of the individual to what is collectively decided to be good.” – FA Hayek

“Many of the trials in my life ended in failure/ Ended in self-doubt and self-pity and led me absolutely nowhere. It is important to assess the situation that you are currently in and figure out how you can overcome. In these unprecedented times, it is easy to run that bath and soak in self-pity. Once you get going down that path, it is hard to return to reality. Make sure the conversation you are having with yourself is a positive one. One that keeps you focused and disciplined.” – David Goggins

Again, Hayek’s writings on this subject more than three-quarters of a century ago show remarkable insight for how the development of technology would lead to the spread of collectivism into every corner of planet Earth and the unwillingness of large majorities of civilians in every nation to speak out against what they know is propaganda. I’ve met dozens of people over the years that approached me, introduced themselves to me, and told me that they viewed and listened to the videos I’ve posted on my YouTube channels since 2008. When I’ve met strangers that told me this, because I immediately know that they liked the content they’ve viewed, I’ve asked nearly every single one, “Have you liked and commented on my videos?” To a person, almost every single one answered, “No.” When I probed further and asked why they had not commented or even “liked” any of my videos, they all provided some iteration of the same answer that they didn’t want their government tracking them as they felt that any type of footprint they left on my videos, even just “liking” it, would have perhaps put them on a government black list for future monitoring. To begin, I doubt these beliefs were true, and I was shocked to have literally met more than a dozen people that all stated these same beliefs. Number two, even if they were true, living one’s life in a constant state of fear is not the way to live life. These anecdotal findings unfortunately support the fact that the parasitic ruling class is winning their psychological war against us, as it aptly illustrated Hayek’s conclusion that “the willingness to bear risks, the readiness to back one’s own conviction against a majority” is all too rapidly disappearing from society. If behaving morally and courageously will endanger one’s own personal interests, most people today are likely to bend to the wishes of the authorities, even if they are morally opposed to them. We need more people like David Goggins in this world that are not only willing to stand up for their convictions, but that have the courage to perpetually yell them from the top of mountains.

“Everything which might cause doubt about the wisdom of the government or create discontent will be kept from the people. The basis of unfavorable comparisons with elsewhere, the knowledge of possible alternatives to the course actually taken, information which might suggest failure on the part of the government to live up to its promises or to take advantage of opportunities to improve conditions–all will be suppressed. There is consequently no field where the systematic control of information will not be practiced and uniformity of views not enforced.”– FA Hayek

Given that F.A. Hayek made these observations about members of society in 1944, he likely would be horrified about how much greater State control over the minds of humanity has become in 2020 versus the era in which he lived, as it undoubtedly has risen at an exponential rate since he was alive. In 2019, Pew Research surveys revealed that 55% of U.S. adults sourced their news from social media either “often” or “sometimes”.  In the UK, an Ofcom study backed the Pew survey results and determined that about half of all news sourced in the UK came from social media platforms. Of course, different studies deliver slightly different results, but all within the same ballpark. For example, a study conducted by Statista of a more general nature that merely asked for a “yes” or “no” response to whether or not individuals used social media as a source of news revealed a 48% affirmative response among Americans. However, for some nations in South America, Africa and Asia, this percentage soared to 70% and higher, illustrating the potential influence of social media to shape people’s beliefs, whether right or wrong.

Consequently, it’s no wonder in the US, that the ruling class uses social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to shape beliefs and manufacture consent about polarizing issues while they work with the largest internet search engine in the world, Google, to develop their algorithms to return search results with the intent on also engineering beliefs that benefit their continued rule. Incredibly, many people still exist today that are so naïve that their first response when they want to find an answer to a question is “Google it”, as if such behavior will always produce a truthful answer to their questions when in fact, depending upon the political nature of the question being asked, may provide answers that are the opposite of the truth. Interestingly enough, to physical gold owners I’ve spoken to about this topic, nearly all of them are aware that Google’s search engine cannot be trusted to return truthful answers about many subjects, especially topics about politics, war, money and finance. On the opposite side of the spectrum, for every person that sources Google as their “Bible” of truth for all questions, I have yet to find one that owns a single ounce of physical gold and silver. I’m sure many more factors produce this distinct anecdotal demarcation between Google and non-Google users, but this is an interesting observation nonetheless.

“It is not difficult to deprive the great majority of independent thought. But the minority who will retain an inclination to criticize must also be silenced….Public criticism or even expressions of doubt must be suppressed because they tend to weaken public support….When the doubt or fear expressed concerns not the success of a particular enterprise but of the whole social plan, it must be treated even more as sabotage.” – FA Hayek

“One thing you have to learn early in life…You can’t care what anybody thinks about you. If I cared what people thought about me, you think I’d be yelling out here, doing 105-pound ruck, talking sh*t…Don’t ever worry about anybody and what the f**k they think about you. You do that, I guarantee you, your life will be in shambles. You will become the biggest bitch of all time.” – David Goggins

Since no social media existed in 1944, FA Hayek could not have foreseen, even in his wildest visions, censure of independent thought by mechanisms of demonetization, shadow banning, and blatant censorship of all posted social media thought that dissents with the narratives of the ruling class.


There is a way out of this conundrum and it does not involve violence. However it involves us utilizing the power of the collective. Of course, the whole purpose of the unnecessary economic lockdowns enforced by the parasitic class upon us worldwide is to distance us from one another, to destroy our humanity and raise our anxiety levels as we shelter at home alone, and to divide us and turn us against one another. However, for those that recognize this parasitic mission and have not succumbed to it by yelling at people on the streets that are not wearing a face mask or in grocery stores, the power of the collective is readily apparent by observing the much different outcomes in Australia and Spain to police attempting to arrest a peaceful citizen for not wearing a face mask. In Australia, people stood idly by and watched a cop choke a young woman and throw here violently to the ground for not wearing a mask, whereas in Spain, not only did people unite and surround cops that tried to arrest a woman for not wearing a mask and demanded that they let her go, they also took off their own masks in solidarity with her and forced the cops to consider the inhumanity and stupidity of their ignorant, unconstitutional behavior. And in doing so, there was no violence, no one was hurt, and the citizens won their battle against tyranny as the cops walked away without arresting the woman the crowd united to protect. The peaceful way to win our war against tyranny is to start winning small battles against tyranny as the good citizens of Spain recently accomplished, and to educate every single person you know and encounter – friends, neighbors, work colleagues, families – about the topics in this article. In one of my recent podcasts, I spoke about the necessity of all of us to exhibit courage during these dark times and to stop acting like snowflakes that melt at the slightest signs of pressure and adversity but to be willing to make sacrifices in our lives to support one another and to hunker down for the long war against tyranny. For those of us already engaged in the struggle, since we are not all born with the blood of revolutionaries coursing through our veins, some of us are better equipped to handle this struggle versus others. However, the one thing we can 100% control is how heavy this burden is and will be for everyone involved in this struggle. There is zero doubt that every person that unites with this struggle for the betterment of humanity will ease the current burden of every single person involved in the struggle right now.

Furthermore, because institutional schooling and mass media advertising falsely teaches us to be selfish, narcissistic and define our success and self-worth solely based upon our accumulation of material wealth, this false goal also divides us and destroys our humanity. The number one reason people are not willing to take up a struggle that will provide a better world is because they worry about how openly embracing the struggle against the 1% will cause them to suffer losses in their financial life. The reason they view this struggle so wrongly is because they only view the struggle through the lens of material loss and not through spiritual gain. When I first started publicly speaking about the manipulation of gold prices by bankers in the New York gold futures markets in and around 2008, no gold analysts except the good people at Gata.org stood in solidarity, very likely because they were afraid that by speaking power to truth, they would lose business and revenues. And while this is true, they don’t look at the spiritual gain that enhances their lives that comes from choosing what is right over what is financially convenient but morally wrong. While it is true that speaking power to truth eventually cost me everything, business wise, because my actions caused a series of attacks against my business that eventually permanently shut it down, had this not happened and I only viewed these events through the singular lens of money, which is the perspective adopted by most people, I would not have seen the opportunity of other doors that opened that allowed me to build something much bigger that gave me a much greater purpose in life, my soon-to-be launched venture of a complete 20-course online academy, skwealthacademy. Furthermore, building this new venture also put me in touch with a solid community of patrons, including honorable new people (big up to TJ), reconnected me with honorable former clients  (big up to SG) and put me back in touch with great old friends (CC) with whom I should have never lost touch.   Building a community of solid people that I can count on in the difficult times ahead and that I can lend my support to as well is worth a thousand times the price I surrendered of losing my old business.

As I stated, participation in the struggle will require sacrifices, even potential sacrifices that may not be realized. By standing together instead of falling apart against an exhibition of tyranny in Spain, the people won. But this would not have happened if many among the crowd were not willing to go to jail themselves to show support for the woman being unjustly arrested by the police. They were willing to make this sacrifice, even though they ultimately did not have to pay this price. So we must all be willing to make such sacrifices and make that mental commitment today if we are to regain our freedom and derail the parasitic ruling class’s creation of the road to serfdom. Send everyone you know to this site to read this article or if they don’t like reading, to watch the video that will soon be posted on my YouTube channel about this same topic. Ask them to discuss this topic with everyone they know. The peaceful way out is through education. The more people that become aware of and can easily recognize the methods used by the ruling class to separate us through fear and compliance, the easier it will be for all of us to neutralize their fear-mongering, humanity-stripping mandates through cooperation, unity and love. Rulers that say I would rather have people fear me than love me state this because (1) fear gives them more control over people than love; and (2) they are inherently cowardly in every fiber and bone in their body. However, the way for us to defeat this tactic, is to unite and to spread love because ultimately the power of love is stronger than the power of fear. If you are tired of people in your community fighting you can no longer be a bystander, an onlooker, someone that is afraid to speak up or post comments online. You must always stand up and speak out for what is right and you must always assume your responsibility to educate others in your community about these matters. If you don’t assume any of these responsibilities then you must acknowledge the role you play in the downfall of your community.

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J. Kim

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