Are You Missing Out on a Wealth of Valuable Financial Information?

Are you missing out on a wealth of valuable financial information?

If you regularly follow my published articles at my news site, you likely have noticed many correct predictions I published on my news site available to everyone, from listing 13 stocks at the start of 2020 that everyone should short because they were going to crash, with eight of them tanking by 20% to 37% within weeks of my prediction (which is all documented here),  to my prediction just a little more than a week ago of the exact narrow price range at which copper prices would bottom after crashing for three weeks straight, after which copper immediately bottomed and soared by 7.57% over the next few trading days, a prediction that was worth tens of thousands of dollars to commodity traders that traded copper futures. With the oligarchical mandates of never ending stay at home mandates, many people have found it necessary to earn extra income while at home. This is apparent from the number of inquiries I’ve been fielding about my patreon memberships as of late.

Based on numerous inquiries I’ve received about the benefits of my skwealthacademy patreon platform, I know that many erroneously believe that the only content I deliver to my patrons are the occasional patreon password-protected articles posted on my news site. This is incorrect. So here are the facts about the enormous amount of valuable content I provide to skwealthacademy patrons. Every week, my Transcendent level patron membership (at a mere $5 a week) receive five shot videos a week, four with financial/investment analytical content and one of a life-hacking nature. They also receive two long format audio podcasts every month, one again with in depth financial analysis of everything form the USD, to precious metals, to commodities like oil, copper, soybeans, etc. and discussion of specific stocks. On occasion, I will even grant these patrons buy opinions on individual stocks from around the world, with one of my latest “buy” opinions issued just last month resulting in a stock soaring within days of my buy opinion by 36.4% over the next couple of weeks.

And regarding the best value Benefactor level patron membership ($10 a month), they receive even far more content on buy opinions of individual stocks (in fact, I just released a buy opinion for a base metal stock a couple of days ago that has not yet reached my buying zone that I think has every bit as much potential as all my other winners), more commentary about additional topics like cryptocurrencies in which I issued a sell opinion for BTC when it reached $58,000 earlier this year and did not issue a buy opinion on BTC for the entirety of this year, despite the most prominent members of the BTC community screaming to buy every dip on the way down from $65,000 until BTC descended below $30,000 to $29,000, which also marked nearly the exact bottom of BTC prices this year. Furthermore, not only do Benefactor level members receive higher, more complex analysis than Transcendent level patreon members, but they also receive more podcasts, more analysis of more asset classes and generally just more of everything.

Many of my patrons make the mistake of only reading and listening to content from the date they join moving forward. But my content is so valuable that even in the archives, one can find analysis of individual stocks that have repeatedly yielded enormous gains, as buy and hold as a strategy for paper assets is dead. One has to adapt to increasingly more volatile asset prices these days and mobility can help one repeatedly make profits on the same assets over and over again. As an example of this, a junior gold mining stock I discussed more than a year ago with my patrons that rapidly yielded more than 700% to 800% profits after I issued a buy opinion on it, then dove sharply in price after we had locked in profits on the first run, and then just a few months ago, rapidly soared by more than 100% in price again in just a few weeks.

Consequently, if you’ve been following my news site and have been following the accuracy of my calls published publicly, know that this comprises only 1% of my knowledge and that I have reserved the remaining 99% of similarly high value information is only for my patrons on my patreon platform. If you click here, you can quickly see the prolific amount of content I release on my patreon platform as I have released 187 rich content posting for my patrons. As I’ve stated above, these 187 content postings are not 10 second clips but often financial analysis podcasts that last 30 minutes are longer, and often accompanied with chart analysis (at the Benefactor level). Furthermore, in addition to this every growing archive of 187 content posts, every year, I release hundreds of short analytical videos that disappear daily and that are not part of my archive of 187 content posts. Consequently in reality, I’m literally posting hundreds of patron only content posts every year!

So don’t be left behind, if you’ve been thinking of joining for a while, as apparently quite a few of you have been from the number of inquiries I’ve fielded recently, join today by clicking here. If you don’t find the content not only every bit as valuable as promised, but even more valuable than promised, then simply cancel after a month. What will you have lost? Ten dollars? Not much of a price to pay for the best financial analysis in the game. If you check out my news site, which dates back to 2006, you will even find my prediction in April 2008 of a US stock market crash that preceded the epic 75% US stock market crash by a mere 18 trading days. I have been in this game for a long time and I have worked as a Private Wealth Manager for a Wall Street firm more than fifteen years ago, so all my knowledge is contained within all my content releases for patreon. In fact, when I first started my patreon platform, I told my patrons to “go all in” in physical gold and silver when gold futures were BELOW $1,200 an ounce and silver futures were below $13 an ounce, and given the divergence of physical gold and silver prices from synthetic, derivative gold and silver prices today, even this simple ability to spot bottoming gold and silver prices not too long ago has yielded very handsome profits for my earliest patrons in the purchase of physical assets.

J. Kim

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