Are You a 1 or a 0? Be Neither. Become a 2.

Are you a One or a Zero? For those of you that are fans of the US television show Mr. Robot you know what this means. However, I’m reserving my review of Season Four of Mr. Robot for skwealthacademy podcast #103 and will not discuss that show within the confines of this article, even though that iconic line was drawn from that show.

I know the parasitic class is afraid of us. How? Because they continue to suppress and censor free speech and throttle all social media channels that spread not conspiracy theories, but simple facts and truth that challenge their widely distributed narratives about not just the viral pandemic lockdowns enforced by State leaders worldwide and the protests all around the world that have emerged after US policeman Derek Chauvin murdered US citizen George Floyd on camera, but also suppress, censor and throttle any social media channel that challenges any mainstream narrative about any political issue to which they provide 24/7 coverage. Consequently, the YouTube videos that you should likely seek out are the ones with the least amount, not the most amount of views, as the ones that receive millions of views obviously say nothing that the parasitic class does not wish for you to hear. In more than twelve years of running two YouTube channels, I only had one video receive millions of views, and that was the singular video of the hundreds that I have uploaded for which YouTube deleted all 70k+ comments and permanently disabled all comments.

Everything in Life Can Be Broken Down into a Parasitic Host Relationship

Most of us live under the false premise that because we are taking massive strides in technological advancements in the 21st century that we are also progressing in intellect and in humanity. Unfortunately, advancements in technological achievement do not always translate into advancements in intellect and humanity due to an immutable law of science called entropy.  Entropy, which is the natural tendency of order to break down into chaos, always increases over time. Therefore, it is natural to expect, less structure, less order and more chaos in society over time, even with great technological advancements.  Unfortunately for us, the parasitic class fully understands the concept of entropy and has used entropy as part of their divide and conquers strategy and has used the unraveling of societal structure, much of for which they are responsible, to elevate their level of control over us.

Money used to be pure gold and silver only, eventually it was broken down by parasites into worthless prices of cloth, plastic and digital bytes stored on bank servers with the establishment of redundancy backup systems to ensure the integrity and longevity of the data.  However, as parasites do, they weakened sound money that could not be compromised and that had no third party risk into an inferior form of money with massive third party risk that literally could be conjured out of thin air as a wizard would do. And by the way, for anyone that tells you that there is not enough physical gold to support the global economies, it is only because they have fallen for the lies of the parasitic class that they were taught in school. There is more than enough physical gold in the world today to return to a gold standard of sound money. This is a lie the banker parasites want you to believe and that so many have parroted as truth.

Education used to be about life lessons, self-reliance, growing one’s own crops, hunting for one’s own food, knowing how to make fires, building one’s own shelter, knowing how to identify stars in the sky, shove sticks in the ground and read shadows to identify direction without a compass, and being instructed by wise tribal leaders to find purpose in life. The platform to lead a true life of meaning and satisfaction was destroyed when industrialist parasites took over and designed institutional academic systems to strip us of our ability to think and to incorporate hive-like obedience to the parasitic class. By incorporating the Prussian schooling model of blind obedience to the State and spreading his system of academics globally, they were able to install a generational level of obedience that we just witnessed during the viral pandemic, non-science based government lockdown and social distancing mandates.

Regarding the parasitic nature of academics today that has driven it away from education, I was recently talking to my father about any regrets he may have had in his life now that he’s in his golden years, and he said he would have to think about it though he definitely had some. He asked me the same question. I answered that I regretted getting two master degrees and a university degree, because as an entrepreneur they were all of low utility and actually had a net negative affect on my ability to succeed, as business school academics taught me a bunch of rubbish with zero utility in the real world that I had to unlearn before I could even begin to understand how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Parasites have even infected the realm of martial arts. Today martial arts dojos have been infected by parasites just seeking financial gain that are wholly uninterested in passing on the true teachings, warrior culture and philosophical wisdom of the arts and not even interested in passing on the true physical skills of martial arts and train and graduate delusional students of low martial arts skills that actually believe they can protect themselves if attacked on the street. Today’s beta males could never have survived under the harsh training I endured in my training when my shins and forearms looked like beet roots after hard sparring sessions and many students are handed black belts from many dojos that are more a product of the fees they paid than a consequence of the warrior they’ve become.

Nowadays, unless the outfits you are training with are those that produce professional mma fighters, the level of instruction has been diluted and degraded in many martial arts schools that focus more on making profits than in training their students. In fact, my first teacher, after I had trained with him for a long enough period that enabled him to conclude that he my intent to learn was pure, as a young 20- something year old, he pulled me aside after class one day and told me that he was no longer going to charge the $100 a month training fee, which in inflation-adjusted dollars today is well above $200 a month.  As a young kid, not having the burden of that training fee meant a lot. He told me not to tell any of my fellow students of my free ride, but he told me that whenever he saw someone’s heart was right regarding the reasons for training that he would waive his instructional fee.

Is Life Really Binary?

We live in a world that is completely managed by perception. In essence, a parallel world to the one that encases 90% of the global population exists, and we do not need to travel to a parallel universe or an alternate time to access it. To access it, we merely need to open our eyes. This parallel world exists right here on planet Earth and to live free, we have to think bigger and understand that our choice is not binary, to not be a 1 or a 0, but instead, freedom lives outside the boundaries of binary choices and that to gain our freedom, we must become not a 1 or a 0, but a 2.  We have to realize that we must think bigger and beyond the choices the parasitic class has given us in order to escape this world of perception. The parasites have trapped is in world of 1s and 0s but to escape it, we must become something that does not exist in this world. We must become a 2.

Parasites have infected every aspect of modern life, so the only way to ensure that we are not allowing parasites to feed off of us is to observe the behavior of our neighbors and co-workers. If our lives resembles theirs in most significant ways, and is not radically, and I mean radically different to the point where someone, when asked to describe you, would answer by describing you as one-of-a-kind, unlike anyone else they know, then most likely you are allowing the parasites to feed off of you and control your life. All throughout life, society told me I was smart when I was not yet an intellectual and then told me I was dumb when I became far more learned and intelligent. When society told me I was smart, it was an assessment based upon results of my national academic examinations and IQ tests that “identified” me as smart or “gifted”. When society identified me as stupid, it was when I publicly started speaking out against widespread beliefs and narratives when I found they were unbacked by any solid factual evidence. This should serve as a sign of the upside down world the parasitic class has built for us.  And when I pushed back a little too hard on the narratives of money and finance promoted by the parasitic class, the parasitic class demonetized all my social media platforms and buried my corporate website in their search engine results to the point they destroyed my last business.

 Am I angry at them for destroying my last business? At first I was very angry. But now I realize that they did me a favor. Because my last business was a consulting business in which my clients depended upon me to tell them everything, like the exact price points to buy and sell assets, what days to buy, what times to buy, and so on, my platform made my clients too reliant on me as the source of investing. I realized that a much better model is self-reliance. Consequently, I built my new venture, skwealthacademy, upon a foundation of total self-reliance, because only a model of self-reliance will allow us to escape the binary world to evolve to the higher platform of becoming a 2, whereas my last business platform really did not provide all the tools to allow my clients to escape the binary world of zeros and ones.

Don’t Settle For Being a 1 or a 0. Become a 2

So what does it mean to become a 2? Let me explain. In Mr. Robot, Mr. Robot is a figment of the main protagonist’s imagination, and he is created by the protagonist Elliot to deal with stressful situations with which Elliot himself is unable to deal. In one episode of the show, Mr. Robot scolds Elliot and says,

The world is a dangerous place not because of the people who do evil but because of the people that look on and who do nothing.

People who look on and do nothing are the billions in this world. If people actually stood up and acted upon injustice, then parasites would have been thrown out of power centuries ago. And it infuriates me that people remain passive for I have always fought and done my part to partake in the fight against the parasites. As I mentioned, taking up the fight against the parasites led to the loss of my prior business. So I have paid the ultimate price for not being a zero. Mr. Robot asks Elliot, Are you a 1 or a 0? A 1 means, “Yes, I will act I will do something to change this world. A 0 means I will do nothing, stand by idly and let injustice prevail.” The 1s are not the Jeff Bezoses, the Bill Gates, the Warren Buffets, the Christine Lagardes, or the Steve Mnuchins of this world. They are acting, but they are acting to make the world a worse place for humanity so in the binary world, they are the negative 1s. The negative 1s are a small percentage of humanity, but they are powerful enough to negatively affect all of our lives. On the contrary, there are plenty of ones, people that have good intentions, but team up with the negative 1s to try to change the world because they fail to understand that while wealth means power, wealth does not mean goodness. The 2s are people like Alex Honnold, Justin Wren, Malala Yusafzai, Vandana Shiva, Ai Wei Wei, Muhammad Yunus, people that have broken outside of the parasitic system to make change and usually people that are not financially rich but people that are creatively, spiritually and intellectually rich.

To finish listening to the rest of points I make about the ongoing war between us and the parasitic class, an understanding that will determine if you live the rest of your life as a free man or woman, or as an indentured servant to the parasitic class, please click the image below. Please note that free downloadable audio mp3 files of all my podcasts from this point forward will now be available on Podbean, Spotify and iTunes. Also please note that the continuation of my content, as I have been demonetized completely by YouTube, depends upon your generosity and support at The audio format of the above article, plus additional topics, can be accessed by clicking the below image.

how to become a 2 in a binary world

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