Are Westerners Underestimating the Threat of Coronavirus? A Look at Facts v. Myth on the Ground in Asia

The progression of reporting about coronavirus in Asia went from underreported to hysteria to finally a balance between the hysteria and the dismissal of it as a serious threat. Currently, I believe that Westerners are in the first stage of reporting that occurred in Asia regarding Covid-19 in which they are underestimating the threat of coronavirus. However, in Asia, the initial stage of underestimating the threat of coronavirus was a consequence of opacity and concealment of the true nature of the threat. Months later, with solid information now available, this underestimation of the threat of coronavirus should not be happening in the West. I spoke to a couple of my friends living in Canada, France and the US and they told me that no one is worried about coronavirus, which is markedly different than the situation in Asia. So is the fear of the coronavirus overblown in Asia or should it be of little concern as a threat to the West, or are both perspectives correct? Here are nine facts versus two myths about the coronavirus to help you decide:

  • FACT: The coronavirus has spread immensely quickly in S. Korea. At one point, the number of infected was reporting as doubling every day over a course of several consecutive days. On Feb 19, there were about 50 reported cases, on the 20th, about 100, on the 21st more than 200, and on the 22nd, 433 cases of infected citizens were reported. At the doubling rate there would have been more than 3,000 infected in South Korea by yesterday.
  • FACT: Even the official numbers of infected are increasing at an exponential rate, not at a linear rate, which means that once an infected person enters another nation, the infection can spread very quickly. For example , yesterday the official numbers were 70,096 cases, 2,699 dead. Just 8 hours later, the official numbers include 243 new cases of infection and 6 more dead. Along this timeline, there has been massive leaps in reported cases of infected and dead due to prior inaccurate reported data.
  • FACT: 97% of the cases reported around the world have been in China. Most people that live in Europe and the Americas have no concern at all for this viral pandemic. This is a massive mistake as the doubling of infections in South Korea has already illustrated that a handful of infected in any nation can cause an outbreak of great concern. With international travel these days, there is a 100% chance that many infected are engaging with others in crowded areas in nations that have not yet reported an outbreak of coronavirus. I expect other nations besides South Korea and Italy to reported outbreaks of infected due to asymptomatic infected citizens mingling with healthy citizens right now in densely populated cities around the world.
  • FACT: S. Korea has not reported the previous doubling rate of infections as continuing in recent days. Yesterday, they only reported about 1,000 cases and not the 3,200 that would mark the doubling of infections daily. However, due to the near month long incubation period of this virus with no symptoms visible in already infected patients, there is no doubt that official reported data about infections and deaths is underestimating the real current infection rate.
  • FACT. Trusting government-distributed information about this pandemic will be dangerous to your health. Chinese government officials already demonstrated this maxim by downplaying the severity of the virus when it made its first appearance at the end of last year. Downplaying the serious nature of the pandemic was a major contributing factor in China’s failure to curb the infection from spreading from Patient Zero and unnecessarily causing the outbreak to grow much worse in severity. Many weeks passed before government officials warned the public take proper precautions that were essential to stop the virus from spreading. Transparency is essential in preventing an outbreak of highly contagious virus, as coronavirus has proven to be, and the Chinese government acted in opposition to transparency.
  • With the bumbled handling of infected patients aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked outside of Tokyo, we know that trusting government instructions may get you killed. The timeline of infection aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship was at follows: Feb 1 – the first infected cruise passenger reported. The media reported that the cruise ship was quarantined after this discovery, but unfortunately, this was yet another example of horrible media reporting. The Diamond Princess lacked the proper space and equipment to execute effective medically and scientifically approved quarantine procedures, so in effect the media reported “quarantine” was more comparable to imprisonment of all 3,600 passengers aboard inside a putrid petri dish of virus and contagion incubation.
  • While real quarantine measures might have capped the infection at  perhaps 10 or 20 people, the Japanese government mandate of imprisonment inside a petri dish resulted in hundreds of people unnecessarily being infected. The virus quickly spread inside the cruise ship, and by the time the Japanese government finally let everyone deboard, the number infected grew from 1 to at least 550 to 600, which would amount to an infection rate of 1 out every 6 people on board the ship. Again, this proves how quickly this virus can spread in crowded, contained areas through just a handful of asymptomatic infected.
  • FACT: The longest asymptomatic incubation period of the virus thus reported in China has been 27 days. This means that there are undoubtedly dozens of infected people worldwide that are intermingling with healthy uninfected people on a daily basis. I don’t know why all media headlines say the incubation period of virus “could” be as long as 27 days. The reporting about the uncertainty of the maximum length of asymptomatic infection is an exhibition of horrible reporting from some of the world’s biggest media distribution channels like Reuters, the Globe in the UK, the New York Post, and so on. Their scripted headlines would be like reporting that 2+2 could be 4, instead of reporting that 2+2 is four.
  • The incubation period of the virus is known to be at least 27 days, and could even be longer, as medical workers in China’s Hubei province reported that a quarantined 70-year-old man did not become symptomatic until after 27 days. Thus, it is an established fact that the longest known asymptomatic incubation period is 27 days, but may even be longer.
  • FACT: The only possible way to prevent the spread is to quarantine all passengers taking any public transportation, like a commercial flight, trains or subways, that have visited hot spots to a minimum of a 27-day quarantine period when they arrive to take their journey. This simply is NOT going to happen and this is why more outbreaks will happen around the world outside of China in the future. Furthermore, since the infected were allowed to leave hot spots in the early stages of this pandemic, it is likely impossible to track all potentially infected people at the current time that now reside in nations outside of China.
  • FACT: The only positive thing about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo possibly being cancelled is that the atheletes that were planning to go will now not be possibly radiated by all the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear plant implosion still present – facts that have been covered up by the Japanese government since 2011. However, this is a topic for a completely separate article, but one that I would highly recommending researching on your own if you live in Tokyo or are planning an extended stay there for either business or holiday.
  • MYTH: The origin of the virus is known to be from animals sold at a wet market in Wuhan. This myth, implied to be fact, was pure speculation and horrible journalism at best. In fact,  there still has been zero evidence that the virus incubated in bats and then leapt to humans, as was first reported. Since then, many different animals have been reported as the intermediate carrier of the virus before it made the leap to humans, including Chinese cobras and pangolins.
  •  FACT: BLS (Bio-Safety Leve) 4 labs deal with the world’s most dangerous viruses and pathogens, and for a long time, the scientists that worked in these labs have been speculated to be weaponizing viruses. If the reason these labs exist is for the bioweaponization of viruses, then this makes the small group of scientists involved in such endeavors members of the worst human beings on planet earth. If it is discovered that the origin of the coronavirus was a BLS 4 lab, any scientist that worked on the project to weaponize the coranvirus should be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison with no parole. It does not matter if it was an accident or not, such people are poor excuses for human beings and need to be locked up forever. Currently, Argentina, Austria, US Russia China, France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, Hungary, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and South Korea all have operational and active BLS 4 labs.
  •  MYTH: Surgical and N95 masks are effective against coronavirus transmission.  You need a perfect seal for them really to be effective and even then, they are only effective when not used in enclosed areas for extended periods of time. Surgeons use custom fitted masks that have a perfect seal. Buying off the shelf masks will not have not going to have a perfect seal, leaving you vulnerable to the virus.

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the ignored threat of covid19 and coronavirus in America and the West

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