Are The Tech Titans Pushing a Global Medical and Information Apartheid Agenda?

global medical and information apartheid agenda of the tech titans

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This year, global tech titans have exploited the never-ending waves of global lockdowns to further their agenda of global medical and information apartheid.

In today’s world, we know the quickest way to get banned and censored is to compare any ongoing State-sponsored virus lockdown tyranny to Nazi Germany no matter how apropos the comparisons may be. However, since comparisons of State policies today to South African Apartheid policies have managed to avoid such retribution, so let’s take a look at South African Apartheid policies to determine if they have relevance to what is going on today not only in viral inspired lockdown policies but equally importantly, in the manner in which Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies are regulating information access policies.

The Politics of Apartheid Policies

During the height of Apartheid in South Africa in the 1950s, black South Africans needed an “interior passport” just to enter the predominantly white city of Capetown to work. Lacking an interior passport, blacks could not enter Capetown without being subject to beatings and arrest. More reprehensibly, the Land Act of 1913 capped land ownership by black South Africans in their own nation to 36% of all land, and through execution of this law, they were herded into the most undesirable, least fertile real estate in South Africa called Bantustans. Shortly after the passage of the Land Act, the NP (National Party) came into power and enforced more tyrannical laws that became the framework of governance known as Apartheid.

Between 1960 and 1985, the NP evicted 3.5 million blacks in South Africa from their homes and forcibly relocated them to the Bantustans. Even though under law, blacks were allowed to own 36% of all land, under most of the Apartheid regime, they owned barely a third of this percentage, as 17% of the white population seized ownership of 87% of all South African land.

In addition to ensuring that blacks could not thrive, but merely survive, by restricting the black South African’s land ownership to the worst land in all of South Africa, the NP ensured that their access to education and health care was equally terrible. By law, the NP made teaching mathematics and sciences in the few schools that existed in the Bantustans illegal. Most people, though aware of the history of Apartheid in South Africa, are still completely unaware of how repulsive and morally bankrupt was the rule of the NP during the reign of tyranny they enforced under their Apartheid regime.

Is Big Tech Enforcing Information Apartheid?

In every aspect of this question, the answer is yes. From Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s disingenuous creepy desire to provide a “fenced” free internet to the poorest of the poor, to the unfair and inaccurate search engine results provided by tech giants like Alphabet through Google, big tech is clearly building an information Apartheid regime across the world. Google engineers determine, through their search engine algorithms, the “correct” answers to return to Google users that include an estimated average of 3.2 billion daily searches and 1.2 trillion annual searches (Source: Sadly, most people that use the Google search engine today, even despite admissions of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt that “there’s what I call the creepy line, and the Google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it” (though in my opinion, Google routinely crosses the creepy line these days), have no idea of the creepines of Google’s 24/7 surveillance of them. Hundreds of millions of people  still possess a falsely-misplaced undying trust in Google search engine results to return fair, accurate and unbiased results.

Imagine if you asked me, as the CEO of skwealthacademy, “What is the goal of skwealthacademy?” and I answered, “In business education, there’s what I call the creepy line as many business school curricula teach theoretical business principles that have low to near zero utility in a real world that has progressed technologically well beyond theory and therefore made this theory outdated and irrelevant. However, my goal at skwealthacademy is to further the systemic teaching of business principles of near zero utility in the real world and our policy about a lot of these things is to take our goals of dumbing down our clients right up to the creepy line but try not to cross it.”

If I publicly stated this was the mission of my academy, how many people would trust my academy to teach them truth about information withheld from MBA programs around the world today? Yet, today, we have a documented, on-the-record admission by the former CEO that likely deception and outright bamboozlement is the policy of the Google search engine to control the thoughts of all of its users, yet most people still trust it to return accurate and truthful information. Ridiculous.

Google’s significant role in the giant corporate machine of corporate oligarchs, and also in the pro-war and pro-regime change of all nations that do not forward Western economic interests, has been meticulously documented. Julian Assange, before he was whisked away to Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh in London and thrown into a notoriously difficult system to survive, published a long and storied financial relationship between Google and US defense and alphabet agencies title, “Google is Not What it Seems”.   As is evident in many results returned by Google’s search engine, its bias in provided answers leans heavily to a pro-corporation/anti-activist, pro-globalism/anti-sovereign, and pro-war/anti-peace narrative. In fact, use of the wayback machine to capture snapshots of Google search engine results over time have revealed that Google executives either purged themselves, or allowed big global bankers to literally delete hundreds of millions of articles from search results conducted on their search engine regarding past criminal behavior.

Information Apartheid, Part I: Creating a Split Between the Knowledgeable and the Delusional

The first stage of Information Apartheid, created by Silicon Valley tech giants like Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter and others, was accomplished by tactics of deception and misinformation. Hundreds of millions of people, located all around the world, routinely use the Google search engine on a daily basis today, and falsely believe that the its algorithms will  return unbiased search results that will push the best, most truthful answers to their questions to the top of their search engine results. This simply is not true, has not been true for decades, and perhaps was never even true from the date of Google’s launch.

If you’re searching for indisputable facts, answers to questions like “What is the circumference of the Earth?”, “How many days does it take for the moon to make one complete orbit around earth?” and “How many troy ounces are in a metric tonne?”,  then Google is 100% reliable in returning factual responses to these inquiries. However, any time a user accesses the Google search engine to search for answers to questions that are open to multiple answers with no definitive proven answers, such as facts about political events, wars, the origins of wars, crimes committed by political leaders, and monetary, financial and economic data (the realm of statistics is always open to manipulation and cannot be considered to be factual), in the overwhelming percentage of these cases, the Google search engine algorithms have been engineered to only return answers that the global oligarchs want us to believe versus the provision of answers that are as close to factual as possible.

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