The Ridiculous Absence of Journalistic Integrity in Reporting of the US China Trade War

Today, I am going to discuss the ludicrous absence of journalistic integrity in reporting of the US China trade war that has consistently ranked among the most dishonest reporting of any financial topic for the entirety of this year. Due to the complete takeover of stock market price behavior by Central Bankers and the non-stop financial propaganda disseminated by a mainstream journalism industry that has morphed into a department of the State that lacks integrity and merely parrots State narratives fed to them with zero critical and investigative analysis, critical thought and intellectual development has become paramount to intelligent investment decisions. For example, look at the dates and headlines of these articles that appeared in mainstream financial media just over the last few months: 17 September, “Trump says a trade deal with China might not happen until after the 2020 elections” (Markets Insider);  11 October, “Trump touts partial trade deal lifting hopes that tensions could ease” (Washington Post); 12 November, “Trump says China trade deal ‘close’ but dashes hopes for signing details” (Reuters); 15 November, “US Signals China trade talks in final, hardest steps to a deal” (Bloomberg); 22 November, “Trump says deal is very close” (CNBC); 3 December, “Stocks slide as Trump says China trade deal may wait until after 2020 election” (; and 4 December, “Futures look positive as report says US China deal coming soon” (Yahoo News). Based upon the headlines along, the absence of journalistic integrity in reporting of the US China trade war should be self-evident.

Given the history of the US President making claims and promises frequently that never come true, no journalist with any integrity would ever report any claim made by Trump as facts and truth, unless the journalist (1) cares nothing about personal integrity and upholding the integrity of his or her industry; or (2) has resigned himself or herself as being a vessel for State propaganda with no interest in ever reporting truth to the public. As these are the only two possible reasons for the complete lack of interest in reporting truth about the US China war by the US media for the entirety of the year, this is why I have concluded that there is a total absence of journalistic integrity in reporting of the US China trade war. If we look at the performance of the US stock market, the performance directly correlates to the fictional headlines above of US China trade deals, rising when a trade deal is reported as imminent, and falling precipitously when a trade deal is reported as far off in the distance.

direct correlation between US China trade war headlines and US stock market performance

There are a number of things to note in the above headlines. It is impossible to be in the “final stages” of an agreement to end the trade war between China and the US and then have this condition flip 180 degrees to the opposite side of the spectrum to such acrimony that no deal is possible until at least another full year passes. And likewise, it is impossible to flip from the US and China being so contentious with each other that no deal is possible at least for another year to all of a sudden being on the verge of a final agreement. But yet, mainstream media journalists seem not to care about attaching their names to ludicrous headlines that emphasize their complete absence of journalistic integrity in reporting of the US China trade war. Obviously, these illogical headlines reported one after another after another are fabricated narratives of the State solely invented to manipulate and influence price behavior in the US stock market. The fact that no journalist in the mainstream media holds the feet of the messengers of any of the above messages to the fire, but gladly repeats, like a brain-dead parrot, the messages being given to them without any proof that the delivered message is anywhere near truthful, points to the sorry state of journalism today in which virtually everything reported by mainstream media in the realm of finance and politics is untrustworthy.

My patrons know, that I have been stating for at least six months now in the short weekly videos I deliver that no matter what the mainstream media reports, no deal in the US China trade war will happen this year. They also know that I have strongly warned against believing any report that a “partial” deal has been secured as very likely to be a complete lie if this is reported as well. How have I been so confident for at least half a year that no trade deal would be complete this year? The answer is rudimentary. I have done what every journalist should do but almost no mainstream journalist every does – investigate the conflict between China and the US that has given rise to this trade war and make an assessment of how close the Chinese and US state are to resolving the underlying conflicts of the trade war. When I concluded, after my research, that the probability was close to zero of the underlying conflicts being solved this year, then I started informing my patrons that no deal would get done this year, despite any flood of reports being distributed in the mainstream media to the contrary.

Secondly, do I believe US President Trump’s claims that a deal will not get done until after the election next year? As I stated earlier, as Trump has lied plenty of times before on other matters regarding timelines for completion of certain tasks, why would I be so ignorant as to believe this claim? Likely, even if he can negotiate a deal early next year, or even by mid next-year, I have no doubt that he would withhold consummating the deal closer to Election Day to give himself a boost of positive news heading into the election. In any event, recently I’ve been focusing recent videos on my YouTube channel on critical thinking development, so for those that are interested in topics of this nature, please click here to view a video explaining why knowledge is a very different concept than intellect, and please click here to view a video discussing why identity politics leads to such great confirmation bias that it often blinds us not just from understanding the truth, but from even consideration of the truth. If you really want to dive deep into this topic, watch this video about the vast divide between Filipinos and Westerners in how they regard Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte.                                                                                                   

J. Kim

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