How are the U.S. Markets Like an Onion? When You Peel Away the Layers, It Will Make You Cry

September 26, 2006 –

onions.gifAs I sit here this morning and watch the markets rise in the first two hours of trading, I must admit that although all this “feel-good” economic news, low inflation, high consumer confidence and low gas prices have been artificially manufactured by the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and various Bush administration offices like the OMB, I am still astounded at how naive and gullible the average investor can be at times. When the mid-term election cooking of the books ceases, and someone finally has the sense to start peeling away the layers of the economy like an onion, I guarantee you, what they see will make them cry.

As I’ve stated a hundred times here, short-term lies and artificial propping up of the economy can only fight an uphill battle for so long before the walls come tumbling down.

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