A Sneak Peak at our Facebook Group, “Crisis Investing”

January 25, 2008-

Here are some links to take a sneak peak at the valuable information we’ve provided on the maalamalama Facebook Group, “Crisis Investing”. All of these articles were posted several months ago in October of 2007. Some recent articles at this forum include the following: “To Make Money From this Crisis, You Must be Courageous”, “Remain Forward Thinking” and more.
October 21, 2007 – Are We at the Tipping Point?

“Let’s take a look at some of the points I discussed during my discussion of the coming investment crisis at the Pan Pacific in Asia on September 6th, 2007. Back then, these were my exact quotes.

I stated that the effects of the subprime fallout were far from over though all the touts in the media were trying to convince people that it was now time to buy. I stated that “increased volatility [in U.S. markets would happen] as $370 billion in subprime mortgages re-set to higher rates with $50 billion in September…and $30 billion every month thereafter”. OUTCOME: The Dow shed 370 points October 19, 2007.

I stated that “a deepening correction in global stock markets was likely to occur”. OUTCOME: Tokyo this morning is tumbling big time, down 2.9%, Australia is down 1.3% and South Korea is plummeting 4.7% in very early trading.

If you don’t listen to the talking heads in the investment media that tell you every dip in the market is a buying opportunity, then you can understand how certain fundamental conditions of the global economy will lead to inevitable circumstances and outcomes.” Read the entire article by joining this group at Facebook.

October 16, 2007 – Hot Air Can Make a Lot of Things Rise, Even Stock Markets

“In the last forum post, I mentioned that the U.S. stock market can APPEAR healthy even when the underlying economy is in worse shape than an alcoholic on a kidney dialysis machine. As markets continue to climb higher in the face of manufactured, political-agenda serving government statistics and interest rate cuts, I guarantee you the same rally cries will appear from all the bulls (aka sales people, I mean company men and women) that this is bull run of historical proportions and that you better come along for the ride. ” Read the entire article by joining this forum at Facebook.
October 8, 2007 – How to Build a Fortune From the Coming Crisis

“Those of you that have been reading my blog and newsletters for a while know that I view the vast majority of government released economic reports as nothing but manufactured, cooked reports designed to generate whatever confidence governments need from their citizens to hide the instabilities inherent in the economy yet keep stock markets growing. In the U.S., the reported numbers about inflation, housing starts, and so forth are so distorted and distant from reality that they are virtually meaningless. I’ve always said the same about the statements made by the most powerful Central Bank in the world, the U.S. Federal Reserve. Yet at times, their Chairmen have been exceedingly honest in their comments, though the masses seem to ignore them.” Read the entire article by joining this forum at Facebook.

This is a closed group and not available to everyone. However, you can request access to all the bulletins at this group, including ALL RECENT postings, as well as future postings, by joining Facebook (a free service), performing a group search for “Crisis Investing” on Facebook, and requesting to be added. Please DO NOT send any requests directly to J.S. Kim requesting to be added to this group. If you do, you will NOT be added to this investment forum. Thanks.

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