A Review of My 2021 skwealthacademy Substack Predictions

a review of 2021 skwealthacademy substack predictions

Today, I’m going to take a look back at my 2021 skwealthacademy substack predictions.

Though I started my Substack newsletter about half a year ago, I really didn’t start posting frequently on it until about three months ago. Thus, this review of predictions I provided on my Substack newsletter in reality can only be a review of predictions in 2021 posted during Q4 2021. With that said, let’s start with my latest investment guidance provided for free on Substack and nowhere else, a directive to short GOOG stock on 27 December at $2,9245.85 a share. Below is the exact chart I posted with the GOOG share price at which I suggested to short GOOG stock.

The RESULT below after my prediction:

In this 9 November article here, when AMC shares were trading at just a tad under $40 a share, I wrote “Unfortunately, as it stands right now, the run of the #AMCApes appears that it may be closer to the end than to another massive short squeeze higher at this current time on 9 November 2021. And if a break to the downside happens, which appears more likely than not, unless the #AMCApes really show very strong resolve in the first instance in which their resolve will face a real test, a decline to the 200dma would be within the realm of the IMMEDIATE decline.”

The RESULT below after my prediction:

And later, on 24 December, I followed up this prediction on my website by publishing another article here, in which I stated, “despite the rebound from $20.80 to its current $28.52 share price, I believe that next year holds lower lows for AMC stock.” Just look above to observe that since my prediction of lower lows for AMC stock to learn that once again, AMC share prices have plummeted as predicted. Today, AMC’s share price actually hit the low of last quarter and was just one penny per share of already making my 24 December prediction come true as well.

Finally, though I only provided my exact price selling guidance for BTC to my patrons (Benefactor level members and higher) at $66,000 in early November 2021, and have told them, ever since then, to not yet repurchase it of 6 January 2022 (as it has plummeted to $43,000), I did issue repeated warnings on my Substack newsletter of further significant declines in BTC prices after my initial selling guidance provided to only my patrons. I issued these repeated warnings of continuing falling  BTC prices on my Substack newsletter at approximately $60,000, $55,000 and even at about $50,000 in the below articles:

What’s Behind the Cryptocurrency/BTC Selloff Today and What Should We Expect Moving Forward?

Why HODLing for the Good of the Community MEANS HODLing for the Benefit of the Richest Whales and is a Dumb as Rock Strategy (I mean, come on now, I couldn’t have written a clearer warning as a headline that it was going to be a wrong decision to keep HODLing BTC instead of trading it on the date I published this, and if for some reason, I had to write another article to break the cultish mentality of BTC HODLers, I published the below article just days later!)

For Better Results, Trade BTC, Don’t HODL, and Discount the Opinion of the Mob

Sure, I reserved the best specific buying/selling price guidance for cryptos, put option strategies, guidance on buying long individual stock positions, guidance on how to benefit from the commodity bull, etc., for my paying patron members, for my paying patron members, but by now, hopefully the value of the much more frequent investment guidance I provide on my patron platform for my patrons (for a price lower than two Starbuck Frappuccinos a month) is evident.

But despite the accuracy of these predictions (only provided on my news site, my Substack newsletter and my patron platform), since my mission to help people build wealth exists on a micro level, but on a macro level, I’m more interested in helping people build meaningful lives, I believe my best articles published on Substack for the entirety of Q4 2021 were as follows:

Four Questions & a Story (that Illustrate the Absence of Education in Academia Today)

The World Has Gone Crazy and Adopted a Scientology Mindset (About Virus Danger and Experimental mRNA Drug Safety)

Everything Horribly Wrong with the Institutional Educational System

The Ten Commandments of a Fair and Equitable Monetary System

The Necessity of Avoiding Group Think for Future Financial Survival

Why have I selected the above five articles as the most important articles I published on my Substack newsletter platform last year? Because, as is evident by some of the titles, without strong critical thinking skills, it is literally impossible to make sage decisions about investment opportunities regarding when to buy, how to buy, when to sell to lock in profits, and how to separate emotions from investment decisions, which is critical to ensuring small losses don’t grow into enormous losses and big gains are not lost. More importantly, the development of a strong critical thinking framework, which almost assuredly will never happen in any university, can also be the deciding factor between life and death should you find yourself in such an emergency situation.

The same type of blind compliance to authoritative orders given during covid lockdowns exhibited by hundreds of millions around the world is the same type of blind compliance to authority demonstrated by school children in South Korea that led to nearly all 300+ children on board the Sewol ferry unnecessarily drowning nearly eight years ago because their parents ordered them to blindly follow the orders of the ferry Captain that ordered them not to leave their cabins as the ferry sunk. Had the children merely logically disobeyed the orders of their parents and the ferry Captain when the ferry started listing and jumped into the sea wearing lifejackets, there would have been a high probability of survival despite the late arrival of the Korean Coast Guard due to fishing boats and commercial boats that arrived shortly after the ferry sinking to rescue those that jumped.

Thus, for life situations, it is far more important, in my opinion, to develop strong critical thinking skills. Because in the end, who cares if one builds enormous wealth as a 40 or 50-year adult, but because one never developed a critical thinking framework beyond a fifth-grade level, one eventually loses the vast bulk of it, or worse yet, one loses their life because of the inability to think critically?

J. Kim

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