A Gold Chart that Still Shocks People

Above is a gold chart that still shocks people, because when I don’t reveal the underlying currency right away and ask people to guess, people most often guess the currency of a developing/emerging market. Even people that live in the nation in which the underlying currency of the above chart is in use have never correctly guessed the answer. So what is the underlying currency of the above chart? Just look below for the answer. (P.S. to listen to the indicated podcast #106 above, which also includes a discussion of bitcoin, just scroll to the bottom of this article to find the link to the podcast at Podbean and iTunes.

gold price chart in Australian dollars, 2005-2020

Currently, gold and silver futures prices have been consolidating within a trading band respectively for a few months and a month, as is evident below:

gold trading pattern, June 2020
silver trading pattern, June 2020

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J. Kim

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