US S&P500 Chart Pattern Now Similar to 2015 Immediately Prior to a Big US Stock Market Crash

US stock market crash coming?

In finance, we always hear the phrase, “Past results do not guarantee future returns,” but here is a case in which I am going to use the same pattern that manifested in the US S&P500 Index six years ago in 2015 in which I accurately predicted an imminent US stock market crash to once again predict an imminent US stock market crash in October 2021. Of course the fact that the S&P500 index tested support levels eight times before a US stock market crash materialized in 2015 and now shows the same pattern of having tested support levels eight times in 2021 does not necessarily translate into an imminent US stock market crash today.

But ironically, today in October 2021, conditions for a US stock market crash after 8 tests of support levels are ripe. So my prediction for an imminent US stock market crash is more dependent upon these following conditions than just the similarity to a chart pattern six years ago that immediately preceded a crash. To begin, the law of diminishing returns dictates that a fraudulent monetary policy, as has been executed by US Central Bankers, designed to transfer wealth to only the richest portion of society at the expense of everyone else, will eventually fail. Thus, it is inevitable that the constant protection of the US stock market that has benefited primarily the wealthiest people in America, will fail. However, unfortunately the richest in America will also benefit from the crash when it happens as they are always forewarned in advance by insiders of the banking cartel of such a crash and thus, are the first to know when to short the market to benefit from the crash.

The fact that Central Bankers leak inside information to guide the wealthy in their trades is not speculation but fact, as a few years ago, Richmond US Central Bank President Jeffrey Lacker was forced to resign after it was discovered, after years of accusations of such unethical US Central Banker behavior, that he had leaked inside information to hedge funds prior to public announcements of US Central Bank decisions that enabled hedge fund managers to reap enormous profits from this inside information. However, just because Lacker was the only one that admitted guilt does not mean that he was the only one guilty of such behavior as it has been long speculated, based upon perfect trades often taken by large US investment firms prior to US Central Banker announcements, that multiple leakers have existed at the US Central Bank. Thus, just as the richest billionaires in America such as the Waltons and the Bezoses benefited from lockdowns that economically crippled the rest, they will almost certainly benefit the most when the market crashes as well as it is probable, in my opinion based on past behavior, that they will be forewarned of such crashes before they happen.

Secondly, due to the aforementioned enforced devastating and crippling economic lockdowns that were hugely disproportionate to the risk of the virus, most businesses in America are not close to running at the same efficiency, capacity and revenues pre-lockdown, and therefore any temporary recovery due to easing of lockdowns in the past few months is unsustainable. Furthermore, as I stated here, the oligarchs’ plan is to keep global lockdowns continuing at least until 2025. In addition, in that above link that I published more than three months ago, I also explained why the banking cartel and political oligarchy machine need continued economic devastation for a few additional years to protect the hundreds of trillions of nominal interest rate derivative contracts, owned by the richest entities on planet Earth, that are dependent on no economic recovery around the world, to continue for a minimum of a couple of more years.

Of course, US Central Bankers have always ensured the continuation of low interest rates around the world by buying as much Treasury debt as necessary to keep interest rates low, and thus, this behavior is precisely why the richest entities in the world bet so massively on purchasing notional amounts of low interest rate derivative products in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. Furthermore, US corporate insider buying/selling ratios have been in steady decline and remain weak for the past couple of months, dropping from a sickly 0.37 on 1 August 2021 to an even more sickly 0.21 on 1 October 2021. Though this falling ratio is not always indicative of correct timing on behalf of insiders, it feels as though insiders realize that their US Central Banker stock price subsidization plan is coming to its end. However, since I stated above, that the sustenance of extremely low interest rates are still required by the wealthiest of the wealthiest in interest rate derivative markets for at least a couple additional years, what better way to ensure this than through a US stock market crash, or at a minimum, asignificant pullback?

Thus, based upon conditions ripe for a significant pullback (of a minimum of 10%), I believe that one will happen before the end of 2021.

J. Kim

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