#172: Is Privacy a Right of the Past?


In this podcast, I have uploaded the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Panel Discussion of how luxury will become a “luxury good”, a desire they ushered in during 2020, with constant contact tracing of people due to the virus they have opportunistically leveraged to unnecessarily confine people in their homes and to lock down the entire world from the right to freely move about and work. Though there are people that debate both sides of this argument in the discussion and it is not all one-sided towards the argument that we should no longer retain any rights to privacy, that such a panel discussion would occur, in which everyone is not entitled to privacy and that privacy needs to be ‘normalized’ as a luxury is the alarming nature of this conversation. Hopefully, by listening to this conversation, of which not too many people are aware of its existence, more and more among us will realize that the WEF’s suggestions that humans start eating “tasty” weeds and insects in 2020 due to dwindling food supplies and others of their ilk suggesting that the concept of rationing water and electricity should also be “normalized’ as a growing disparity between global demand and supply for clean water and power develops is not just hypothetical, but a planned future for us.

What can we do to combat this? Plenty. The solution is to reinstate people’s collective intellect and higher thinking skills, which is currently being systemically stripped in institutional academia and schooling today. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, just click here to download the fact sheet for skwealthacademy about how I propose to fix a dilapidated global educational system in dire need of radical repair.

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