#158: The Hidden, Misunderstood Link Between Bitcoin Futures and Bitcoin Prices


I made this podcast for the benefit of BTC owners that don’t understand the gateway to manipulation provided to bankers of futures markets on prices. If there’s one thing I understand after 20 yrs of study of this topic, is the link between futures markets and price manipulation. Only three days left on my GoFundMe campaign to help get my 22-online course skwealthacademy off the ground! Last minute donors can visit https://gofundme.com/f/skwealthacademy. All donors will receive special benefits after our launch!

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In skwealthacademy podcast #158, I discuss new unknown information reported by Reuters Italy about the virus, the Great Reset, and the important relationship between bitcoin price behavior and btc futures markets misunderstood by most btc investors. I may not understand a lot of things about bitcoin as by no means have I studied bitcoin in depth. However, if there is one thing I understand that all btc owners should heed, it is the strong relationship between btc futures markets and prices!


Podcast Shownotes:

skwealthacademy shadowbanned Podcast that Discusses BLS-4 Labs in Lombardy, Italy on 29 April 2020


List of Bioweapons BLS-4 Labs Around the World


Reuters Italy Reports First Virus Cases in Italy Preceded First Reported Cases in China


US Central Bankers Admit BTC Futures Markets Enabled BTC Price Smash in 2018



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J. Kim

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