#157: the skwealthacademy 2020 Man of the Year, the Unthinking Compliant Pod


The more we become indoctrinated to propaganda disseminated by the ruling class through political leaders, banking leaders, and mass media platforms including social media, the more unlikely we will ever live as free men and women. I produce all skwealthacademy content entirely for free and support for content comes 100% from donations. To support me, and also receive bonus materials (and financial and investment tips at patreon), please visit the below links:



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Podcast Shownotes:

Why High Level Critical Thinking is Essential to Investing Profit (Especially with Silver and Gold) and Why it Literally Can Save Your Life


Why the Best Path to Take the Power Back is to Cast an Independent Party Vote in All  Upcoming National Elections


Biden Advisors Will Recommend Strict Lockdowns to Prepare for Second Virus Wave


CBOE Suspends All Bitcoin Futures Trading


Elizabeth Holmes Scams Wealthy Out of Billions by Selling Them a Non-Existent Company with Zero Proof of its Existence


Skwealthacademy Podcast #152: Misanthropocene – The Age of Perpetual Warfare and What’s in Store for the World in 2021


J. Kim

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