#153: The Best Vote to Empower People is No Vote for the Two Party System


Only people that believe themselves to be powerless and helpless against the edicts of the ruling class will believe that the strategy that I discuss in skwealthacademy podcast #153 could never work. We already have historical precedent, and not that long ago, that such a strategy could work. In 1980, Independent Party candidate John B. Anderson captured nearly 7% of the total vote, while in 1992, Independent Party candidate Ross Perot captured a stunning 19% of the total vote. While most people do not remember Perot’s second run for the office of the US Presidency in 2006, he won 6% of the vote during his second run. Furthermore, in all three of these instances, independent party members won significant portions of the total vote with no cohesive, strategic plan among all citizens dissatisfied with both major Party candidates. Consequently, with a cohesive, multi-election strategy to unite all citizens dissatisfied with the election process in any nation, the above could most definitely serve as a blueprint for citizens to take the power back from the ruling class in the political process and to finally produce a candidate during a national election that for the first time in our lifetimes, would serve our interests before those of the oligarchy.


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